Suvreen Guggal 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 6th March 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with RC walking down the corridor with a package in his hand talking to himself saying Ira is upto some tricks everytime, he has to see what is it this time
He enters his classroom and opens the package to find an old folder, he becomes excited seeing the folder and says his first project and he cant believe Ira kept it safe these many years, he opens it and looks through, he remembers Ira’s words where she says she came to fulfill that dream which they saw together, she wants him to work with her on this and this is once in a lifetime opportunity he cant refuse

RC talks to himself and says she will never change, he thinks about the project and says if he takes up that project it means he has to leave everything and shift from delhi to Mumbai, but how can he do that
At the canteen Annie admires her nail paint and shows it to Zorro who is busy eating, Suvi comes there and Annie shows her nailpaint to her, Suvi says very nice and tells the two she needs to talk something important with them, Zorro asks what did Yuvi do
Annie Suvi look at him, he tells them every important thing for Suvi is related with Yuvi only, Suvi agrees, Annie excitedly says to Suvi its about yesterday’s date, Suvi says yes, Annie becums more excited and asks her did they kiss

Zorro looks at her bewildered and Suvi says how, she asks Annie how does kiss alway connect with going on a date, Annie says kiss is such a thing it comes up anywhere, Suvi tells them she is having a guilty feeling, lying to her mom and dad again and again
Annie says sarcastically fine go and tell them everything about Yuvraj, Suvi takes it seriously and says she was thinking that, Zorro is shocked, Annie tells Suvi no she was just kidding she cant do like this

Suvi asks why, Zorro tells her how can she be so dumb being a smart girl, Annie tells Zorro to explain her, Zorro says to Annie she is her old friend she should only explain, Suvi irritated asks them what is the problem in telling her parents(hahaha omg i love the way CV’s show Suvi so naive, first time being in a relationship and so many question marks around, but hope this whole problem gets sorted out soon)

Annie says ok and reminds her about her dad being strict and not allowing her to talk to boys, Suvi says he used to be strict but now he has changed, she tells her he even allowed Suvi to stay in the hospital with the guys when Yuvi was there, her Pappa even said he likes Yuvraj then why cant she tell them the truth
Zorro tells her because its not easy to say the truth and to hear the truth, Zorro is lost in his thoughts, Suvi calls him out, Zorro explains to Suvi how much ever her dad maybe cool but he will never accept her relationship with Yuvraj or Yuvi
Annie agrees and says what if her dad’s reaction is not good then he could also stop all the connections between her and Yuvi, she further says telling her dad anything right now is inviting trouble, Zorro agrees with Annie, Suvi is in thoughts

Suvi walks in the corridor and remembers how her mom and dad told her to stay away from boys, she remembers the time when her dad brought her back from jail when she was out on road trip
Suvi enters her class and says to gannuji looking up, should she repeat the dialogue or does he know it, why does he keep bringing so many confusion and problems in her life and till when will he keep bringing them, she takes a seat and puts her head down on her hands
RC asks having a bad day, Suvi replies yes but then realizes that RC is there and gets up quickly and apologizes him, she says she thought class was empty, RC says what a coincidence even he thought that
They both say together that they just wanted to stay alone, RC says they cant be alone being together here so he will leave and he picks up his coat but Suvi says maybe if they stay together and discuss their problems they might find a solution

RC says they could try that and tells her to sit, Suvi says she doesn’t understand why is life so complicated, she feels everything is a huge network grid and everything is connected some way or the other, RC says and there are two things that cannot connect properly and if they do connect then no idea what will happen everything is unpredictable
Suvi says now or then they have to take a decision so why not now, RC says because there is a risk, Suvi agrees and says she never thought she will have such difficult choices in her life, how can she choose between the two, why cant the two things be together, why cant there be a balance between the two, its not that difficult
RC cuts in and says it not, he explains to her if you are doing something new initially there will be problems and there will be solutions also you just need to find them, he says if you have some one to support you then its quite easy to sort it all out, Suvi thinks about his words and thinks about what Yuvi said that if there is any problem he is there and if they need to say something at home he is there to talk

Suvi thanks RC and runs out, RC thinks and says to himself ‘you’re right Ira’ its time to fulfill their dreams and he is in (dont know why but this whole scene of RC-Suvi was damn Awsum, loved the way the two talked about their own problems and then found the solution hehehe it was a sweet scene but dont want RC to leave, i hope he stays in delhi and sticks along as Suvi’s mentor)
Suvi calls out Yuvi in the corridor, Yuvi asks her what did she wanted to say so important, Suvi excitedly tells him she got the solution to her problem, she doesn’t need to lie to her parents everyday now, Yuvi asks her what solution did she get, Suvi tells him she has decided that they both will tell everything about them to their parents, Yuvi is shocked and tensed
He asks her does she know what she is saying, Suvi says yes she knows that when she will tell her parents about them she knows their reaction wont be good, maybe they will get angry and there might be problems, Yuvi cuts in and says there is no maybe but problems will be there, he asks her which small town parents will ever accept the fact that their daughter has a boyfriend
Suvi says why cant they accept she tells him that just because their family is from a small town and her dad does a small job it doesn’t mean her dad has old fashioned thoughts and all, Yuvi says he never thought it like that then why would he say something like that, Suvi tells him then what should she do, she cant live with this guilt feeling always

She tells him she the one who keeps lecturing people to always tell the truth and now she herself is lying to her parents, she cant live with the fear that some day if she is with him and someone sees them will go tell her parents about them and then what will be her parents reaction and the problems they have to face
Yuvi tells her she herself is inviting problem right now, he explains her that its like this all around the world no matter what if a dad sees someone holding his daughter’s hand then thye would always feel like cutting the guy’s hands off

He holds her hand and says she doesn’t need to lie in her house she just needs to hide the truth
Suvi takes her hands off and says sorry and she cant do this, saying half truth and not saying the other hal, Yuvi tries to say something but she cuts in and says she is not like him not saying anything to his family nor telling anyone about his family(dont blame her the cv’s have kept Yuvi’s family hidden for too long now, any girlfriend wud say that)
Suvi says if he wants to tell anything to his parents or not that’s his call but she is telling everything to her family, Yuvi tells her life isn’t so simple and explains her she just sees right or wrong she cant see anything ahead, Suvi tells him not to confuse her anymore
Yuvi irriated tells her why does she need to be so truthful, Suvi angrily says she is like this and most probably even in future she will be like this and if has so much problem with her then why does he love her

Yuvi looks at her a bit hurt, Suvi leaves from there, Alisha on the other hand hears everything between them and smiles(grr where did she tapkofy from)
Suvi at home opens the door and is surprised to see three people at her doorstep(Mere Dad ki Maruti promotion), the man(Ram Kapoor) asks her if she is Baldev’s daughter, Suvi says yes and says she doesn’t recognize him, she invites them inside, the man asks about her dad and she says he is a bit busy at work so comes late
Mamma G. comes out of the kitchen and greets the man who greets her calling bhabhi-ji, she asks him when did he come, he replies right now in front of her and points towards the other two whom Suvi and Mamma G. saw trying to break into the car

Mamma G. looks at them and remembers the two and tries to say something when the man introduces the two as his son Sameer and his son’s friend Jasleen
Suvi excitedly says Jasleen and tells her that her younger sister’s name is also Jasleen, the girl with the attitude shows Suvi how to pronounce her name, Suvi says its cool
The man calls out to his son to touch Mamma G.’s feet and take her blessings, he apologizes to Mamma G. who says its ok, the father says its not ok and says his son is a fool who just grew up but has no brains yet, he tells her he cant be his son he has a doubt his son was exchanged in the hospital, the son makes a face, Suvi is laughing
Mamma G. tells the man to sit and relax, Suvi tries to divert his topic and tells him to eat the samosas

He then tells them he came here for a reason and takes out a wedding card and tells them its his son’s marriage and they all have to come, Suvi congratulates him and says she will get sweets for them, Sameer and Jazzleen also tag along with her to the kitchen

Sameer thanks Suvi for saving him back there as his dad can go non-stop about him, Suvi laughs and says all dads are like this only, she gives them chocolates and says Pappa’s are just like these chocolates, hard and nutty from outside and soft from inside and they just need to get through the hard coat to reach the soft side
Sameer says she means that he has to listen to whatever his dad says just to get to his very deep down feelings for him, Suvi says he is very smart
The father calls him out and says does he want to stay there and not go back home, they head out to the living room, Mamma G. tells the father to wait till Pappa G. arrives but he says he will meet him directly at the wedding, they greet each other and leave

At the living room Suvi is fixing up all the clothes with her mom when she gets an sms from Yuvi who tells her he wants to talk to her, Suvi replies back she is with her mom right now so they will talk later, Yuvi msgs back again asking if she told them anything, Mamma G. notices and asks her who is she chatting with, Suvi is shocked and tensed
Suvi talking to the camera: The answer to this question cant be anything else other than Yuvi and now she wont lie anymore, and if she doesn’t tell the truth today then she cant say it later, she will tell her parents the truth

Back at college, Alisha tells Yuvi she knows she shouldn’t interfere but since she saw the fight today she needs to say it to him, Yuvi says to tell, Alisha tells him to remember that they both are her bestfriends and that’s why she is saying all this and she cannot even see them like this
Alisha says they both patched up after such a rough phase, Yuvi cuts in saying exactly what he was trying to tell Suvi but she wouldn’t listen, he tells her he knows she is scared of her dad but this is not the right time to say anything to parents as its too soon

Alisha agrees with him and says if this does happen then the result will be bad, Yuvi says what if her parents don’t allow him to meet or contact her, he cant loose her again
Alisha smiles to herself and feeds in Yuvi’s head that if Suvi does convince her parents about them then they will tell the two to get married straight after college, Yuvi becomes shocked and says marriage(Oh gosh CV’s please dont take RC out please instead kick Alisha out, WTH now she is going to instigate him and again he is going to back out nooo, Yuvi cant hurt Suvi again)
Alisha says yes for small town parents it either marriage wala love or no love at all, the ishq wala love and friendship wala love doesn’t settle with them
Yuvi is tensed and worried and cant think right, Alisha says seeing Yuvi confuse gives her a good feeling coz the more he is tensed and confused the more he will come to her for help

Precap: YuvReen bid each other on phone saying ‘I love you’, Jasleen hears it and asks Suvi whow as she saying I love you to…Suvi lies and says to her friend…Jasleen at night peeks into Suvi’s cell phone and sees Yuvi’s number and tells herself she has been hiding her affair from so long, she says to sleepy Suvi now wait and watch what I do (Right as if Alisha wasnt enuf now the little sister joins the ‘Against YuvReen’ ship grrr, this cannot be happening they just got together)

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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