The Serial 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Serial 4th March 2013 Written Episode, The Serial 4th March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raj appearing suddenly at Pooja’s house at midnight to surprise pooja by his clean shaved look. Pooja completely taken aback by his gesture couldn’t just believe her eyes and tell Raj the same. Pooja asks Raj that she didn’t meant anything with that comment. So, Raj tells her that once he went for a audition clean shaved and they selected him for the school based show, so from that day he decided to never stay clean shaved.

Raj tells pooja that Pihu is not part of his life now and he won’t accept her even if she came to him begging, and he wants it to be very clear to her. Raj notifies her that while he was in distress she was the one supporting him, understanding him and standing beside him in all the conditions. He says he isn’t sure if he could be a good boyfriend or if he deserves a relationship but he is sure about her. He tell pooja to not to tell anyone about them till they both get sure about this relationship. Pooja, who was already overwhelmed, agrees to it. Raj reminds her that is 10 years older than her and she is more mature than him. They both smile, twinkling in the new found glory of happiness and love.

Priya has a fight with her boyfriends. She tells him everything happened between her and Vikrant. She tells him that she does not love Vikrant and she breaks up with her boyfriend. Pooja comes to meet Rohan, who was angry with her. Pooja gifts him a tablet to make it up for him. While Pooja was talking with Rohan granny, Rohan comes to know about Pooja and Raj and acts aggressively.

At Kundra’s place, Taani get stunned seeing an injured Karan shouldered by Billu. Karana let her know that the blood spots on his tea-shirt are forged and he just has sprain in his leg. Taani replies saying she knew and she was just acting, making Karan laugh at her.

Rohan’s granny came to his room and finds him crying. Rohan behave rudely with her and confesses that he likes pooja and he was the one who was always there when she was alone and he gave her his shoulder when she used to cry. His mother slaps him for his inappropriate behavior with his granny.

Vikrant calls pooja and tell her about his meeting with Priya. Priya, who was already waiting for him in a restaurant, enlightens him that whatever happened between them was wrong and she is sorry for that. Vikrant shocked hearing all these, pedals himself and tell her that she doesn’t need to be sorry as that one kiss made him believe in love again and relieved him from the dreadful weight on his heart.

Precap: Sara and Paras at the same club and there is some sort of fight. (Sorry I am not sure between whom)

Update Credit to: SmokySapphira

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