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The Episode Starts As:

Ms. Diana: Hello Mr. RaiSinghania

(That is when Aryan enters And See them together) 

Vansh (looking Up) : Ms. Butcher.

Diana: I came here with my friends. And then saw you, So Approached you!!

Vansh: Oh, That’s it.

Diana: I Must Say India is A beautiful Country. Thanks to you, That because of your deal I am in India from London.

Vansh: It’s My pleasure.

That Is when Riddima Came back And Saw them Talking And Stood In side. 

Diana: What About Our Tomorrow’s Meeting? Will you finalize the deal tomorrow.

Vansh: Depends on Presentation.

Diana: Oh, By the way I saw you sitting with A girl here.

(Aryan Moves More Closer To Hear Out Conversation) 

Diana: You both look Fabulous Together. The way you were Staring At her, I also want a life partner like you #MadeForEachOther.

Vansh Smiles.

(The thing Aryan just Heard was: ‘Life Partner Like You, #MadeForEachOther.’ And Saw Vansh Smiling) 

Aryan: I guessed It Right.. They Are dating. I must escape before Anyone See me.

Diana: I must Leave Mr. Rai Singhania. My friends Are Waiting.

Vansh: See you Tomorrow.


Aryan(In his Room) : Bhai Says that He doesn’t Believe In Love And Now He is dating Ms. Butcher. I mean She is a foreign girl, How would Uma Chachi React When She will Come to know that Her daughter-In-Law is Not Indian. How will She Merge with Us? I mean She would Always Talk In English, How Dadi will Understand what Is she saying? Oh Now I get it that’s why Bhai Did meeting Again So that He could Meet Tomorrow Diana Again. I will help Bhai Out In this, I am going To Vansh Bhai’s Room to Take her photo, And I will show It to Family.Afterall, She is Bhai’s Girlfriend, Bhai would definitely have her Photo.

Saying This, He took up The Opportunity As Vansh Was Not In His Room. He bombarded In Vansh’s Room.

Aryan: Where He would Have hidden her photo? Maybe Under Pillow.

Suddenly, Someone Entered Room. Aryan Immediately Laid On Bed and Covered Himself With Blanket.

Uma: Vansh Beta, You Again Forgot Turning Off Lights.

She Switched Off Lights And went. Now,There was All Dark Inside.

Riddima Climbed Up Window And Entered Vansh’s Room.

Riddima: Vansh.

Aryan Who was Facing His Back Towards Window Was Shocked.

Riddima: It’s 12:00, All must have Slept.

Aryan Thought That It Is Diana.

Aryan(thinking) : What, Diana Come to Meet Bhai Every Night?

Riddima: You Slept? Seriously? You forgot What we have to Do.

Aryan (thinking) She Must be talking About Romancing. what the Heck? Why Do I feel this voice is familiar. Maybe, I am thinking Much.. It’s Of Diana Only. But Isn’t She Speaking English In Indian Tone,Bhai Must have Taught her.

Riddima: Wake Up, You Idiot.

She Moved Closer to Him and Touched Him.

Aryan quickly Ran Shouting: No…

Riddima: Oh god, Who Was It?My Foot!! Where Is Vansh? I came For him Here and He is Missing Only. Didn’t He know That We decided to Meet At 12:00 AM in his Room and implement Our plan And Talk to Aryan. He Stupid!! I am going Now!!

She Headed Towards Window, But Vansh Was Also Entering His Room through It As Main door Was Closed. They both Collided And Vansh fell Over Riddima On Floor. They Were Staring At Each Other And Engrossed In Each other’s eyes. Suddenly, They Realized And Quickly Got up!!

Vansh and Riddima (Unison) : Woh, Sorry!!

They both looked At Each Other and Laughed!!

Riddima: Who was Sleeping In Your Room?

Vansh: Was Someone There? No one Dares to Sleep in My Room.

Riddima: He Ran. I think It was Aryan, He was Shouting Over Top.

Vansh: Oh God, That Dumb. Didn’t you Revealed Anything to him?

Riddima: No.. I just Asked Thinking him to be you That Are you Awake.


Aryan Was Lying on Bed When Door Opened And Lights Were Switched On!!

Aryan looked Up

Aryan: You?

Vansh And Riddima Entered.

Riddima: We Wanted To Talk to you!!

Aryan: From Where You Entered Riddima?

Riddima: Of Course From Main door, Vansh Opened It for Me!!

Aryan(thinking) : So that Was Of course Diana Who Entered From Window As Riddima Came now from Main door Only.

Vansh: Let’s Sit and Talk.

Aryan: Seriously, At this Hour😑?

Riddima: Actually Tomorrow.. I mean Today Is A Busy day. So We were free Now Only And Moreover, There would Be no disturbances At this hour.

Riddima And Vansh told him Something.

Aryan(shocked) : Are you both Serious? I won’t Do it!!

Riddima: Do it, Please!!

Vansh: You will Know yourself.

Aryan: Isn’t It Risky To my Relationship?

Riddima: This Relationship Is A drama from Her Side. You Should do it if you want to know Whether Ragini Truly Loves you?

Aryan: Okk I will Message Her to Meet At Cafe Today, By the Way Bhai.. Have you Ever gone to That Cafe near Mall?

He Stared Towards Riddima

Vansh: No.. Never!!

Aryan (thinking) : Liar!!

Riddima: Bye, Good Night.

Vansh: It’s Morning There. It’s Already 12:45 AM..

Riddima Left From There.

PRECAP: Aryan Breaks Up with Ragini. Vansh Confronts Ishani About What She was Talking that Whom Riddima beated Up? 

Riddima: Tell me your Number, I will Search your phone by Calling on your Number.

Vansh: Oh No, Now She will Come to know That I am her Unknown Friend. 


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