The Twisted game of Destiny-Friendship ep. 36 IMMJ2 Fanfic


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Recap of my story: Vansh shares his college days with the kids and it comes to the point from where their love story started. Riddhima had saved Vansh. Angre tries telling Vansh something.

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The Twisted game of Destiny-His Savior ep.35 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Episode starts

Angre: (guilt) Boss can you please give me a few minutes to talk to you? (in mind) I need to tell him

Vansh: Angre……

Rivan: But Angre chachu (sad) the story (mumbling)

Angre: Rivan please just for a few minutes…(cut by Vansh)

Vansh: Angre, leave it tell me later. He really wants to listen so I will just continue.

Not having any other choice Angre, kept quiet and sat down beside Aryan. Just then Kabir came in.

Kabir: Riddhu is showing some finger movements! (Happy)

Vansh: Really! (happy and ran to their room with Aryan, twins and Angre)

Riansh room

Vansh: (sat near Riddhima and held her hand) Sweetheart!

Rivan: Mom! (near Riddhima) Kabir mamu said you showed movements, please get up now!! We miss you a lot!

Riva: Exactly mom! You know dad was reciting your and his story. We need you to tell us the remaining!

Vansh: sweetheart please!

Nurse: Mr Rai Singhania your wife has shown really good improvements and I’m happy to tell you that she’ll be out of coma soon. Her life is no more in danger. (smiling)

Aryan: Really!! I’m so happy, now Riddhu quickly get up!

Nurse: I think you should just let her rest for a while so her health can improve.

Kabir: Yea, Bhai, Angre come let’s go outside and inform the rest. Vansh you…(cut by Riva)

Riva: Mamu, Dad, Riv and I will stay back. (assuring, they left) Dad, tell us how you both became friends

Vansh: So it all starts from where she took a bullet for me.


Vansh: Riddhima! (shocked) Why?? (he took her in his arms and went outside to everyone) Angre, Dad! Call the ambulance! Riddhima, don’t give up. (worried seeing her losing her consciousness)

At The hospital

Doctor: Don’t worry she will be fine, it just passed her arm and she fainted because of graze. (Checking her)

Vansh: Please check to her! (commanding) Dad she will be alright right? (worried)

Ajay: She will. I’m forever going to be grateful to her for this. she saved you, my family! No matter the enmity, I can’t ever forget this.

Manav: Riddhima!! (shouting) Where’s Riddhima? Ajay! Where Is she? What did you do to her? (holding Ajay’s collar) I told you to keep her out of our enmity!!

Aryan: Vansh Rai Singhania!! I knew it, what did you do to her!! I was always against yours and her partnership. (anger)

Ajay: Enough! We didn’t do anything to her. The bullet passed her arm as she came in front of Vansh. WE didn’t tell her to do that! SO stop shouting here!! (high voice)

Nurse: Please calm down, this is a hospital not a market!

Vansh: Uncle please, calm down. Dad, Riddhima saved all of us at least not now.

Kabir: If I found out that one of you both is involved in this I swear I’m not going to leave you! (anger)

Vansh: (losing his temper) You really think we can stoop so low to attack our own family!!

Doctor: (coming out) She’s fine now! And is conscious, you can meet her but one by one!

Vansh: I’ll go to her! (worried)

Manav: Don’t you dare!!

Uma: Manav, calm down. Let him go (nodding her head)

Manav: But Uma (cut by Vansh)

Vansh: Uncle please once (he nodded and he went inside) Are you fine? (concern)

Riddhima: (on the bed) I certainly am! By the way how did the grumpy you become so concerned, that too for ME!!

Vansh: Do you have to start it now as well! (sitting beside her) Thank you!

Riddhima: It’s fine, nothing so big! Don’t worry (passing a faint smile)

Vansh: You saved my family and I, it’s a great favor! But you didn’t think of yourself and came to save me, your enemy?

Riddhima: Oh come on! Enmity can’t overpower humanity. Humanity is the greatest of all and so what we are enemies, that doesn’t mean I can let you die! Who will fight with then!

Vansh: (chuckling) seriously! I hope it’s not paining?

Riddhima: (chuckling) No no, why will it pain…I’m wonder woman right! (sarcasm)

Vansh: sorry!

Riddhima: The Vansh Rai Singhania said sorry!! Wow! ( Vansh glared at her angrily) Okay okay, sorry!

Vansh: The Riddhima Raichand said sorry!! Wow! (both laughed) Friends? (forwarding his hand)

Riddhima: (pretending to think) Umm I need to think about it.

Vansh: Okay fine. Take your time! (smiled) Take care! Your (cut by her)

Riddhima: Father and brothers are outside. I know, I heard them. Please send them inside

Vansh: Yea sure! Take care (left)

Flashback ends

Vansh: so I had taken the first step, which was friendship but she needed time to digest it. And I respected it too.

Riva: How did that change come in you?

Vansh: (chuckling) She saved me, she took a bullet that was meant for me! I realized that enmity is nothing in front of humanity and kindness which she showed. I was amazed at her gesture and I understood. From that point I probably fell for her more! (adoring Riddhima) I wanted to diminish the enmity between us at least if not my dad and her dad.

Rivan: when did she answer?

Vansh: So…


After a few days

Riddhima and Sejal were sitting in their study room where Riddhima was holding her phone towards her chest and smiling, while Sejal was talking

Sejal: Ridz yaar, he’s not that bad! He’s so concerned and worried about you, his gesture is so sweet. He’s been asking you how you are almost every hour!

Riddhima: I think you are right! But

Sejal: Look at his goodness and not about his background. I think he really wants to befriend you and not for a motive. Leave all this enmity out!

Riddhima: Yea Sejal, he isn’t as bad as I thought. But dad? He will think if I befriend his enemy then his head will be lowered and all

Sejal: Really Riddhima? Since when have you been thinking about all that! Don’t tell uncle! Don’t tell anyone in fact, just us two know, simple!

Riddhima: (taking a deep breathe) Okay! (smiling) Let me message him

Message chat

R: Hi Vansh 😊

R: I needed to talk to you oh and yea by the way thank you for asking about my health.

V: Hi Riddhima!

R: You’re online? Wow okay

V: Yea sure go on with what you want to say. Don’t need to thank me, it’s the least I can do for you

R: Okay so I wanted to answer you…the question you had asked me in the hospital. I’ve thought about it.

V: Okay great! So go on

R: Okay so I accept it. Friends!!

V: Really! Friends!! 🥳 Thanks for putting the enmity on the side

R: No worries, I think enmity isn’t more important. Anyway see you soon.

V: Ahha! Sure! See you soon too, tomorrow!

End of chat

Sejal:  So finally you’re friends!

Riddhima: Yess!! It’s some kind of special feeling!

Sejal: (frowning) Don’t forget me in front of your new friend!

Riddhima: Oh my drama queen you’ll be my best friend forever and ever! No one will replace you! (hugging her)

On the other hand in VR mansion, Angre and Vansh were discussing about the same.

Vansh: she said yes Angre!! (happy)

Angre: (thinking) He’s getting excited as if she said yes to his love proposal. (to Vansh) Hmm, you sure right there won’t be any problem?

Vansh: No!

Angre: But don’t forget me yaar!

Vansh: (hits him on his head) Stupid! You are and will always be my best friend. (hugged him) Always!!

Flashback ends


Hanging around together


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