Rajveer: We have to make it fast. He is sinking…
Mauli gets worried seeing kunal.
Rajveer: Mauli, You are the only one who can complete this surgery successfully.
Mauli: I don’t think I can.
Rajveer: Mauli hurry up we don’t have time.. He is sinking.
Those words hit Mauli
Mauli : I will do it. Give me scalpel
Mauli takes the surgery tool but her hand shivers.
She thinks about the promise done to kunal about not letting him happen anything. she thinks I will have to fulfil my promise.

Mauli leads and completes the surgery successfully.
Mauli thanks god for making everything fine.
Mauli: He is fine.
Rajveer: The surgery is successful ,without you it would have been impossible.Congrats… He is recovering.
Mauli nods.
Mauli thinks I just want to see you all good. Just be that old kunal.

Rajveer: You take some rest. Stop worrying .He is out of danger and it will take time for him to be conscious and we are going to shift him
Mauli:I will stay with Kunal.
Rajveer: Just listen to me. Go , take some rest.
Mauli: But…
Rajveer: Go now.
Mauli nods and looks at kunal.
Mauli thinks I hope there would be no side effects of surgery.

Mauli comes out of the operation theatre.
She sees Radhika coming .
Radhika: Mauli, How is kunal? He is fine right? Can I see him?
Mauli hugs mamma.
Mauli: He is fine Mamma. He will be conscious within few hours …
Radhika: Thank god but why are you crying ?
Mauli: After the surgery , people can have lot of side effects..
Radhika: Nothing like that would happen Mauli.. Pray to god. Everything will be back to normal soon.
Mauli nods. She cries hugging mamma.
Radhika: Don’t lose out Mauli. Be strong , just like how you were.
Mauli: I will just come now. I need to go to the temple.
Radhika: I will join you.
Mauli: No mamma , you be here. I will be back soon.
Radhika nods.

Mauli leaves to the temple.
In temple,
Mauli prays .
Mauli: God, please bring return me that old kunal….
Mauli does some offerings and leaves.

In the hospital,
kunal is shifted to room.
Radhika prays .
Mauli returns.
Mauli comes near Radhika.
Mauli : Mamma.
Radhika: He is very lucky to have you Mauli. After, Nandini left him , he was all alone. He was so devastated that he closed himself in the room for days. He even tried to kill himself. But time heals everything … then you came into his life. He loves you very much . Never leave him alone ever.
Mauli nods
Mauli: Mamma I have never ask Kunal about Nandini’s death . How did she die?
Radhika: Nandini… They loved each other so much. One day, They fought for something silly and Kunal left home angrily. Nandini was upset. So, She followed kunal in her car. She was met with an accident and Kunal believed that he was the reason for Nandini’s death.
Mauli: Kunal would have gone through a lot.
Radhika hugs her.
Radhika: Now you are here to love him..
Mauli nods

Mauli: I will just meet the doctor and come back.
Mauli turns to go but stops as she feels like her head is spinning.
Radhika: What happened Mauli?
Mauli: My head is spinning Mamma.
Radhika: you haven’t had food properly . Sit here.
Radhika makes Mauli sit.
She gives her water and Mauli drinks.
Radhika: How are you feeling now?
Mauli: Better.
Radhika: You have to take care of you too Mauli and not just kunal.
Come with me , I will get you something to eat.
Mauli: After some time, When kunal gets conscious he would need to see us. We will have after sometime.
Radhika: Then sit here, Don’t go anywhere.
Mauli nods.

After some time,
Rajveer comes towards Mauli.
Rajveer : Mauli , kunal will be conscious soon. You can go and see him if you want.
Mauli runs to kunal and is followed by Radhika.

Mauli gets in kunal’s room,
Mauli walks towards him ….
Radhika: Kunal..
Tears flows from Mauli’s eyes.
Radhika goes near kunal and hold his hand.
Mauli thinks I hope he becomes conscious soon.
Just then Mauli falls unconscious…
Radhika: Mauli…
She calls the nurse.

Mauli is being checked by the doctor.
Radhika is standing worried.
Doctor: Dont worry mam, She is 8 weeks pregnant.
Radhika gets happy.
Radhika thanks god.
Mauli wakes up.
Mauli: Mamma, Kunal..
Radhika: He is fine and he will be so happy hearing about you.
Mauli: What are you saying?
Radhika hugs mauli
Radhika: You are pregnant Mauli.
Mauli is surprised. She smiles.
Mauli: Kunal will be really happy to know this Mamma.
Mamma nods.
Mauli: I need to see kunal right now.
Mauli gets up and goes towards kunal.
Radhika goes with her.
Mauli sits near kunal
Mauli: Wake up fast, you have some happy news waiting for you.
Mauli and Radhika smiles.
Just then kunal opens his eyes slowly.
Mauli: Kunal..
Mauli calls the nurse.
Kunal opens his eyes completely.
Kunal: Nandini…
Mauli is shocked .


Note:-This is a finite series and I am planning to end it soon due to some reasons. Hope you guys are enjoying it. Dont forget to like and comment

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