Madhubala 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 4th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK wakes up finding his face covered with Madhus dupatta! He throws it aside n feels his head aching..! He calls out.. Madhu and recollects the previous night..! Bittu comes and tells RK that theres a call for urgent .. shoot for 2-3 hours..he has to go! RK asks at what time n how he got home? Bittu says.. about 3.15am .. in his own car! RK asks ..what about Madhu? Bittu says..she was in his car ..with RK..! RK come? Bittu says.. RK-Madhu were sitting in the passenger seat.. n he was in front seat with the driver! RK breaks the glass of water Bittu offers and says.. is he out of his mind? How dare he bring Madhu home? Bittu says.. RK brought her home not him ..! RK says.. he cant be that drunk bring Madhu with him! Bittu says..he did! RK threatens him ..and must be his or Radhas plan..! Bittu says.. he tried to take Madhu to her home but RK bring her home! Flashbacks of RK-Madhu walking arm in arm.. n singing ‘Raat akeli hai’! RK asks Bittu who is she? Bittu says.. Bhabhi ji.. ! RK says.. ur Bhabhi ji n my .. Madhu says..Biwi..! He says..he will take Madhu to his home.. their home..! RK picks Madhu up..! RK screams that Bittu is lying! Bittu says..swear on Radha..!

Radha comes with breakfast and signals Bittu to leave..! He leaves! Radha tells RK.. to take sandwich n coffee n then meds for headache.. to cure hangover! RK sits on the bed and removes Madhus dupatta from underneath him..! Radha offers sandwich..! She says that a mother wont want her son to return home drunk! Radha says.. drinks make people high but these drinks made him sensible..! RK says..he can take care of himself! Radha says.. he said the same last night. that he can care for himself n his wife.. n he does not need anyone! RK drinks coffee! Radha says..she knows..he can take care of himself n his wife..! But question is ..if he can accept that the thing he considers as pain in his heart is the love.. he has for Madhu.. to the extent of madness! RK stays quiet! Radha says..that she knew he wont be able to answer but his silence would give the answer .. n it did! Radha tells RK that.. next time round.. he will fear to get drunk as after getting high he reveals all his weakness which RK ..cant tolerate! Radha leaves and RK fumes..!

On the set.. an extra collides with RK n he watch out! RK recollects the previous night after seeing the bottle of drinks.. ! Bittu comes to RK and screams.. on assistants for not cleaning up the set.. n asks him to sit in the vanity! RK says..nothing like that..! Bittu says..he cant he was not there..! He says..he only saw Rishbala hugging..! Bittu says..that he is lucky that.. only he saw.. Rishbala.. if anyone else had did have spread like wildfire..after all ..its people..! Bittu says..he knows..that its not possible ..that RK-Madhu will get together.. even if all..others think its a drama. .that RK is trying to take revenge on Madhu..! Bittu asks RK to go to his vanity! RK quietly leaves..! Bittu compliments.. the assistants for not cleaning up the the memories of previous night would have gotten cleaned up!

Paddo asks Madhu to get up.. as its 12pm ..! Paddo asks Madhu if she should make tea! Madhu recollects getting up in RKs bedroom with him! Paddo asks Madhu about her shoot! Madhu says..some little work is pending for which she wont be needed! AD calls up Madhu n tells her that they have to go outdoor! He says..Bittu told him that Madhu wont come..but they need her..! Paddo says.. outdoor? Madhu tries to explain n Paddo says..better go.. no point in me arguing..! Bittu informs Radha that its 4 days outdoor! Radha is happy! Bittu says..RKs work will starts after a day n Madhu will be coming too! Radha says..good that they will be together for 3 days..! Radha asks Bittu to take care of Madhu! Bittu assures!

On the set.. Madhu arrives with her luggage..! AD expresses relief! The AD says..wait.. a while.. bus coming! Madhu many actors.. ? Madhu is told.. 2 heroines n 1 villain! An extra on the set.. eyes Madhu badly..! Dips is on her way out..! RK asks.. if Dips is going for outdoor? Bittu says..yes.. n tells RK that if he wants he can go! RK warns Bittu that if he talks crap next time. .he will put a bomb in his mouth n Bittu will have to wait for it to explode! RK shooes Bittu away!

Madhu is getting on the bus when that extra collides with Madhu n says sorry! Madhu says..its ok..! In the bus too the extra keeps eyeing Madhu dirtily!

Part 2

The crew reaches the outdoor location! AD informs all that they are to stay in tents..! AD tells Prachi (another AD) that.. they need hair n all ready by 3am.. ! All go to get fresh n eat! Madhu is in the line..! The sleazy extra eyes Madhu . .n says..looks gorgeous..! His friend reminds Madhu is RKs wife! The guy says..ex-wife.. n as such RK is not here! The guy follows Madhu around and deliberately .. grabs her hand. .n says. sorry as she is about to serve rice to herself! The sleazy guy says.. that Madhu seems to like dal-chawal.. and if she adds achar.. it will be tasty..! The guy also says..that he does not like paneer.. like her! Madhu looks at laddos ..!

Part 3

Madhu is taking water when the guy comes near n says..she din take sweets? Ofcourse.. not..since someone sweet like her doesnt need sweets! Madhu says..shut up n leave! The guy.. says..his good fortune she spoke! Madhu turns to leave .. n the guy pulls her by her arm n says..what HOTNESS …lets sit under a tree shade n eat! Madhu throws water on his face n says.. hope his hotness is cooled off now!

Precap — As Madhu is walking away …the sleazy guy says.. she is USE & THROW.. disposable woman..! Madhu walks quietly..! She is standing near a rock when someone comes n puts his hand on Madhus shoulder n she turns to look..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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