Spoilers 16th October 2018 Revised

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara is upset with Kabeer. She faints in Shariah board. Kabeer gets her home and takes care of her. When Zara gets fine, she tries to keep herself engaged. Zara cooks food and goes lost thinking about Kabeer. Her dupatta catches fire. Kabeer reaches there and finds the fire. He rushes to save Zara from danger. Kabeer couldn’t give divorce to Ruksar or Zara. His wives have no reason for divorce. He worries for Zara and asks her if her hand is burnt. Kabeer and his mum ensure Zara’s well-being. Kabeer and Zara have an emotional moment. Kabeer dreams of reconciling with Zara.

Papa By Chance:

There is a new entry of Ms. Chandni Chowk. Yuvaan loses the Dangal. Amrit does aid to his wounds with love. Jinny invites Yuvaan on stage. She tells him that she was the judge of the Dangal. Yuvaan pays respect to wrestler. Jinny falls in love with Yuvaan. She tries to befriend Yuvaan. She tells him that she didn’t see such a wrestling match till now. She congratulates him and hands over the runner up prize to him. Yuvaan also compliments Jinny. She finds him very boring. She throws attitude at him. Yuvaan finds her classy. There will be a love triangle between Amrit, Yuvaan and Jinny.

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Ishq SubhanAllah

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