The Twisted game of Destiny-The breakdown ep.14 IMMJ2 Fanfic

The breakdown

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Rivan: Thanks Shayne! (pushing the door) Riva!!

Vansh: Riva.…..

They enter the room to see all the things shattered and are on the floor. The room was entirely messy, clothes scattered around, papers flying around and Riva, on the corner of the room. She hadn’t passed out and Rivan was thankful for that. The last time she had passed out it had led to a huge health problem, she was critical and in hospital for more than 2 days. Rivan and Vansh immediately ran to her while the family followed.

She was there sitting. She had her knees hugging her chest, her head buried in her hands and her palms trying to cover her ears as if trying to stop all sounds nears her. She was breathing heavily. Rivan quickly went and hugged her tight, trying to comfort her while Vansh and the rest of the family were in deep shock looking at her state. Rivan was caressing her hair, trying to give her the peace she deserved and not the mental torture she always went through. He felt as if his heart was pierced when he saw her crying inconsolably. Even though he used to fight with her, he knew they shared a blood relation, he loved her more than she must have imagined, he was a brother after all and it was his duty to protect his sister, but he always thought that he failed whenever he saw her in such a miserable state.

Rivan: (hugging her caressing her hair) Riva…. Shsh, pls calm down!! (trying to stop his tears) You’re my brave sister, don’t worry they’re not going to come again!

Riva: (fearfully raised her head) No…. I’m not brave! (crying) He’ll come again and …. Mom and me and will try to (breathing heavily) No please

she was crying more and worse than this

Her eyes were red, full of tears. They had lost their charm they carried. Her eyes had lost that courage and attitude she carried. It was as if it all had just gone in a second just because of that small flash she saw. Her eyes had fear, fear of losing someone too close to her. Her cheeks had dried marks of tears that rolled down, and wet tear marks as they continued to roll down.

Rivan: Ri, please calm down, take slow breathes. Riva nothing’s going to happen now. I’m there with you!

Riva: (nodding her head in negative) No no I can’t!!  I CAN’T! I CAN’T! (she shouted at the top of her voice and was shivering) She’s in that condition because of me as well! My fault!! That guy.. he (she closed her mouth to prevent herself from saying anything else and wept)

Rivan: Riva… For Mom!!

She looked at him, helpless. She had to do this, for her mom. She couldn’t deny that, she had to punish her criminals, she had to punish her mom’s criminals. She had to bring back her family together then how could she have thought to give up so easily. She shivered, she didn’t have any energy left to answer that. Her eyes requested him to help her to the bed, she needed it badly. She wanted someone near her, to comfort her, like a mum does. She wanted her mum to pull her into a cozy hug, she wanted her mother’s love to wipe her tears and comfort her, to encourage her. She longed for her mother’s hug from the past 9 years. Rivan understood her gesture and tried helping her to get up.

She took time to get up with his support. She was as if a body with no life, no energy. Vansh helped Rivan in taking her to the bed, while she looked at him, desperately. She had no mum to comfort her when she got her attacks from the past 9 years and today when she got one, she was blessed to have her dad with her, just that he was unknown to that fact. She wanted to sleep in his lap, and was desperate to get all the love that she and Rivan missed all 18 years. She slept on the bed, with Rivan by her side. She hugged him tight and unknowingly held Vansh’s hand and clutched it tight, leading him to make place for himself on the bed.

Her touch had affected him, just like Riddhima’s had done.


In the Uni

One day Riddhima and Vansh had been given a few tasks to perform together. They weren’t fond of each other, but having no option they had to do it.

Riddhima: Mr Interesting pass me that textbook near you!

Vansh: Am I your servant?

Riddhima: Can’t you do something at once without arguing?

Vansh: Don’t you know that you have to reply an answer to a question and not ask a question as the reply?

Riddhima: Same to you! Didn’t you just do that too? Apply the rules on yourself first then spread your extraordinary gyaan! Now pass that book to me.

Vansh: Say please! (smirked)

Riddhima: I don’t have time to waste with your nonsense! I’ll just take it myself. (reached to it but he snatched it) What are you doing!

Vansh: (holding the book high up- you know their height difference) Try get it! (laughing)

Riddhima: Stop making fun of my height!! (thinking) I must do something, what girls do! (smiled) Vansh (sweetly, trying to get the book she touched his hand by mistake)

Vansh: Ahh! (he quickly gave the book to her and touched his hand) (to himself) Current! Is she an electric pole or what! But why is her touch affecting me so much! Her soft touch can bring such peace in me, it brought a smile on my face…. How and why? (smiling)

Flashback Ends

Riva: (in a feeble and soft voice) Please stay.

Pal Bhar Thahar Jao,
stop for a moment,
Dil Ye Sambhal Jaye,
let this heart get stable
Kaise Tumhe Roka Karoon,
how should I stop you..
Meri Taraf Ata,
every sorrow coming towards me
Har Gham Phisal Jaye
would slip away..
Ankhon Mein Tum Ko Bharoon,
I’ll fill you in my eyes
Bin Bole Baatein Tumse Karun,
I’ll talk to you without speaking,
Agar Tum Saath Ho, Agar Tum Saath Ho.
if you are with me, if you are with me.. (Plays)

Vansh: (Nodded) I will, relax. (To Rivan) I’m going to call the doctors.

Rivan: Okay uncle, I guess she maybe needs it. (Riva looked at him) What are you staring at?

Riva: You (in a feeble and soft voice)

Rivan: and why so?

Riva: because you’re face looks like a spoilt mango! (in a feeble and soft voice, Vansh left out a chuckle)

Rivan: Really and yours? Red as a strawberry!

Riva: Noo, yours does!

Rivan: Shut up, yours does, that too now as red as tomato, after that angry face!

Vansh: Seriously, you guys don’t even stop now! What energy you guys have… it’s like you have a different energy storage, strictly reserved for fighting with each other.

Riva: (smiled a little bit)

Rivan: That’s what I was dying to see! That smile is worth millions, and I can’t lose it!

Riva: You cried?

Rivan: No (nodded his head in the affirmative) I can’t see you like this Ri!! (he hugged her tight)

imagine her on the bed

Vansh: Angre call the doctor. (Angre did so)

Rivan: Riva, please try to understand it wasn’t your fault!! (she clutched to him tighter) Chill I’m there, no one can do anything now!

Angre: The doctor has arrived. (expressionless)

Vansh: Doctor please check her, she seems to have gotten an attack. (worry)

Doctor: (noticing the room) Definitely. Please do you mind moving so I can examine her.

Vansh: Sure (as he moved, Riva’s grasp became stronger) Riva

Doctor: its fine I understand, you two can stay, the rest please leave. Seems like she’s really attached to you both.  (checking her) She’s received a life threatening attack! This is really bad and her condition has gotten worse from before. She’s gone through this before as well?

Rivan: Yes she has!

Doctor: Her medicines? (Rivan nodded) Then it must have been a trauma, she’s gone through something and she gets flashes. (Administering her an injection)

Rivan: No! Don’t give the injection! I’m afraid of them (cute face)

Doctor: (laughing) I’m giving it to her and not you, she’ll feel calm and relaxed after this. She needs proper rest.

Vansh: Sure doc, go one! Rivan, you’re not going to feel the pain.

Rivan: but we are twins, I feel her pain and she feels mine!

Vansh: (smiled) Chill boy. (doctor gave the injection and prescribed some meds) Thank you doctor!

Rivan: She’s finally at peace (adoring her while she was sleeping) My heart’s at peace.

Vansh: (got a call) Yes….. No not now, I want it after a few days…..Okay fine, 4 days is good enough for the deal. Chang I’ll meet you soon! Bye.

Rivan: (thinking) Switch on your spy mode, what deal is dad talking about? I have to find about it. Riva just get well soon, I need my partner!

Precap: A queen in VR mansion 

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