The Mysterious Forest and the Revengeful Ghost (Episode 11)

The next episode update of my fanfiction, The Mysterious Forest and the Revengeful Ghost is here. The episode starts with,

Manyata’s house.

Manyata is crying in the house. The Inspector consoles them

Inspector: Please, don’t worry mam. We’ll find the girls.
Manyata:(crying) I saw how you bring them till now. The time is night and this is untime for girls to go out. But still my girls haven’t returned. What about their safety. But you don’t even have any idea of their locality.

Inspector’s phone rings.
Inspector: Yes, sir. (His senior gives instructions regarding the case). Mam, Sir has given additional cops for finding the girls. Please don’t worry.
Manyata: Please find my grand-daughters.

The girls saw the police van outside. Shreya: Girls, its untime now. Its not good to enter. Otherwise, right from grandma to Inspector, all will know what have we done.
Bela: Yeah, what shall we do now Shrey?
Brinda: We should not caught to police.
Shivanya: Girls, let us run first. Cover your faces.

There is a small space behind a tree to hide. The girls hide in the space. The police van left from Manyata’s house.

Bela: Shivanya, Shall we take our cycles?
Shreya: We don’t have any place for hide. Where should we hide our cycles?
Brinda: First, get out of this space. Its dizzy and full of lizards. Its horrible.

The girls came out of tree. The girls take their cycles in a very silent way from car shed. The ride the cycle. Bela sit behind Shreya’s cycle as it has backseat.

Bela: Do anyone know why are we here?
Brinda: Don’t know, Bela. But I’m really enjoying. None of the elders are keeping eye on us. We are living independently.
Shivanya: Yes, Brinda. Its lovely to ride. Afterall we have done a progressive thing.
Shreya: Do anyone have the idea of going home? I don’t.

The girls laugh. Bela asks Shreya to stop the cycle.

Bela: Shreya, its the way to Will’s office.
Shivanya: OMG. We have forgetten everything in our happiness.
Bela: Hey, there is old house. Shall we stay there?
Shreya: Ok, It seems no one visit there.

The girls enter the house. The cleaned the house and they sat. Bela and Shreya lit a two candles for light.

Brinda: I am hungry, guys.
Shreya: Me too. Hifi Brinda.
Shivanya: Wait guys, I have packed some snacks in my bag.
Bela: I got some mangoes in my bag.
Shreya: Is it a bag or something else?
Brinda giggles.

Shivanya keeps some snacks infront of them. Bela keeps some mangoes. Brinda keep juice on her part. Shreya keeps some chocolate on her part. The girls had a light but a fruitful dinner.

The next day,
The girls wake up.
Bela: OMG. The time is 2PM. Girls, wake up. Its 2PM….
Shreya: Don’t shout Bela. Shut up and sleep
Bela: Dear Shreya, its afternoon.
Shreya blinks and wake up.
Shreya: OMG.
Shreya and Bela tortures Shivanya and Brinda and wake them up.
Shreya: I don’t have any idea of taking bath. Do anyone?
Brinda: There is no dress for us to change. Silly girls.

Shivanya came out of the house and she is shocked. She saw 20-30 are doing labour jobs on William’s office. Shivanya called the rest three. They too are shocked.

Bela: We already rescued everyone right. Who are these guys?
Brinda: We haven’t visited the second room, right. Maybe they are prisoned at that room.

The walk near the office and hide behind a tree and hear the conversation between William and Ravi.

William: Thank god. Those girls didn’t rescue these slaves. We lost 20 slaves because of your carelessness. You idiot.
Ravi: Sorry sir. They have created fire and deviated us.
William: Shut up. Useless fellow. Ok, we can leave these 25 slaves at Gahara forest. Thete is no change in my words.

Bela: Shivanya, this foolish landlord is trying to kill these innocent guys.

Shivanya: We should save them. Totally, 20 people are working here. Rest of the 5 may be inside. Bela and myself can deviate the goons. Shreya and Brinda you can send those people to Rithik’s place.

Shivanya and Bela throw mangoes on the goons. The goons ran behind them. As the goons were less, it is easy for Shivanya and Bela to tackle them. They both make the goons unconscious for three hours. Shreya and Brinda send the people successfully. The girls enter inside. The girls somehow managed to save the rest of the five and send them to a safety place. William saw their tactics.

William: Girls, you have rescued the slaves. But who will rescue you from my clutches?
Bela: You, nonsense. Its not a big deal to escape from you. As grandpa, as grandson.
William: Shut up. (Shouts)

He fires his gun.
Brinda throws a stone at his gun and Shreya catches his gun. The girls get inside. They reach the stairs.

Shreya: This gun doesn’t have any bullet. So, we have to take something to blackmail him and also to save ourselves.
Brinda: That idiot is not coming. I think we can get something at second room.

They reached the second room’s door. There is a readymade numberlock system is there to make the door open. Bela takes a magnifying glass from her bag. She keeps the glass on number plate. Only on four numberplates, fingerprints are imprinted. 4,7,9,1

The girls tried with different numbers to unlock the door.

Shreya: 1479 (doesn’t open)
Shivanya: 9741 (doesn’t open)
Bela: 4197 (doesn’t open)
Brinda: 1947 (door opens)

Bela hugs Brinda. Shreya and Shivanya smiles.

The girls get inside.

Shivanya: I don’t think William will come here. Shall we escape from here? Its unwanted to steal his things

None heed to her warnings.

Shreya: Guys, its the map Nayantara mentioned. Here is his grandpa’s diary. Here is the rest of his important things. If we destroy this, he won’t even try to grab the lands.

Bela: You’re right, Shreya.

William enters the room.
William: Oh, girls. You have found the code to enter the room. You have found everything. Now, you won’t get out of here.

Brinda: Hey useless coward. You are a thief. Its not really a big deal to tackle you. You’re nothing if you don’t have goons.

Shreya throws a stone on his hand and the girls ran from there. William’s map, diary and other important things are in Shreya’s bag.

The girls took their cycle and fastly rides the cycle. William along with his goons follows them in a jeep. The speed of the jeep increases, so Bela showers needle on the road and their tyre hets punctured. The girls are going towards Gahara Vann. They literally entered the vann. The sun sets. The time is 6.45PM.

William: She will finish the girls. I’ll get my things near their dead bodies tomorrow. This is the last day of those girls lives.

(He Laughs horrible)

To be continued…

  1. Jasminerahul

    poor manyata is upset that her grand daughters are missing.the girls shouldn’t give their dadi more tension.omg they are in william’s house.shocked to see more slaves.the girls defeating the goons n finding out all the important things was they threw needles which ruined William’s tyre puncture was cool.hope he fails

    1. Shesha485

      Thanks a lot. Stay tuned for the next episode

  2. Asya

    Hey Shesha,

    To be honest, I don’t read your FF but surprised to see you using Shivanya instead of SHIVANGI.

    May I ask why as I prefer the character Shivanya over Shivangi.

    1. Shesha485

      I actually wanted a soft character for my ff. Shivanya is loving, caring and not so revengeful. But Shivangi is intelligent and revengeful. As Shivanya’s characterstic trait is relevant with that sister character, I prefer Shivanya.

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