Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Harish and Pankuri seeing Latika holding Adi’s hand. Latika left, and Harish questions Adi as to what Latika was doing with Adi and had Adi forgotten what Latika did to him earlier.

Adi says it is time to move on, and says this meeting was quite casual.

Harish failed to make Adi see sense, Adi goes on saying that problem has been started by Pankuri as she is still going to the shooting spot and Harish was wondering what has gotten into Adi. Adi leaves saying that he has work, and Harish is left wondering what happened

Harish leaves saying that he will have lunch later and goes away.

Harish later meets Avantika and discusses the PaYa quarrel issue. Both agrees that their separation is creating a strain on the PaYa relationship.

Avantika says how much will Pankuri keep her patience and they both agrees to go slow on separation as it would create problems for PaYa relation.

On the other hand, Sheila Mami calls Latika and informs her that the engagement with Rubel will happen on the next day and Latika is all the more happy on hearing that

PaYa in car and they decides what will be their next step, and Pankuri says how long Harish will discuss about their issues without telling Avantika about his illness, and she says time has come where they will have to tell Avantika about Harish’s illness as the matter is quite serious.

PaYa stopped to have ice-cream. Adi teases Pankuri first by saying that the flavor which she wants isn’t available at the stall, and starts having an ice-cream. Pankuri gets dejected and wants to have some, and hankers for that, meanwhile the vendor gives her the ice-cream and she runs to scold Adi, and they smear ice-cream on their nose tips and sweetly teases one another.

Later when PaYa reaches home, Sheila Mami tells everyone about the impending engagement of Rubel and Latika which will be happening just on the next day. PaYa is shocked at the sudden engagement. Preeti says how can it be without Nana being present in the house. Sheila says it is Anuj and Rubel’s decision and also says that they will call Nana and convince him. Sheila now asks whether she can invite Harish to the engagement. Avantika agrees but Adi says Sheila Mami not to invite Harish.

Avantika says she will herself call and invite Harish and so calls Harish to invite him and Dadi to the event. Harish says yes and both PaYa and Sheila Mami are now relieved.

At home, Harish hands over all the property papers and other documents to Dadi, says he has made her nominee over all his property, and a small plot of land which he had bought for their family, he wants Dadi to hand it over to Pankuri after his death and they both breaks down into sobs

In morning Avantika goes out with Harish for buying something for the engagement of Rubel-Latika and also to discuss about PaYa. Avantika has an argument over the car parking and says Harish drives rashly. They were quarreling when PaYa also approached the spot. Adi says he is happy with seeing his parents together and they exchange pleasantries. Episode ends here.

PaYa in a mood to dance for the engagement of Rubel-Latika and PaYa vows to tell Avantika about Harish’s illness after the function gets over as they have very little time left now

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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