Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins in the room where hasu son is standing with the raseed now he knows the truth of the artificial jewellery….
He decides to ask ketki about it but then he thinks its better to find out the whole truth before telling any one….

Jay asks his friend to talk to indian agency they might help him… but his friend Vicky says now they don’t have any other option he has to come back and apply again for the job….
Jay says to shaukat that he wont loose hope no matter what he will try his best to stay…. Suddenly he remembers the man to whom he gave presentation…. He says may be he would help him….. He calls him and asks his help but he says now its too late….
After ending the call jay stands at a corner of the room lost in deep thoughts….. meanwhile bhoomi is shown in her room remembering jay….. she sleeps while crying while jay is shown sleeping on the dining table…
He wakes up and gets call from his mom… she informs him that today is bharti wedding…. Jay says he felt really nice after talking to her… she feels that he is upset…she says she knows he is going from tough time she asks him to tell her whats the matter but he denies….
He gets another call….. when he receives it he finds Gayatri on the other line…. Gayatri says has he booked his tickets… she says sarcastically that she can help him in that…….

Bhoomi questions nani that why gayatri is doing all this? She knows because she loves an indian that’s why gayatri is angry from her but why she is ruining jay life…. She says she feels like crying to see this new avatar of her mother… nani ensures her that nothing would happen to kishan… bhoomi says she wont let anything happen to him no matter if he doesn’t loves her she do….. she says she will do anything to make jay stay in US…. Bhoomi says she with the help of law will make jay stay in US…. Bhoomi calls an advocate for help…

Guests are dancing on bharti’s wedding while she is sitting dressed in bridal wear… avni asks bharti to come with her in order to see the barat but bharti denies…
They welcome the barat…. Bharti father and mother in law arrives at the end… Ansubha asks bharti in laws where is the groom on which his mother replies which groom?

Jay is sitting in an indian embassy…. He gets call from gayatri again she says he has only 7 hours left….
After ending the call…. Rammy asks her why she is calling him over and over again… Gayatri replies because he tried to steal the most precious thing of her life….

Ansubha asks bharti mother in law whats wrong on which she says now her son wont marry bharti…
She says how they expect her to act normally when they lied to her and gave her fake artificial jewellery……
Everyone gets shock to hear that…. Ansubha says the jewellery cant be aritificial…. How she is so sure? Bharti mother in law says she knows it because she took the kangan to her family jeweller and he told her….. She further says to Ansubha that you always do justice now what you have to say about this?

Ansubha asks jay mother how she let this happen? On which she replies she don’t know who did this… meanwhile hasu son arrives and tells ansubha that ketki changed the gold jewellery… Ansuba slaps ketki hard ……. THARAPPP…..

Update Credit to: MsLuscious

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