The Buddy Project 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 4th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 4th March 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with JJ entering Banga’s office and handing him the letter from the trustees about the Viva supervisor
JJ then goes into flashback where he is in the trustees office and apologizes them about his reaction last time, he realized Viva is actually a good strategy, but he says he’s a bit worried about Banga sir as he is very emotional when it comes to the students
The trustee says it can be as he has been in royal for such a long time, JJ agrees and says he himself was Banga’s student and he was a very mischievious one but Banga was always kind to him, but he is worried because of Banga’s soft heartedness he might let go off the students in the Viva easily(damn i love JJ’s way of handling Banga and his troubles)
He then suggests that to have a fair examination they should have an external supervisor, the trustees agree with him
Back from flashback, Banga is talking to the trustee who informs him that JJ thinks highly of him, Banga eyes JJ, trustee tells Banga the supervisor will help him take the viva, Banga tries to say something against it but trustee tells him to go ahead with the viva and wishes him all the best
JJ asks the supervisor if they want to continue, the supervisor tells Banga to lets begin, JJ leaves office winking at KD, Banga gives him deadly looks and sits with the supervisor with his text book ‘Sarkar and Sarkar’ to ask questions
The supervisor sees the book in his hands and says to Banga that he hopes Banga isn’t using this book for Viva as it is quite out-dated and out of the syllabus, Banga quickly makes an excuse saying he just kept it for reference and keeps the book aside
KD tells Banga that its okay and he can ask whatever question he wants to, he gives Banga the answer to his first question, Banga is shocked with his answer, the supervisor is impressed with KD’s answer and says ‘brilliant’, KD thanks him and asks Banga for the next question who is tongue-tied
Back in the classroom, everyone is on revising mission, Banga asks KD more questions and he gives them the answer confidently, the supervisor says well done to KD and even Banga says the same, KD thanks them
Banga goes to KD to shake his hand and tells him he is proud of him, he tells him slowly he has escaped but the rest of his buddies wont escape so easily, especially Piddi, Banga clutches KD’s hand hardly, KD asks him if he can have his hand back, Banga leaves it, KD gives him a disgusted look and leaves
Next enters Samar, Banga asks him his first question and sits back happily thinking he wont be able to answer as Samar is in deep thoughts, he murmurs in his thoughts and Banga asks him what is he murmuring, Samar tells him he is trying to remember the answer and then gives the correct answer
Next Banga asks RV a question, he thinks for a while and then blurts out the answer, he asks if he is right, Banga dazed by his answer says correct(hahaha i luv the way RV went on high-speed mode answering the question)
Banga attacks all the buddies with his questions who confidently give him their answer, all buddies except Piddi, Piddi on the other hand tells Samar he is deliberately called at the end, Samar consoles him, KD tells him not to take tension as he prepared everything nicely so he shouldn’t worry
Vats calls out Piddi’s name, he becomes more tensed, Vats tells him to come fast, JJ comes there and asks Piddi he is nervous, he tells him not to worry as they say question like a student but answer like a principal, he wishes him all the best and tells him to be confident
All the girls come to him and wish him all the ebst and tells him not to be nervous, he thanks them and KD pushes him forward to go
Piddi opens the door slowly and peeks in, Banga is elated seeing Piddi, and welcomes him saying his ‘favorite student’, he drags Piddi to the seat and asks him if he is ready
Banga goes close to Piddi and says he hopes that Piddi will stand up to his hopes and he knows very well what Banga is hoping from him, Piddi scared, whines and says yes
All the buddies head to Banga’s office window, Banga begins with his first question, Banga makes him panic asking him to answer quick, Piddi nervous, replies he doesn’t know
Banga plays his act and says to Supervisor he doesn’t understand how Piddi will manage to pass the boards, Banga then moves to Piddi and tells him he has to answer no matter what as his career is in danger now, he tells him not to be nervous but instead scares him more
Banga asks him second question, Piddi is confused, he looks towards the supervisor, he then tells Banga he thinks that this might not be part of the syllabus, Banga fires at him to shut up and says this is a 12th standard question and be it there in the syllabus or not, as a royal student he should know it
Piddi thinks how can he answer and says pass to Banga, Banga looks at the supervisor who tells him the question is not part of the syllabus, Banga says but it’s a simple question and there is no big deal about it, but supervisor doesn’t agree with him and tells him he cannot ask questions out of the syllabus
Banga says ok and asks next question, Piddi becomes nervous and says he doesn’t know, all the buddies become worried, the supervisor looks at Piddi, Banga says he is so ill-prepared
He then asks next question about what are the elements in group 2 of periodic table, Piddi replies those which are not there in group 1
Banga laughs and says yes and asks for the names of the elements, Piddi thinks about the names, Banga tells the supervisor that this question was not out of syllabus and he can tell them about the names of the elements, Piddi hesitantly says yes and thinks about the answer
Outside RV says what kind of a question is this, there are so many elements in a grp how can one answer it, its like asking a person about the no of people who died in world war with their names and address
Samar says they have to do something as Piddi is too nervous, Panchi says he has already passed 3 questions out of 10, KD calls Bobby and asks her to come with him
They go to locker room where Bobby takes out the punched ball and a paper form her locker and hands it to KD
Piddi thinks about the answer, Banga tells him not to be nervous and tells him to take his own time
KD comes to the buddies and says they have to catch Piddi’s attention towards the window and they move towards the window when JJ notices them and calls them out
He asks them what is happening, KD tells him that they are helping Piddi, he tells him they aren’t cheating but Banga has made Piddi so nervous he cannot answer anything, and to get him back to his normal state of mind they are helping him
JJ gives them a thumbs up, JJ goes to Banga’s office and calls out the supervisor to the door, Banga curious about what JJ has to say tells Piddi not to say a word and goes behind the door to eavesdrop on JJ and the supervisor
At the window KD RV and Samar tries to grab Piddi’s attention but in vain, KD throws a srumpled paper at him, he looks at them, KD shows him the deflated football with Banga’s face on it, Samar applies black paint on it, Piddi comes back to his energetic form and jumps on his seat laughing(OMG Piddi’s acting is damn hilarious today)
Banga looks towards him and Piddi stops laughing, JJ tells the supervisor to carry on with the viva and he will see them later and leaves, KD RV and Samar also leave
Piddi asks Banga to repeat the question, Banga does so, Piddi goes into flashback thinking about KD putting up a huge board of the periodic table and telling him he can memorize it everytime he passes by it
Piddi asks how will he memorize it, Samar shows him a way to memorize(Waaah Nawab what a way of learning the elements of periodic table)
Piddi finally answers Banga saying ‘Beta Mange Car Scooter Baap Raazi’, Banga laughs out saying he is gone mad, Piddi laughs with him too while the supervisor is confused, Piddi then tells the supervisor sorry and says he will explain and gives the correct names of the grp 2 elements
Banga looks aghast at him and moves closer to Piddi’s face to observe him, the supervisor gets impressed with the way Piddi learned the names
Banga screams out at Piddi saying what kind of way is this to memorize, the supervisor tells Banga that his students are very smart, Piddi is relieved
Next question Banga asks him what is ‘Nitrate’, Piddi gives triple look to Banga and says slowly what is he asking ina viva question that too in front of the supervisor about ‘nite-rate'(OMG Piddi ka double meaning dimaag full on and that too in the Viva, wow Banga ka black face ka kamaal)
The supervisor asks Piddi what answer did he give to the question, Piddi then answers the correct answer
Banga is dazed with his answer, Supervisor says correct answer, Banga laughs in madness and says brilliant and asks him more questions to which he answers correctly, Banga goes mad with his correct answers
The buddies outside cheer for Piddi, Piddi comes running out on to the ground, he hugs everyone happily saying he passed
JJ watches them jumping happily
JJ to the camera: nothing is sweeter in this world then success that too hard-earned success
Piddi goes to JJ and thanks him for helping him to pass, JJ tells him if he wouldn’t have helped himself he would have failed
JJ tells them that life out of the classroom teaches them a lesson which they all have earned today, which he was trying to teach them from so long, he failed but life succeeded
Piddi tells him he can never fail, KD says he is their hero, Samar says he gave an aim in their life he is their real hero, they all pick JJ on their arms and cheer on
Banga watches them angrily, KD notices
Banga goes to them and shouts out to stop the non-sense, everyone is shocked

Precap: Banga screams out at JJ that from past few years he ruined his life and since the time he came back to Royal becoming a teacher he has just made his(Banga’s) life a hell along with his students, he points at the buddies and says they idiolise him as a legend, but now he will remove JJ from every past present and future of Royal and calls him Junglee, all the buddies are shell-shocked

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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