The Serial 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Serial 6th March 2013 Written Episode, The Serial 6th March 2013 Written Update

Karan calls pooja to share the news of him getting Youth Icon award. Pooja congratulates him, telling him that he deserves it and asks for a treat to which Karan tells her to organize a party, which she gladly accepts. While sending invites for the party Pooja wonders that Raj neither confirmed the invite nor called. Rohan hearing this gets angry and asks her to not to waste her time on someone like Raj as being popular and nice she is, she deserves much better than Raj. Pooja not liking his attitude, tells him not to interfere. Rohan leaves but not before promising that he will prove it to her that Raj is still not over of Pihu.

Here, Priya all distressed and frustrated remembers her time with Ali. Vikrant gets surprised seeing Sara at his doorstep and denies Sara when she ask him to join her for Kundra’s party, telling her that he already talked to Kundra about it. Sara surpassing all his excuses, forces him to get ready. Later, when Vikrant appears in his trademark Kurta, Sara breaks into his room and makes him wear a decent shirt with very cool jacket. Vikrant let her know that he is scared seeing himself like this but Sara excuses him saying he is looking very good and everyone must always look good.

At Kundra’s place, Karan is getting ready for the party when Taani walks in and asks him about how she is looking but Karan doesn’t say anything. She asks him who went to airport to receive Omkar to which karan replies after what seems like a long time that he sent someone. He admires Taani – busy blabbering about her confusion over what should she wear and all standing in front of mirror- with a very warm and sweet smile plastered on his face. Karan compliments Taani saying “Badi sooni lag rahi hai”. Billu who was silently witnessing the scenario, asks Karan about what is going on between him and Taani as Taani was supposed to be his childhood BFF’s GF. But Karan shuts him up advising him to stop thinking overmuch. Later, when alone, Karan scolds himself for feeling the way he was for Taani. He receives call from Omkar and informs him that Taani is dying to see him.

At the venue of Gumraah Success Party, Karan welcomes Paras, Ali, Pooja and Raj while addressing the media about his success and Gumraah. Soon, Omkar too joins the party and asks Karan if Taani bothered him. To which Karan jokes that she made everything upside down in his life. Omkar tells Karan not to mind as Taani always does same at house too, to which Taani tell Karan that she made him(Omkar) human. Billu sees Karan starring at Taani’s retreated back. Karan tells Billu that he knows the meaning to all his looks and warns Billu to stop all of it at once otherwise he will beat him for good. Priya joins the party and congratulate Karan. She tells Karan that she knew what she did was right but the situation between them (Priya and Ali) is awkward. Pooja welcomes Vikrant and Sara and compliments Vikrant for his new look. Karan offers a drink to Priya who was looking lost and asks her why is she thinking so much about meeting Ali.
Everyone gets shock of their lives seeing Pihu entering the party with Rohan.

Precap: Raj hugs Pihu. Taani hugs Karan and leaves with Omkar bidding her farewell with a heartbeat tune playing in background.

Update Credit to: SmokySapphira

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