Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update : Anita hears Vibhuti and Prem talk

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Angoori talking to herself saying what I’ll say to Ammaji regarding remedy. Angoori gets call from Ammaji, picks up call and greets her. Ammaji says how’s you. Angoori says I’m unable to do the remedy which you told me because of Tiwari I’m unable to do because he talks so much. Ammaji says you need to do remedy again but this time lock him up in bathroom when guest come for dinner and hungs up phone. Vibhuti sitting and says to Anu how much time it take to make one cup of coffee. Anu says I’m coming gives him coffee and ask what happen. Vibhu says my blood pressure is dropping. Anu says don’t you think its dropping so much now a days. Angoori come to Anu and Vibhuti. Anu and Vibhu welcomes her and ask her to sit. Anu says how are you. Angoori says not fine I’m in very tenson I call you for dinner again and again and I’m sorry from Tiwari’s side. Anu says it’s us who always come to get insulted. Angoori says now nobody will insult you. Anu says let’s skip this for some time. Angoori says you have to come for dinner, Ammaji told me that Pandit Ramphal saw Tiwari’s astrology and told to do a remedy to ask our guests for dinner. Vibhuti says we will come. Anu says we understand we will come. Angoori says thank you and leaves. Anu sees Vibhu and says your BP is all fine. Vibhu says after having coffee made by you I’m fine now.

Angoori brings Tiwari in there bedroom. Tiwari says what are you doing. Angoori says I’ll not leave you today you have to take bath. What happen to you why are you acting like kid is this time to take bath. Angoori says other people come from there work and take shower for hours and afetr that do romance. Tiwari says I’ll take bath after some time. Angoori says take bath now don’t waste my time and throws him in bathroom. Tiwari shouts from inside why did you closed door fron outside. Angoori goes down and says to herself I don’t have any tension now Tiwari is locked inside bathroom now I can do my remedy. Anu and Vibhu come and greets Angoori. Vibhu and Anu asks where is Tiwari. Angoori says he is locked inside bathroom. Vibhu says I got he is getting mental attack that’s why he is locked. Angoori says no, whenever Vibhu come Tiwari says something which shoots Vibhuti Blood pressure. Anu says I don’t feel good after knowing Tiwari is locked in bathroom. Angoori says don’t worry you sit and have your dinner. Anu says after knowing this how can I eat dinner is he upstairs, Angoori says yes. Anu says I’ll get him. Tiwari shouting from inside the bathroom saying you did wrong with me Angoori. Anu shouts from outside Tiwari’s name. Tiwari says I know this voice. Anu says stop doing drama you its me Anita. Tiwari says I’m sorry I’m not there to greet you Angoori locked me inside. Anu say’s I don’t feel good I’m in your house for dinner and you are locked inside I’m unlocking door. Tiwari gets free and says thanks to Tiwari. Anu says what has happen to you nowadays how did you became so emotional. Tiwari says you said that day that you like emotional people so I became emotional. Anu says but these many emotions doesn’t suit you now come lets go and eat. Tiwari says no because of me Vibhu’s blood pressure shoots and Angoori will get angry from me. Anu says don’t worry I have planned for that. Anu, Tiwari, Vibhu and Angoori sitting on dining table. Tiwari tied up with rope and his mouth is tapped. Anu Angoori and Vibhu having dinner. Vibhu says to Angoori its very lovely and tasty dinner. Anu says it was delicious so much. Angoori says try this sweet and says to Anita it doesn’t have suger so it won’t affect your weight. Tiwari talks to himself say’s she dont care about can’t see I’m tied up all hungry. Vibhu says to Angoori you did wrong with us you didn’t have dinner with us. Angoori says sorry to them and says I cannot have one bite without Tiwari. Vibhu says to Angoori now time has changed now a days wife eats her dinner and goes to sleep some of the wife dont keep food for there husband and confirms with Anu. Anu looks at Vibhu and what comment are you doing and tell me when did I not leave food for you. Ammaji sitting on window applying nailpolish and says let’s ask Angoori remedy is done or not. Angoori gets call from Ammaji and put phone on speaker says I have successfully completed the remedy don’t take tension. Ammaji says I do take tension because what I do is for the good of you and Tiwari. Angoori says you were going somewhere. Ammaji says yes pandit Ramphal told me if this time Tiwari is unsuccessful to do remedy then he will take me to Manali for special pooja. Ammaji hungs up phone.

Vibhu come out of his house and call Prem says where are you. Prem says I’m behind you and come to Vibhu and ask how’s your health. Vibhu say’s I’m okay. Prem says so you are making her fool. Vibhu says you also make her fool, says you remember we were gambling and I lost 3000rs it was for electricity bill she gave me to pay but I lost so thought of acting unwell, whenever she say anything I start acting then she stop saying anything I’m chilled out and sorted. Prem says you are full of drama. Vibhu says you should know how to handle your wife. Prem says till what time you will do this drama. Vibhu says till the time she didn’t know anything. Prem says what if she get to know about this. Anu listing from distance everything and says to herself I know about drama now I’ll do drama and you will see.

Helan in hall sitting and shouts. Vibhu come and asks what happen. Helan hands him over a note and Vibhu also shouts. Tiwari and Angoori come after hearing them. Angoori asks what happen Helan. Helan handover the note to Angoori says read it. Angoori reads the note which Anu left about leaving house. Tiwari takes note from Angoori and give to Vibhu. Vibhu reads it saying I left this house because I’m unable to deal with your health and please don’t try to chase me. Tiwari shouts and start crying. Helan says why are you crying Vibhu should be crying. Angoori says to Tiwari yes why are you crying see he is not sad at all. Tiwari says because of his illness Anu left. Vibhu says I was acting I’m perfectly fine I don’t have any issues with blood pressure. Tiwari shouts on Vibhu. Vibhu says aren’t you saying so much. Helan says because of you earning lady left the house. It’s because of small fault I didn’t pay the electricity bill so to not get scolded I said lie that I have blood pressure problem and start crying. Anu come and says you did what you want to do and don’t take my name from your dramatic mouth. Vibhu say’s I’m sorry. Tiwari says don’t forgive him give him divorce. Anu says why you always have to divorce we can say happily goodbye. Saxena, Tillu and Teeka come to house and says I have prepared a tragedy song. Anu says absolutely start your chorus, and ask Vibhu to come ti kitchen. Vibhu says tell me here. Anu says I heard you and Prem what were you talking so would you like to come, you are strong boy come with me. Saxena Teeka and Tillu start there chorus.

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