Udaan 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Anjor questions Raghav

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Udaan 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli coming home. She hugs Chakor and thanks her for convincing Raghav to accept her love. Tejaswini hears them. Imli calls Chakor more loving than their mum. Chakor goes to her room and cries. Tejaswini comes to her and calls her decision wrong. She says you have acted great and gave Raghav’s love to Imli, but Imli will realize this soon that he doesn’t love her, he regards you Lord for him, your decision will ruin four lives, you didn’t think for Anjor, Anjor will suffer seeing Raghav and Imli together, you didn’t realize that this decision will ruin your and Anjor’s lives. She goes. Chakor cries. She hears Raghav calling out Imli. she goes to see. Imli hugs Raghav and says I love you a lot, I was scared that you won’t agree to my proposal, thanks for agreeing to Chakor. He says the world is scared of you, how did you get scared. He sees Chakor there. He says I don’t want to fall in love, your relation with me is sweet and true.

He says I don’t want any complication in our lives. Imli asks him to be happy and make her smile too. She says I want old Raghav back, I m yours by my mind and soul, do you love me too. Raghav hugs her. Chakor looks on. He says now just you will be living with me. He sees Chakor. Anjor sees them and shouts daddy…. They get shocked. Anjor runs downstairs to them and asks Raghav why is he hugging Imli like this. Chakor and everyone look on. Chakor asks what are you saying. Anjor says I have seen daddy hugging you, you have said that husband and wife hugs in such a way, but Imli isn’t his wife. Imli hugs Anjor and says I m feeling unwell, so I hugged your daddy, he had helped me a lot in jail, I had to thank him, he is my friend, I have to thank your mum too. She hugs Chakor. Imli asks Chakor not to worry, she will manage everything.

A minister comes to Aazaadgunj. Broker shows the land and says you have make a factory here and make illegal things, I will arrange everything for you, just get friendly with Suraj Rajvanshi, if you control him, think the entire village is in your control, Suraj is the owner of Aazaadgunj. The man reads a joke and laughs. The broker doesn’t laugh and says I didn’t understand the joke. The man says I hate fools and pushes the broken down the cliff. He asks where is Lallan. Lallan arrives and asks where is that agent. The man says I have thrown him down and killed him. Lallan gets shocked. The man says I don’t have any son, so I regard you mine, shall I find any other heir for me. Lallan apologizes. The man says invite Suraj and his family for dinner, I want to meet him, we have to control Suraj to open a factory. Anjor makes plans to go out with Raghav. Chakor asks her to complete her homework. Anjor says I have finished everything, we will go for a movie. Lallan comes there with lots of gifts. Chakor gets shocked seeing him.

Chakor asks Lallan to leave. Raghav accepts the invite. Chakor says everyone will know that you are not Suraj. He says she will know it when I marry Imli, you are forcing me to love Imli, I don’t love her, I love you and Anjor. Imli hears this and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like the old bad guy more than Lallan. The old man seems to be of low origins, he says bey. Lallan looks more like a lazy spoilt kid than an evil man.
    It’s good that Anjor is disturbing Chakor’s plans about Imli and Raghav.
    I don’t think Imli overheard them.

  2. Someone in IF mentioned that the old man is Raghav long lost dad and that’s why they talk like each other and that they’re recreating KN-Suraj. I agree.
    I don’t understand what’s the need for the love triangle, Chakor could’ve still been struggling with her feelings and the track would’ve worked. There was no need for Teju suggesting message or Raghav confession so early.

  3. I hope makers don’t forget Raghav Anjor bond, I wanted to see their talk after they go inside.
    I hope they keep Teju this way, this fits with her original character before KN took her back.
    I feel sad now that there is almost no hope that Raghav is Suraj, I know I always suspected he wasn’t but reality hurts. Suraj didn’t deserve to die, didn’t deserve to be wiped out of the lives of his loved ones, didn’t deserve to have his daughter call someone else daddy.

    1. Safiya Hosein

      I agree. Exactly, all that mattered to Suraj was family! Truly unfair though! Still don’t understand why it was necessary to just kill off Suraj. I will miss hearing him say, ‘ Suraj Rajvanshi hai hum’ ?
      His character had seen the most development and growth than any other.
      Udaan started with the childhood of Chakor, Suraj, Vivaan, Chagaan, Imli, Ragini and Aditya. I always thought when they portrayed them as adults, they would have shown how all of their growth and development and how they impacted each other lives. But instead, we are left with just Chakor continuously having her happiness being short lived and well unfortunately criminal Imli.
      I still want Raghav to be Suraj, it’s not too late.
      I am sorry, but it’s hard seeing Chakor with someone other than him, especially when they shared so much history.

  4. Omg, Imli is so immature and selfish… She thinks about her feelings only… She doesn’t care about little Anjor, let alone Raghav… What kind of threat is that – I don’t want to be bad but if Raghav doesn’t accept my love than I will turn evil! Crazy girl!

  5. I too feel the same imli is not heard their conversation and if that old man is raghav s father means the show will lead a major dhamaka . I sure he will definitely hate chakor if she not said ok to his business yes she is jagatmata chakor the saviour soo we are going to see a new udaan and plse neglect that imli

    And one more thing if they show the old man as raghav s father then they have to show his mother .

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