Pyaar ka Afsana ~~ Qubool Hai ( Episode 2)

Hey guys, this episode is little big since I had to include scenes to show characters thinking.Hope you enjoy.

Episode 2:-

Introduction – Aahil and Rehaan

Night, Dilshad’s house, Punjab.

A lady comes in . Lady – “ Dilshad behen, is our dress ready?” Dilshad – “ Yes, I will bring it. Please have a seat “. Dilshad goes in and takes out some dress. She signs Haya to come with a pink dupatta on the table.They come and gives it to the lady. Lady smiles. Lady – “ It is really good . This dupatta’s work is so perfect. Haya , It is very good “. They smile. The lady gives money. Dilshad – “ But this is less than what it cost ..” Lady – “ Dilshad behen, I just given this to you to help you. So you should also give me some discount. If I would have given this to Abdulla bhaijaan, he would have charged lower than this”. Seher comes there. Seher- “ Really? Then why don’t you give to Abdulla Bhaijaan ? It’s because you know that he charge more and your tactics won’t work there.Our Badi Ammi is innocent that doesn’t mean you will take advantage of it. Atleast not when Seher Asad Ahmed Khan is there. So better pay complete amount”. Lady – “ Dilshad behen, Seher has become so judgemental. Sanam is very well mannered but Seher . If she was in her position..” Seher – “ She speak less and her action speak more. She wouldn’t have given this much time”. Lady pays the money.

Dilshad goes in to keep the money in cupboard . Dilshad comes back. Dilshad – “ Did Sanam called you? Her phone is switched off “.  Seher – “ Don’t worry, maybe her phone is dead. She will come “.  Sanam comes . Dilshad – “ Sanam, why did you switched off your phone?” Sanam – “ Badi Ammi, I forgot charge it . I was little busy today “. Sanam goes to room to freshen up. Dilshad signs Haya not to get worried.

Sanam comes to have dinner with Dilshad,Haya,Seher. They have dinner. Sanam sees Seher creating mess on dining table . Sanam gets irritated. Sanam – “ Seher, What is this mess? Even children won’t be so clumsy. Please try to maintain some table manners ”. Seher looks Sanam . Seher- “ While having food ,  one should avoid talking. Says Science “.  Sanam gives a stern look. Seher smiles and carry on having food. Dilshad – “ Sanam ! Seher!  Why you both behave like children? You are grown up”. Haya smiles . Seher – “ Haya, you are having fun. Sanam see her “. Sanam looks Haya . Haya signs smiles. They have food. Seher – “ Sanam, tomorrow we are going for shopping right?” Sanam – “ You al want that right ? Then what? I will go to Dhabba by afternoon from there ”. Seher – “ Ok, fine “. Dilshad and Haya smiles.

Morning, Market.

Dilshad , Haya, Seher and Sanam is standing near a shop. Seher is showing some dress to Dilshad and Sanam. A man intentionally hits Haya by his shoulder and tries to be close to her. Haya tries to move away. Sanam see this. He comes near to her. Sanam gets in between. Sanam – “ How dare you ? You want to be close with girls right ? Come close to me , if dare to do so “. Man gets tensed. Dilshad – “ Sanam!” . Haya also get worried. Sanam looks back to them and turn to him. The man takes a step back. Sanam takes a step towards him. Dilshad gets worried and Seher looks on. Dilshad – “ Seher , please stop her “. Seher nods. Seher goes to Sanam. Sanam is about to hit him. Seher holds her hand and make it down. Sanam looks at her angrily. Seher takes out her phone and hold it towards them. Seher – “ How can you start the film without camera? Now go on”. Sanam catches his collar. Sanam – “ Say Sorry!” Man – “ What did I do ? “ Sanam  – “ Will you apologize or I need to make you apologize?” Seher – “ Do as per her say, she told you twice . She won’t talk next time. So better apologize “. Man – “ What will she do ?” He tries to get out her hold. Sanam slaps him hardly. Seher – “ I warned you . Now will you apologize or would like to get more that to on live on internet “. Sanam clench her fist to punch him. He goes to towards Haya and apologize to her. Haya looks on. Sanam – “ If I see you again like this , you will not be able to escape “. Seher also gives him punch from behind. Seher – “ This one is remembering booster”. The Man leaves. Dilshad – “ Sanam ! I am telling you that your anger is too much. And you Seher, instead of stopping her you were encouraging her”. Seher – “ Badi Ammi , When Sanam is right , do think I will stop her”. Dilshad – “ In our home , there is only ladies . What if anyone try to harm us because of such fights ?”. Sanam – “ So tell me, what should I have done? Haya was troubled by him… “.  Seher – “ If she left him simply he will do it again”. Dilshad finds it right. Seher – “ So I have a shayari “. Sanam looks at Seher. But smiles. Seher gets happy . Seher – “ Bas ladki hain samjh ke humse panga lene aya ek besharam aadmi, Bas ladki hain samjh ke humse panga lene aya ek besharam aadmi. Lekin Girl power dekha toh aise bhaaga Jaise superfast Bus ki tarah”. ( A shameless man came to mess with us thinking that it’s just a girl , A shameless man came to mess with us thinking that it’s just a girl . But once he saw the girl power he ran away like superfast bus). Seher looks on . Dilshad and Sanam ( with less sound) – “ Aadhab , Aadhab”. Seher gets happy hearing from Sanam and hugs her. Haya holds Dilshad on her shoulder and smiles. Sanam smiles lightly.

Road side, Punjab.

A man is shown to be shown washing his face by pouring a bottle of water on his face . He gets a towel and wipes his face . He wears his sunglasses and watch . He takes out his phone. He is Aahil Raza Ibrahim , he is wearing a tshirt and hoody coat and jeans. He dials a number . Aahil (on phone) – “ Hey, Rihaan. Where are you ? “. Rihaan is shown . He is wearing a formal dress. Rihaan – “ Aahil Bhai, Iam in the market near to our resort”. Aahil – “ What are you doing there? “ Rihaan – “ I just came to visit it . Where are you ? Do you need anything from me?” Aahil- “ Yeah ,that pendrive “. Rihaan – “ Yeah, it’s with me. What next ?” Aahil –  “ Why don’t come to the place where I am right now “. Rihaan – “ I don’t know places here , my net is not working”. Aahil – “ Oho , Rihaan ! Ok fine , you wait there . I will come there”. Rehaan – “ Ok, Aahil Bhai”. Aahil- “ Ok”.

Dilshad, Haya, Sanam and Seher continues their shopping. They checks dress. Seher takes a dress and keep it on Sanam to check . Sanam – “ I don’t want anything, I have enough “. Seher keeps hand on her mouth . Seher – “ Please, Iam taking one for you too. That’s fixed “. Sanam nods as she understood that she can’t convince her.

Aahil reach the market and looks for Rihaan. He tries to call him but his phone gets hanged. He goes inside searching for him. He tries to switch off the phone .

Sanam goes to next store near them. She is some small shawls. She checks it . She tries it .

Aahil is looking for Rehaan and reaches near Sanam.

She then use to cover her face and head by just revealing her eyes. She see herself on mirror. She has used kajal to line her eyes fully.

Aahil turns and see her mirror reflection . He looks on . She is adjust the shawl thus she doesn’t see him.

He is seeing her eyes and smiles. Sanam is about to remove it.

Rihaan see Aahil. Rihaan calls out – “ Bhai, Iam here”. Aahil looks towards Rihaan . Sanam removes the shawl and buys it . She leaves.

Rehaan comes to him. Aahil turns to see her. But doesn’t see her. Rehaan- “ I was calling you, why didn’t pick my call?” Aahil – “ Ac..tually , my phone got hanged”. Rehaan gives pendrive to Aahil. Aahil – “ Thank you”. Aahil looks around. Rehaan – “ Whom you are looking for? “. Aahil- “No one”.  Aahil ( in mind ) – “ Who is she?”

Sanam , Seher , Dilshad and Haya goes after shopping.

Precap  :- Aahil and Sanam fighting on road. People gathers. Both of them are angry at eachother.


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    zeher sanam lecturing each other was funny.zeher sanam handling the man who disturbed haya was cool.aahil impressed seeing sanam’s eyes was sweet.but after this aahil will fight with sanam. sad.

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    Thank you so much for your comments @ Aathira Suresh and Jasminerahul. Yes , there will be fight between Sanam and Aahil.

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