The incomplete swasan saga Chapter 18

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AP saw sanskar who was standing lifelessly in the stairs.

AP: Sanskar.

Swara wiped her tears little and broke the hug. She looked at sanskar with her tears filled eyes.

Swara wiped her tears and broke the hug. She looked at sanskar with her tears filled eyes. Sanskar was shocked, worried, happy and all types of mixed emotions were running in his mind. He stepped down the stairs while swara too took few steps ahead. He quickly took bigger steps and took her in his embrace. He hugged her tightly and was telling himself that swara and his baby is fine. He closed his eyes tightly while swara broke down in his arms all crying silently. He didn’t stop her crying today as she has to cry to make her heart clear. Slowly slowly all the little energy of hers faded and she fainted in his arms knowing that she will be safe. Sanskar who felt her whole weight, guessed that she fainted and he was right. He took her in his arms and drove off to the hospital quickly.


Even though he had relief that swara now with him, he was tensed about her health and baby. Doctor came out after checking swara.

Doc: Nothing to worry Mr. Maheshwari she has been exhausted and highly stressed that’s y she fainted but make sure she’s out of stress and u can meet her now.

SAN: Thank you.

The doctor smiled and left while sanskar went in. He sat beside her and saw her keenly. She had a small bandage in her left forehead and a cotton bandage in her right hand. Even though his heart was bleeding seeing her hurt, he had some relief that at least she is with him now. When he found swara was not there he felt like his whole world coming down in front of him. He searched and searched beyond limits to find her.

He took her hand and kissed it. Swara’s eyes started scrolling here and there. She opened her eyes and found everything blur. She blinked several times to make her vision clear and the first person she saw was her sanskar. He made her sit while she hugged him once again. He cupped her face.

SAN: R u alright?

Swara just nodded her head by then shomi and shekhar came and hugged swara. After sometime they left. By then it was night. Sanskar informed everyone at home that swara is fine and they will be back home tomorrow. He made her eat and he too ate a little and slept fast asleep in the couch as he didn’t have proper sleep in this past 2 days.


Swara got up from her place seeing sahil coming inside the room. He came near her and caressed her check. She turned her face feeling disgusting in his touch.

Sah: Till when u will do this swara? I want u, I want to feel u and tell u how much I love u. I can do anything for you.

SWA: Do whatever you want but u will not get me and my sanskar will kill u if he gets to know what you are doing.

Her voice was filled with confidence.

Hearing this sahil pulled her and locked her in the wall with rage. He took a knife and looked at swara.

Sah: Don’t make me do this swara. I can even kill the baby to make u mine.

Swara was horrified by his words.

Sahil was about to stab her while swara shouted.

SWA: Please please leave me please.

He stopped.

Sah: Fine then I’ll give a day time. Tommorow this baby will be aborted.

He said and left.


All of a sudden swara was clutching the bedsheet and tears flowing from her eyes. She was whispering please leave me. Hearing her sounds sanskar woke up and saw swara was shivering badly. He went her her

SAN: Swara.

She was shivering whispering the same. Sanskar shook her yet there was no response. He didn’t know what to do.

SAN: Swara I’m here open your eyes.

In one sec swara opened her eyes forcely getting up from the bed. Her whole body was shivering. Sanskar cupped her face.

SAN: I’m here swara.

Swara immediately hugged him and cried badly. Soon she fainted and he called the doctor. Doctor checked her and told that she had been stressed so much and asked her to take care of her.

He went inside to see his swara face all pale. He sat near her and took her hand in his. His eyes turned glassy remembering how she was few minutes ago.

SAN: I will never leave you for doing this to my swara, sahil.

His eyes was blood shot red indicating his anger.

SWA: Sanskar.

He immediately caressed her hairs.

SAN: Swara I’m here.

SWA: Don’t leave me.

SAN: I won’t.

With that she again went into her deep sleep.


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