ArDeep Horror Ff Atheet Ka Bhoot Returns (10~Chocolatey Night)

Flashback Continues:

The nights after that night were spent thinking about each other when after some nights, they finally decided to meet up again. Virat had already come outside her house and Tara was coming down to cycle to his house from the window. As usual her hand slipped and he caught her in his arms. She smiled seeing him and he smiled back. “Dard e Dil, dard e jigar, Dil mein jagaya aapne, pehle to hum shayar thay aashiq banaya aapne,” he sung in a romantic tone and kept her down. “Wah mera baby to bada romantic hogaya hai.”

“That’s because you’re with me,” he said and they sat on the bike and she hugged him from behind and leaned her head on his back. He smiled and rode off. Her hands that were around his stomach reached a little upwards and she kept her hand on his heart. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Just feeling your heart, it beats so fast when with me, even mine beats this much fast,” she said and lowered her hand. “Your heart too feels the same as mine,” he said and they smiled as she held him more tight and close.

When they reached his house, they got down the bike and they started to go inside, their hands brushed against each other and she entwined her hand with his hand blushingly. He looked at their hands and then at her. He smiled seeing her blush and pulled her close by the same hand which was entwined with her, they stopped and she clashed in his rock hard chest. Their eyes met and he smiled at her, she smiled and looked down blushing to the darkest shade of red. He entwined his other hand as well with hers and put their entwined hands behind his back and her hands were now wrapped around him.

“Naughty boy,” she said and blushed as he drew his face closer to her, she turned her face. “Dil to kar raha hai ke tumhe abhi ke abhi kha jaun,” he whispered sending shivers down her spine and kissed her temple with his breathes fanning her skin. He nuzzled in her neck not caring that anyone could see them. “Don’t you think we should go inside? Anyone can see us, then these neighbors will talk rubbish about you, and if I hear it, I will kill them.”

Tara said intensely and he left her hands but didn’t remove them from his back and cupped her face. “I don’t think we should let this world come between us,” he said. “This world is so cruel, if I announce publicly that I m born insane, then I don’t know how many will gossip about me,” she said. “Aray kon si dunia? Agar humaray beech koi bhi aya, makhi, parinda, jugnu, space, tumhare ye baal, ya hawa ya insaan, ya machhar, hum usko mil kar nasht kar dengay,” he said with a killer look in his eyes making her laugh.

“Kiun? Ab to main ziada pagal dikh raha hounga na? If you are insane I should also be insane, equality should be there always,” he said and she punched his stomach lightly. She fisted his jacket and he wrapped his arm around her waist. Once they were inside, he closed the door and now they couldn’t wait anymore, her hands reached towards him and encircled her arms around his neck and he too wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, they tilted their faces to opposite directions and looked at each other intensely. They pecked each other and parted away maintaining a small distance between them.

They had a cute eyelock. She distracted him by her eyes and reached her hands for the leather jacket he wore and slowly slid it down and he too reached for her biker jacket and he too slid it down and both their jackets fell on the floor making a slight sound and they chuckled. He grabbed a fistful of her hair slowly and carefully and she too fisted his hair and their lips met sharing a passionate kiss, he chewed her lips and she too did the same feeling tickles in her stomach.

Her other hand traced on his bicep and he held that hand and twisted it behind her back pulling her more close and he walked forward and she moved backward during the kiss and walking like this, he pinned her to the wall and they broke the kiss, she panted leaning her head to the wall, he took advantage of this and dropped a wet kiss on her neck and after that they both get into a passionate embrace. He nuzzled in her neck holding her tightly and she felt very comfortable in his embrace. They smiled.

“You won’t leave me, will you?” he asked getting emotional. “No Virat, I love you, the one who loves you truly never goes leaving you, remember that not even death can separate us,” she said and he held her more tightly. “If you go while we both are alive, then I will kidnap and you keep you in a cage, I will lock it and throw away the key, and if we separate by death and if I am dead, I will scare you becoming a ghost,” he said and she chuckled. “I won’t ever leave your thoughts, and if I die before you, I will possess you.”

He laughed and they broke the embrace and he wrapped his arm around her waist and she held his bicep and they went upstairs to his room and sat on the bed. “Oh Tara I forgot, wait,” he said and went from the room downstairs and came back within sometime and threw the thing to her which he brought for her and she caught it. She smiled. “My favorite chocolate, thank you Virat,” she said and tore open the wrapper eating like a child. He came and sat beside her watching her.

“Tara,” he said. “Hmm?” she asked. “Will you give me a bite?” he asked. “No,” she said shaking her head. He tried to take it but she pulled her hand away. “Why aren’t you giving?” he asked frowning at her. “Because it’s mine,” she said and laughed. “Tara Yar please,” he said pulling her hand but she shook her head laughingly and he turned her face away from her. She thought of a mischief and moved the chocolate in front of her mouth but he pushed her hand away. She again did so but he again pushed away her hand.

“Fine,” she said and continued to eat. “I will eat this all by myself.” He turned to her and she again forwarded the chocolate to him and this time he ate it. “Bas haan only one bite, rest is mine,” she said not really meaning it. “Cheater,” he said and again tried taking it but she stood up and started running away and went to balcony and he came there as well and trapped her between him and the railing and ate a big bite from her chocolate. “Haww,” she said and took a much more bigger bite than him.

They stared at each other but then started laughing. “I wanted to ask something,” he asked. “What? Say na? Want more bites?” she asked mischievously. “Yes but not of chocolate,” he said and stood beside her. “I want love bites.” Tara got confused. “Means?” she asked taking a bite of chocolate. “I want a tandoori night with you” he whispered huskily. “Tandoori night? Means a delicious dinner?” she asked and he shook his head laughingly. “I want to have it with you,” he said huskily. She blushed as she understood. “Hmm ok, but first enjoy this chocolatey night with me,” she said and they laughed having the chocolate together.

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