The incomplete swasan saga Chapter 17

Swara was standing but someone closed her mouth from behind. Her eyes widened. She tried to look behind as well as to get out of the grip but the one who was holding her’s grip was stronger. The unknown used a handkerchief which had tranquilizer in it which made her faint but she saw the face and was shocked.

SWA: Sahil

with this mere whisper she fainted. Sahil took her with him.

Sanskar came down

SAN: Swara

He called but he didn’t find her.

SAN: Where did she go?

He immediately went to the garden to to see whether she’s dere but no she wasn’t. Fear engulfed him. He immediately went inside the house and started shouting.

SAN: Swara

Hearing his shouts all came to the hall.

AP: Sanskar beta y r u shouting?

Suj: Swara is fine na?

Sanskar nodded negatively.

SAN: I went to take the car keys and she was out but she’s not there now.

Lak: Maybe she’s in the garden.

SAN: No lucky she’s not there too.

His voice showed how much he was tensed.

Laksh kept his hand on his shoulder in assurance but this didn’t work on him. Sanskar came out where swara was standing.

SAN: Where did she go?

He looked down to see someone’s bracelet. He took it and saw. To his much much shock it was sahil’s.

SAN: Sahil.

Hearing this all got shocked. Sanskar’s heart started to beat fastly than ever before. All started searching for swara.


After 5 hours swara woke up.

SWA: Ah…..

She winced in pain holding her head as she felt a mild headache. She slowly opened her eyes and scanned everything around her, it looked like some old factory with a small room which is in now.

SWA: Where am I?

She thought while the flashes of how sahil kidnapped her came in front of her eyes. Her eyes turned glassy yet she wiped her tears and looked around to see if there is anyone.

SWA: No one is here. I have to escape from her somehow.

He slowly got up from the couch and started searching the way out from the factory. She walked fast as much as she can but got struck when she felt a hard grip on her wrist.

Her eyes widened.

Voice: Oh com’mon swara u can’t ran away from me that easily.

Hearing the voice she felt her breath getting faster in fear, she slowly turned her head while it was sahil who had a iron rod and in no seconds he hitted her in her front head making her unconscious again while blood started flowing from her forehead.


He was searching for her in all the ways he could but there was no clue except he knew who was the kidnapper. He felt guilty for leaving his wife alone, fear was there. He doesn’t know what will sahil do to swara. He can’t even think a life without her. His was just searching for her madly.


It has been 3 days since she has been kidnapped. It’s afternoon now. She was just lost in thoughts of her sanskar and sahil’s torture (will reveal later) she was waiting to excape from his cluche. As she acted like sleeping sahil left the door open and left. Swara got up and peeped out to see whether he was there. To her good luck he wasn’t. She immediately ran to the doorway which she found a day before and came out of the factory. She started running as much as she can. After few crossing few streets she was connected to main road. She saw a cab and stopped it.

SWA: Bhaiya please help me I want to go to my house please.

She said folding her hands with tears in her eyes. Seeing her condition the boy asked her to sit. Swara thanked him wholeheartedly.

Boy: Have some water dear.

He passed the bottle and she drank the water at once.

After few minutes of driving.

Boy: Let’s go to the hospital first and then to ur house.

He said with concern as there were bangle cuts in her hands, her dried blood in her forehead.

SWA: No Bhaiya please I want to go to my family, no where else.

The boy understood her situation and agreed.

SWA: Bhaiya where r we now?

She asked as she has never seen this place before.

Boy: We r in outskirts of Kolkata. Where is ur house dear.

SWA: In Kolkata, Maheshwari mansion.

Boy: U r swara na?

SWA: hmmm

Boy: Don’t worry we’ll reach yr house in 2 hours.

Swara closed her eyes while tears started flowing. After 2 long hours she reached her mansion.

Swara came inside the house and saw AP coming from the kitchen.


AP looked up and saw swara her eyes turned glassy seeing her condition.

AP: Swara

Swara immediately ran even without caring about her baby inside her and hugged AP and started crying badly. Even though AP was convincing swara wasn’t not convinced. She was crying her heart out. Sujata came out and saw swara and caressed her hairs. Swara was still crying.

AP saw sanskar who was standing lifelessly in the stairs.

AP: Sanskar.

Swara wiped her tears little and broke the hug. She looked at sanskar with her tears filled eyes.


PRECAP: Swasan’s meet, swara getting nightmare in hospital.

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