The incomplete swasan saga Chapter 20

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After few days swara getting back to normal like before. Sanskar started to stay in the house as he can take care of swara. It was evening. Everyone left to some puja was there in their relative house so they left leaving swasan in home.

@Swasan room.

Swara was sleeping while sanskar was speaking with someone outside the room. Swara got and found he wasn’t there.

SWA: Sanskar

He called out for him and he immediately peeped his head inside the room.

SAN: I’m here only. (In phone) I’ll call you back later.

He disconnected the call and came inside and sat beside her.

SAN: Swara u go fresh up and come I’m going to take u to a place.

SWA: Where?

SAN: Suspense, now go get ready.

SWA: k.

She went inside the washroom and after freshing up and he made her sit and started driving. It has been 15 minutes he was driving and here swara started getting bored.

SWA: Sanskar

SAN: Hmm?

SWA: it’s boring sanskar. U r not telling were we r going also and it’s been 15 minutes.

She was complaining like a kid complaining to her mother.

SAN: just 5 more minutes swara I’m sure u’ll not be bored after that.

SWA: k but only 5 more minutes

SAN: k Done.

After 5 minutes they reached a house which was having big garage. He made her get down and took her in.

SWA: Where r we going?

SAN: Just a few seconds Shona u will get to know.

He took her inside the garage. Swara’s eyes widened seeing the scene while sanskar smirked.

Sahil was tied up in the pillar. He was in sub consious.

SWA: Sanskar!!!!!

SAN: He tortured u so much swara, he should get to know what will happen when he mess up with maheshwari’s.

Sanskar signed at 2 mans and in no seconds

‘SPLASH’ the water was poured on sahil. Slowly slowly he started getting consious and he saw swara standing there.

SWA: I already warned u. When he finds it was u then u will face the hell didn’t I?

SAN: Com’mon swara he wants to feel how can I show him hell in earth so may I ?

SWA: Sure.

Sanskar gave her a wip.

SWA: Take out all ur fears, tell whatever you want to. It’s ur right to punish him first.

She stood forward in front of him.

SWA: This is for killing ragini’s baby(hits him with the wip) this for trying to kill my baby(hits him) this is for kidnapping me(hits him).

Like this she was hitting him hard while he was wincing badly as his mouth was tied with a cloth. Seeing swara getting strained he stopped her.

SAN: Swara u stop. Don’t stress and now let me show him who I am.

SWA: k.

She said as she a little tired too.

SAN: So, Mr.Sahil sengupta inspite of coming out from jail u didn’t even change and u messed with us so much. Let’s start the punishment.

He hitted him with a wip.

SAN: This is for making my laksh cry, this is for kidnapping my life, this is for making my wife cry, this is for giving her pain, this is for all the nightmares she faced because of u, this is for making her get scared even for a little thing.

He was hitting him more hardly showing all his anger on him. Sahil has now become black and blue of their beats. Blood started oozing out from his body. Sahil became hell tired due to pain and his strength was all over.

SAN: Enough for today.

He left the wip down.

He took swara’s hands and entangled with his. They came home and went to their room.

Swara hugged him.

SWA: Thank you.

SAN: He deserves a punishment Shona. Anyways come sit.

He handled her a glass of water and made her sleep.

After few days, everything was back as normal. All were pampering swara who is now in 9th month.


Swara got up and started waking up sanskar.

SWA: Sanskar.

SAN: Hmmm

SWA: Get up.

SAN: Swara (he looks the wall clock) it’s 2:00 what do u want?

SWA: I’m not feeling sleepy and I feel like eating something.

Sanskar got up and rubbed his eyes.

SAN: Eat? What do you want?

SWA: Anything.

SAN: k wait I’ll bring something.

SWA: No no I’ll also come.

SAN: Fine.

He lifted her up in his arms and started walking towards the kitchen and made her sit in the slab.

SAN: Nothing is there ah!

He closed the fridge.

He started searching something and that is when he found a bowl of rasgula.

SAN: There u go, rasgula is k!

She nodded like a kid.

He started feeding her rasgulas and she was also eating enjoying it. After eating sanskar again took her in his arms while before going to room itself she slept. She smiled and kissed her forehead and slept.

Next day:

It was noon, sanskar was searching for his file and he started looking up for it. He was opening every file as he forgot what colour it was. He opened a file and his eyes widened reading the file, his eyes turned glassy showing pain and hurt. Swara who was with sujata came to their room her smile faded seeing sanskar and the file in his hand made her shocked.


PRECAP: Swasan’s argument and the whole family getting to know about swara having brain tumor.

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