Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karthik and gang blame Naina for the new rule of no romance in college imposed on them.Samir reminds them of the challenge and tells them to stick posters with I’m Sorry Naina written on it as Principal gave permission for dandiya.Sunaina says that he’s a fool to celebrate his victory even before winning the challenge.Karthik says that Samir and gang cant win the challenge until they get approval for Dandiya dance with boys and girls together,if they do so they’ll write I’m sorry Naina posters.Samir agrees to arrange Dandiya dance as they said.

While Samir’s gang is in mood off because of the separate dance celebration for girls and boys,Samir assures them that they’ll have Dandiya celebrations together and also Karthik’s gang will stick

I’m sorry Naina posters in the college.Naina comes and says that they should forget about the challenge and enjoy the separate dandiya dances as said by Prinicipal.Samir tries to convince her but she doesnt listen and leaves with the girls to Red rose.

MunDit tell Samir to convince Naina but Samir says that once she’s determined no one can convince her otherwise.They wish Samir thinking about his pityful life after marrying this bossy Naina.

Male VO says…We have different set of friends in every stage of life like nursery friends,innocent school friends,fun loving college friends etc but he never had friends in the initial stages of his life but when MunDit became his friends their friendship made him experience the joy of all these stages in one go.If he thinks about it now he feels that he didnt have any friends before because these two items will enter into his life and are going to stay in his life forever.

Samir asks MunDit to think about some plan to convince Principal.

Mamiji prays Ganeshji with her special Bombay milk wishing for Devang’s kids.Poonam tells her that Devang is taking her to movie again.Mamiji feeds laddoo to Poonam but she throws up after eating.Mamiji is happy as Ganeshji has fulfilled her wish as soon as she fed his prasad to Poonam.

Karthik and Priyank are decorating dandiyas…Karthik scolds Priyank for going to movie with Mithali without doing the work of clicking SamAina’s pics.Priyank apologizes and says that he’ll do it today.Just then SamAina and Mundit come there.The guys wonder why the girls arent there.Naina tells them that the practice for guys and girls is separate and they should practice there with rest of the guys.Pandit says that Dandiya is one such celebration in Gujarat where the guys can dance around and flirt with girls.Samir winks to Naina and says that its one such opportunity to wink at girls and fall for them.SamAina look at each other and smile.Naina while leaving tells them to call her if they need anything.MunDit says they need girls to dance with.

Samir tells Naina that he wants to talk to her.He goes close to her and says that he wants to keep looking at her.Naina says a list of things she needs to do.Samir assures her that he’ll be with her and help her with all her duties and arrangements.Mein teri mohabbat mein paagal hojaunga…tujhe kaisa lagta haiplays in BG as SamAina keep looking at each other.Karthik and Priyank notice their closeness and get ready to click their pics.Samir asks Naina to come to music room with him as he wants to give her something.She agrees and they leave one after another.Karthik,Priyank follow them.

MunDit and other guys practice…Female VO says…Only 90’s generation got the chance to dance for Jhankar beats.Present generation may not be knowing about Jhankar beats.Just like how they use bits of disco beats,ramp,hip hop etc in present day songs they used to use jhankar beats in 90’s songs which used to be a craze in those days.

Naina searches for Samir in music room.Samir closes the door.Naina says that there isnt anyone there.Samir says thats why he called her there.He goes close to her while Naina starts telling him about the duty Principal gave to her not to let any romance happen in the college.Samir tells her to stop thinking about others and asks her if she ever thought about him and his feelings.Naina aplogizes to him and asks for her gift.Samir presents her a chain with S and N letter pendant.

Agarwal elders at home…Chachaji asks Arjun about his first day at work.Tauji gives a lecture to Arjun when he says he didnt like the work and was bored.Arjun says that he didnt have anything to do at work.Taiji taunts him to go and sit leisurely at work and get paid instead of doing the same at house.Tauji tells him that if he does his work properly his job will become permanent and he’ll get good salary.Taiji taunts Arjun comparing him with his dad.Tauji-Taiji leave.

Chacha-Chachi tell Arjun lovingly to do his work properly.Arjun says that there’ll be no improvement in his career if he does this job.He wants to do something where he has to work less and can earn more.Chachaji tells him that there isnt any job where he can earn a lot without hardwork.Arjun remembers Shefali’s advertisement and tells Chachaji that there is such work.

Karthik,Priyank keep searching for SamAina

While Samir is about to make Naina wear the chain ,she says that there should be M instead of N as its meant for Swathi and Munna irking Samir.He says that its for him and Mitali.Naina says that he looks cute when he makes such puppy face.Samir asks if she liked the pendant.She says its lovely and prays that like the S and N letters in the pendant they too should be together forever.Samir assures her that they’ll be together and no one can separate them.He asks her if he can make her wear it.She agrees.Samir goes behind her,Naina takes her hair to front .Kuch din se mein khoyi khoyi rehti hoon plays in BG while Samir hooks the chain.SamAina move towards each other.

PRECAP: Samir says that he wants a kiss.Naina becomes shy as Samir holds her hand and about to kiss her

Update Credit to: Munni

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  1. Fan of YUDKBH

    What a cute episode

  2. Really fantastic episode..But I sometimes feel sameer showers more love on naina as compared to her..n I’m sure this hand kiss won’t happen

  3. Really a cute and romantic episode of Samaina, Lovely!!!!!!! excepting to witness today’s episode wat a magic……so cute…..

    and I feel that the entire episode will always ruins by this Agrarwal family, what is a problem with Arjun why he is not listening to Chachaji —- jealous about Shefali’s grow what he wants to prove……exact xerox of Rakesh.

    Karthik and gang — nowdays i really feel that they are a comedy gang…….seriously i feel laughing see them in the frame

  4. Yes Ishu I also think the kiss will not happen…Same as they ruined the mood with a back hug?..
    I think when Sameer will about to kiss,Kartik will manage to click their pic but will get distracted by Swati and not able to take picture… That’s my assumption…?
    And yes Devi I can’t understand Arjun’s Character…In past also he always chose to take an easy path without effort and hard work…His escapist personality is the gift from Rakesh only…He is also jealous of Shefali’s success…Only the new girl will change his personality hope so

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