Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update Lovely detests Nimrat.

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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lovely asks what’s going in here, and says Sikander I’m asking you, why aren’t you answering, Amyra says I know and walks in with nimrats sack and empties it and says look she is crazy about dad, dads jacket T-shirt, scrapbook,Amyra asks Nimrat why does she have her fathers photos, Nimrat says you all are taking it wrong, Lovely says yes explain, you say I love you in front of me hug him, nimrat says I respect you, please don’t take it wrong, Lovely says all this nonsense is respect, nimrat says I’m fond of music and all this is since my childhood,I’m just a fan, please trust me,Gunjan walks to Nimrat and hugs her and says enough, she is fan and even we have done such crazy fan things.

Sikander stops Amyra from arguing and says princess you know right I have lot of fans,nimrat says I’m just a fan please trust me,amyra sees tattoo on her hand and asks what is this,SSG means Sikander Singh Gill, why do you have my fathers initials tattooed, do fans do such things, sikander asks Nimrat what is this, nimrat says look I’m your fan but these aren’t your initials but satguru saath Gana, my devotion to singing, Amyra says mom she is lying, she isn’t able to face us so she is 100% lying, Kulfi remembers Nimrat beginning her song saying satguru sath gana, and says she isn’t I heard her say that,Gunjan says now can you trust my sister, poor girl made her cry,amyra says but, Sikander says enough you believe Kulfi right, give up on this anger, amyra leaves, Kulfi follows.

Lovely says enough this girl won’t stay here,she has to leave, Sikander says lovely, lovely says I have no time for explanation she has to leave. Kulfi tries to convince Amyra, Amyra says you have to be on my side but you took her side, Kulfi says but she said truth, amyra says you like her because her name is nimrat and she reminds her of your name. Gunjan says where will my sister go,Nimrat says please I respect you a lot, I will leave,it’s wrong staying here, gunjan says where will you go,nimrat says I will manage I will shift to a lodge, Sikander says not required.

Kulfi says yes she reminds me of my mother but,amyra says I noticed it but get up, you aren’t my friend you cheated on me,and leaves. Sikander says I will manage for your stay in a good hotel till you find a PG,gunjan says good so will I now, Mohendar says where too, gunjan says I will be there for my sister, if my family finds I couldn’t be there for my sister they won’t like it, and tell me would you behave same with minti,Mohendar says calm down gunjan, gunjan says no one supported me ever, you always are partial towards Lovely,she left you alone but I was always there, but still you choose her,Sikander says enough bhabhi it’s your house, she will stay here.

Sikander says lovely I’m sorry but we can’t treat bhabhi this way, she is feeling so bad,Nimrat says lovely I know you aren’t ally but I will shift asap and promise I won’t create any problems promise, Lovely leaves.

Sikander and kulfi in balcony lying down, Sikander says Lovely is very angry, Kulfi says even Amyra, Sikander says this mother daughter are so alike and very stubborn,Kulfi says so true, but me and amyra are small we patch up quickly, but what about you and lovely. Nimrat tells gunjan that tattoo means Sikander.kulfi says lovely was already angry now it’s become too much, Sikander says you feel bad, Kulfi says yes, sikander says you trust me,Kulfi says you are my hero and I trust you never forget that, Sikander says promise, and now I have an idea.

Sikander thinks Lovely has given me 30 days span to choose but if this idea works she will see Kulfi through my eyes and I will never have to choose between you two.

Nimrat says my friends where making tattoos and so I did this and I never knew this would creat this big problem and I don’t know why I lied, I should go confess they will forgive me,gunjan says shut up and stay here, no need keep quite and forget everything happened.

Lovely gets scared seeing Sikander in room, and asks how did you manage to come here, sikander says for past an hour I’m trying to get in,are you still angry, Lovely says really, sikander look only you matter, sikander says I know you are thinking I again choose someone else, Lovely says enough no more explanation just prove why, sikander says sit for a minute, listen she is unknown for me but you are mine, don’t bother yourself for others and tomorrow I’m cooking for you, sikander thinks tomorrow you will know why Kulfi isn’t a threat.

Pre cap : Kulfi Sikander Amyra lovely travelling together, their car breaks down on railways track, amyra lovely escape but get stuck on tracks,Kulfi stuck in cram Sikander has to choose.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Pls what is all this about..smh

  2. sikander is sick.how can he even think of romancing lovely even after knowing all her lies,killed nimrat and spoiled tevar’s life and career.More than lovely sikander is pathetic senseless and spineless man

  3. It’s really sick to watch Sikander lovely romance. Are the stupid writers going to kill kulfi again in train accident? Stop the nonsense and maybe pairing Sikander with new Nimrat might save the show. Otherwise better stop the show or else take leap.

  4. Ohh noo.. they will kill Sikander. Just read it on another channel. It’s really sad.

  5. The thing is not about Loveleen but its about Amayra! I mean she is a kid. I know what Loveleen did is not forgiveable and it will be difficult for Kulfi to understand that if she finds out about Nimrat’s death. But what about Amayra? What is her fault? The total situation is so complicated but i hate the fact that Gunjan teamed up with Tony. And i feel like something is fishy about the new Nimrat. I also believe that Kulfi has the right to tell Sikendar that she is his daughter and everyone is using her innocence. And the precap is so complicated and is a really difficult situation. I hope there is a way that he woukdn’t disappoint anyone. But there is also a chance that Kulfi might get hurt critically like really really bad that Amayra might reveal the truth about Kulfi. My poor sweet Kulfi! I wish she gets the best. Anyways lets see what will happen.

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