THE PERFECT ONE FOR ME (SWASAN) – Prologue – By Anjali

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The priest said “Please bring the bride downstairs.”
Sanskaar sighed. This was it. His life was about to be different forever. He looked at his siblings –All six of them and wished that his life was different. He wished that he could do what he wanted and not what was necessary.
However, The point was moot now. It was no use discussing something that can never happen anyways. He sat in the mandap waiting for his bride to come.
Sanskaar looked at the pandit and frowned. Wasn’t it getting late? Where was she? His brother-in-law Sahil had gone upstairs to bring her but why wasn’t he back yet? He looked at Sahil’s other sister who was talking to his sister Uttara. Those two seemed worried too.
Sanskaar stood up and the chanting paused. He walked upstairs to the room and found Sahil holding a rope made out of clothes.
Sahil said, ” Sanskaar! I can explain. I mean… ”
But Sanskaar stopped him from answering. He understood what had happened. His bride had run away from the wedding.
Sorry for the short prologue
Will upload chapter 1 within the next few days. Then you’ll understand more!!
Also.. This is not going to be pure romance blah blah.. It has action and is going to be quite unlike my other stories.. Hope you like it!!
Since there are going to be quite a few characters.. Let me give you a family tree :
Ram Maheshwari : Father
Sujata Maheshwari : Mother
Their children
Ved Maheshwari
Sanskaar Maheshwari
Laksh Maheshwari
Priya Maheshwari
Uttara Maheshwari
Naksh Maheshwari
Nisha Maheshwari
Misha Maheshwari
Vikram Bose : Father
Janki Gadodia-Bose : Mother
His children
Sahil Bose
Swara Bose
Sana Bose
Some of them are dead. Will tell you more as the story goes forward.

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