Santoshi Maa 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Samiksha’s father decides to stay at Singhasan’s place.

Santoshi Maa 25th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev Rishi is complaining Mata Santoshi about Devi Polomi who is now trying to encourage Devesh with some other plans while Mata tells him that she is taking advantage of this situation to create trouble for Swati but finally in such evil planning it may happen like Bubli’s case.
Samiksha intervenes between Indresh & Swati while he is holding Swati’s hand emotionally, telling him that to please eat something as Swati is feeling better now & you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday & Swati also insists him to eat something & he eats listening to Swati but Samiksha feels better in his attraction.
Devi Polomi is thinking of her plans but Devraj Indra comes to inform her that now you mustn’t do any such thing which will again make us awkward to face Prabhu Mahadev & leaves but she says that now I won’t do but my devotee will do on their own.
Swati is asking Indresh about what all happened with her & he tells her everything happened due to blessings of Mata Santoshi as how he found her in the car left by Devesh, who also got injured by father’s gunshot & after finding the ring which she wore gave clue of her location & she reminds about the ring which was given to her for safety by a Brahman but none other than Shri Hanuman itself. Swati asks him about Rinky & he tells her that it was only because of Rinky who had confidence that Devesh won’t kill you hence we found you.
Dev Rishi appreciates about Swati’s memory to Mata which reminds her about the ring given to her by Shri Hanuman & Mata also praises Shri Hanuman that he had said whenever your devotee will be in trouble I’ll be there for her safety with this ring.
Singhasan is discussing with the owner of resort that they’ll be planning to leave for their place tomorrow due to curfew being curtailed now while Samiksha says that if they leave the resort then it’ll become empty & his father says someday they had to leave but she suggests him to let we also plan to go out of this place putting the resort in renovation because after facing so much problems in the past we too need some change & he tells her to decide whatever you wish now as all the properties are yours itself while Singhasan gets selfish thinking about properties owner this girl is which is a big benefit. Samiksha says why not to go to Banaras where we have our house but Singhasan tells the owner that you are making us feel awkward when our place is also yours then why not to stay in our place & the owner decides to stay at Singhasan’s place while Samiskha feels happy thinking this was actually my plans to stay near Indresh.
Singhasan informs everybody to pack their bags but Rinky asks him about Devesh & he shouts her saying to forget she was married to him & pack the bags immediately.
Dev Rishi intimates Mata to see what all this is happening & she is saying that due to selfishness human becomes attracted for more to get but finally falls prey to his evil thoughts hence now Swati has to be alert in this situation.
Indresh lovingly insists Swati to sleep so that she’ll feel better after waking up while Samiksha watching this feels jealous.
Devesh calls Rinky but she instead tells him to not to call her again & again informing him that they will be leaving to their house tomorrow along with Swati & cuts the phone but he says thinking I got what I wanted from you.
Swati feels uneasy & doctor says it’s due to Blood Pressure fluctuation hence if you wait for some days it’ll be better but Swati insists telling Indresh to let’s leave & she’ll feel better there hence doctor allows her but to take care & Indresh assures her.
Swati bends down to take blessings from Singhasan but he tells her to not to bend henceforth due to her health conditions while Indresh’s mother calls Singhasan for enquiring about where they have reached but he says still leaving but to arrange for welcome & she says that I am excited to see Swati hence have arranged everything properly.
Samiksha is driving the car while her father says Swati along with Singhasan & Indresh have left directly & I am eager to meet her very soon & Samiksha feels relaxed thinking about staying with Indresh now.

Precap: Swati’s mother-in-law welcomes singing song for her & emotionally hugging for meeting after very long time. All of them join to dance for coming together after very big gap. Samiksha feels very jealous while Rinky is depressed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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