Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th March 2013 Written Update

Priya is getting worried as it’s too late and she tries to call Ram, but he doesn’t pick up. Priya wonders what would be going on there. She decides to go to Ram leaving Peehu at neighbour’s house.

In the morning, Priya is about to wake Peehu up and Ram arrives with a sad face. Priya says you could have picked my phone call at least. Ram says, everything is finished. I couldn’t save anything. Rain destroyed everything. We just lost everything. Priya tells him, not a problem.. it’s not your fault.. if it rains suddenly, then it’s natural disaster. Ram tells her, it’s not like that in the business.. for them it will be carelessness. Every company has a storage room. Now how can I explain them that our storage is too small to keep all that stuff and that is why I told workers to keep everything outside. Never ever thought it could rain. Mistake is mine. I invested all the money that I took from friends in this, and now I can’t go and ask them for money again. And even if I choose to do that, then how? It will be really difficult. Priya says, no it won’t be difficult. As long as we are together, we will sail with it. Why you keep forgetting that you’re same Ram Kapoor who left everything and reached to this level today. We can start a new beginning. Ram loses his control and takes his frustrations out on Priya. He says, please stop giving me false promises. I am serious. Why do you give me false hopes everytime? Sometimes things don’t get resolved. Priya is shocked. Ram continues, sun can be seen only in day time.. in night it’s dark. I am just trying to tell you that we have lost everything. We will have to sell our factory, our car. How will we eat? How will we pay Peehu’s school fees? And you’re talking about a new beginning. Why can’t you wake up and smell the coffee (why can’t you accept the truth). Priya is in disbelief. She says, Mr. Kapoor why you’re just looking at we have nothing right now. Why can’t you see the path on which we walked and came till here. We can walk on same path 10 times.. and reach our goal. Who will stop us from doing that? Why do you forget that it is you who earned everything on your own? No one took away our effort, talent.. we still got that so why can’t we have a new beginning?

You made such a goodwill in 6 months in new town.. can anyone else do that? A company gave you such a big order to complete in a month and then suddenly they gave deadline of a week, and you still completed it. Can anyone else do that? We saved 2 lakh rupees in last 6 months and I know it’s all gone.. but.. Ram says, that’s what I am trying to tell you that everything is gone. Priya says, I know.. what do you think I don’t know what middle class life is? I have lived this life my entire life. Do realize how much 2 lakh rupees are worth to a middle class person? My dad took 10 years to save that much money. Priya in tears.. We came to new place and bought new car for Peehu. Do you know when I got my first car? When I was in college. And you’re telling me all our money has gone. What’s wrong with you? We can start a new beginning and earn everything again. Ram says, I am not a God or a superhuman. Priya says, I am not saying that, but you’re more than a normal person. It’s not easy to do what you did in 6 months.

She continues, you have proved yourself.. I know your potential.. you can do it. Ram says, you get only 1 opportunity in 1 city. Priya says we will go to other city. Everything will be fine, trust me. She holds his hands and says, whether you have faith in yourself or no, but I do. Remember, it was you only who told me that our lives are going to challenging and adventurous. Can it be more challenging than this? Everything will be fine. Please don’t get sad and don’t lose your hopes. They hug. Priya then says, let’s go inside. I will give you water.

In their house. Ram comes to Peehu’s room and sees a card made by Peehu which says “my you papa” and has their family picture drawing. Ram cries looking at the card. Priya comes there and tells him, everything will be fine.

Vikram asks Neha, by now they would have made friends right? Neha says, they are living there since 6 months so its obvious. Vikram says, how is it easy? It’s hard to find people with who you get along. Neha says, why can’t you say directly that you’re missing Ram. Vikram says, yes .. aren’t you missing Priya? She says, yes.. that’s why I call every other day. They say why they had to go to Jaipur. Neha says it’s selfish but I wish they come here. They say Ram and Priya will never get separate now.. just like Vikram and Neha.

Back to Jaipur, Ram is sleeping and Priya is patting him.

Break 1..

Priya comes to the room where Peehu is sleeping. She wakes her up. Peehu asks her what did birdi say today? Priya says, birdie said if Peehu goes to school and finish her lunch, then mumma will tell her a bed story in night. She gets up.

Mamaji brings Kush in the park for jogging. Kush says he wants to go to school. Mamaji says by jogging you get sharp. Kush says but my teacher said you get sharp by studying. Mamaji says I was not talking about that sharpness. He says this is such a nice place.. so many chidiyas (girls indirectly). He says, we may find one here. Kush asks who will we find? Mamaji says Pari. Right then Sodamini comes there. She makes mamaji jog. Sudhir and Ram’s mother then see Mamaji and get surprised seeing him jog. Sodamini comes there with Kush and tells mamaji, you said to him that you’re going to find a pari in the park. meaning me? she likes that name. She gets call and leaves.

Ram’s friends (people who lend him money) come to his house. They say we had faith you and that’s why gave you money. Now you will have to return our money or will have to go court. Ram gives them his car and factory’s keys and says, until I return you your money you can keep that. It was not my fault whatever happened and nothing I could do.. you trusted me so I am requesting you to have faith in me. They take keys and leave. Right then Vikram enters.

Break 2..

Ram gets shocked and asks him what are you doing here? Vikram says, I had urgent meeting here so thought to came here to meet you. You can check my phone if you want. Ram says, I don’t need to check your phone.. I know priya told you everything, right? Vikram says, what was there to tell? Ram says, you know everything right? Vikram says, so what’s the plan now? Ram says, don’t know.. I will think. Vikram says, look Ram.. it’s not a small matter.. in addition to loss that you made.. I found out that you have to pay 20 lakh to the company as a penalty. He asks Ram to pack his bags. Ram says, have you gone crazy? Vikram says, I have decided that you will come to Mumbai with me. Ram says, so now you will take decisions for me? Vikram says, yes.. because what you are doing right now is not right. And why do you have so much ego in you? Ram says, if you have that much problem then why did you come here? I didn’t invite you. Vikram says, when I see you in trouble, I don’t need any invitation.

Vikram tells him, try to understand yaar.. it’s not about you only anymore. You have to think about Priya and Peehu too. Why do you want them to struggle? Please come back to Mumbai. Ram says, I am not going back to Mumbai. Vikram says, you’re afraid going back there right? Ram says, I don’t afraid. Vikram says, it’s your place.. your people..I have came here to take you there and I won’t go back without you. Priya comes. She pretends as if she didn’t call Vikram here. Ram says, why are you guys lying? I know you (Priya) have called him here. Priya I did call, but didn’t ask him to come here. Vikram says, look I just came here to tell you that I have arranged your tickets and you’re coming to Mumbai. Ram still doesn’t agree. Vikram tells Priya, I tried my best, but now please you make him understand. He leaves. Ram says, what the hell.

Episode ends with Ram looking at Priya.

Precap: Ram tells Priya, we have no saving.. no investments. Even if I want to open my own business, no one would give load. What I will do by going to Mumbai? Priya tells him, millions of people work (for others). we will also do some work. Ram says, what did I do with you two? What kind of life you’re living. Priya replies, a beautiful life.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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