Dil Dosti Dance 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 4th March 2013 Written Update

Vicky says that 15-20 is not a big amount.Swayam stops them and says one minute let us make that let everyone be comfortable while paying seeing the weaklings.The gang asks sorry and Rey suggests that he will play.Sharon says being the manager she has the first chance to pay..Barath comes forward and says about weakling and dazzling.They were weaklings cause of financial issues and the other team was dazzlers.And this will again lead to it and hence money will be shared..Taani says that she will also contribute but the rest team stops saying she is just helping as a friend and she need not pay.The team now discuss on who will go to VP sir and speak to him.Sharon says when a rich person enters a market the salesperson sells it at double price and so someone who is a bit less financially must go.All face towards Barath.Barath says that he is not so poor.Next day Neha and Barath are at the VP cabin asking him for rehearsal hall.The gang had kept a mobile near the window and connected it to cable to here and see the whole conversation at the VP’s cabin.

Barath struggles saying Rehearsal hall and finally tells it out they will get the rehearsal hall for rent.VP thinks for sometime and agrees with 15000.Barath gives his hand asking “Rishta PAKKA’The VP is confused.Neha clarifies saying he means the relationship between the owner and a tenant.Barath and Neha says thank you and comes out.The gang forms a group hug and move to canteen.Swayam comes back to take his phone where the phone drops and creates a sound.VP moves near the window and sees Swayam standing there.He wishes him and then runs from there. Sharon says that they must market themselves to gain more opportunities and hence decide on various things.Since the whole amount is Rs 15000 each has to put up 1400 for rehearsal hall.Excluding this they also need funds for promoting and advertising themselves.Rey says none will overburden themselves with this and each will contribute how much one can afford.Swayam says that OTT need not be done.Aashi asks what is OTT to which he replies saying over the top and asks her what did she think as types right.Rey asks Sharon whom will she appoint for website.She instantly replies Swayam.The whole gang is stunned.Swayam asks seriously to her.She says ,she feels he is good for marketing and rest stuff too.
They plan to start and Swayam takes photographs of the team with gang and solo.Sharon too takes few pictures of them.Swayam asks even manager must have solo pic.All agree to this and he takes solo pics of Sharon.He comes and moves her hair to a side and takes pictures.

The gang is at the canteen making pamphlets and other stuff are being designed.Swayam is having his tea when Sharon stares and he asks her what and continues drinking.Rey and Taani are at fire exit speaking when Rey receives a call that has their logo finally designed and Rey shows it to Taani and continues taking on phone.
The team is at rehearsal hall talking snaps singing songs and having a wonderful time around.Swayam is taking snaps of Aashi when he asks Sharon to move a bit and Sharon feels upset.

It night and Swayam is at the rehearsal hall seeing the pictures that have been taken earlier the day.Sharon is at the entrance of the hall when he was admiring her picture.

Rey is at the entrance of the college dictating dance moves through his phone to the team.Taani is waiting for him.She gets upset .

Precap: Team getting their first offer.Rey and Taani misunderstanding in Rehearsal hall..

Update Credit to: asmaju

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