Vansh Raisinghania or VR : has a horrific past which only his family knows (will be revealed in the ff ) and was a business tycoon , and has attitude very much , he hates cheaters and liars , he doesnt believe in god . He is the son of Ajay and Uma raisinghania , elder brother of ishani raisinghania and siya raisinghania and best friend of angre and abhi ram who are khanna brothers . And yah he has a secret whic no one knows

Riddima khanna or RK : is one of the famous doctor’s of india and is mostly called RK , she is loving and caring and has a different life from others , she is also having a secret which only her family knows , she is a black belt in karatte and is short – tempered and has attitude , she is the daughter of sanam and Karan khanna and was the grand daughter of adah and rajdheer khanna and was the youngest sister of abhi ram and angre and she is the best friend of ishani and siya , but doesn’t met vansh but the whole raisinghania family knows her.

Abhiram khanna or AK : one of the owners of Khanna industries and is known as AK in mumbai , and he is the son of sanam and karan khanna , and elder brother of angre and Riddima , he is the husband of siya

Siya Raisinghania : wife of abhi , daughter of ajay and uma and younger sister of ishani and vansh

Angre khanna : was a business man and one of the owner’s of KK industries (karan khanna industry) and was in a relationship with ishani and was the son of sanam and karan khanna and brother of abhi and riddhima .

Ishani raisinghania : she was the daughter of ajay and uma and was a fashion designer by proffesion and is the owner of IR (ishani raisinghania ) boutique . She was in a relationship with angre and was the sister of siya and vansh

Sanam Khanna : has a past and was the wife of karan khanna and mother of abhi , angre and riddima , daughter in law of adah and rajdheer khanna .

Karan khanna or KK : was the one of a owner’s of KK and AK industries , father of abhi , angre and riddima , husband of sanam , son of adah and rajdheer khanna and has horrific past too.

Rajdheer and Adah Khanna: father and mother of Karan and nani and nanu of Abhi , angre , riddima

Ajay and Uma raisinghania : father and mother of vansh , ishani and siya .

Chandrika Raisinghania : grandma of vansh , ishani and siya and was a widow , mother of ajay

Kabir Sharma : an engineer and was a friend ragini

Ragini trivedi : loves kabir one sided ly and wants to be his love but he doesn’t

Guys I know there are too many secrets but guys , believe me it’s a romantic and suspense thriller hope you guys liked this intro and yeah it’s not casual one , it is different

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