Will We Unite? – (Part 4 ~ Welcome Home)

Dida opens the door and Prachi and Ranbir are about to go inside when Dida says, “wait, do not come inside yet.” Prachi and Ranbir look at each other confused but do as they were told and do not go inside. After a couple of minutes they see Pallavi come with things for ghar parvesh (no idea what is needed and what is not so yeah). Pallavi does ghar parvesh and tells them to come inside.

Prachi and Ranbir comes inside, Pallavi thinks, all we need to do is make Prachi feel welcome and treat her like our own daughter so that she doesn’t feel that we love her less then Ranbir, which is not true. Prachi and Ranbir both touch the feet of Dida, Vikram, Pallavi and Sarita ji and everyone of them give them their blessings. Abhi, Pragya, Riya and Shahana who were coming to visit Prachi see the ghar parvesh happen and smile.

“Pallavi A…” Prachi began to say but get interrupted by Pallavi, “don’t call me Aunty but mom or something else like that as I am now your mother-in-law.” Prachi says, “mom I need to ask Riya something important.” “Okay then go,” Pallavi says, smiling. Ranbir has a strong urge to follow Prachi and sees her earring on the floor and silently thanks his fate, he picks up Prachi’s earring and quickly follows her.


Prachi reaches Riya and Shahana and says, “Riya I need to talk you about something extremely important, so can you come with me.” Riya replies, “sure let’s go.” Riya and Prachi leave and Ranbir sees them leaving so, he follows them.

Prachi and Riya reach the terrace and Ranbir is about to go in and give Prachi her earring when he hears Prachi take deep breath and say, “Riya do you love Ranbir?” “No Di!” Riya replies truthfully, “why do you ask?” “No reason,” Prachi replies feeling relived for some reason. Before, Riya or Prachi could say anything else Ranbir comes in and says, “Prachi I found your earring on the floor.” Ranbir gives the earring to Prachi and Prachi says, worried that Ranbir heard the conversation, “when did you come here?” “A minute ago,” Ranbir says. “Did you hear anything?” Prachi says. Ranbir sensing Prachi’s worried says, raising an eyebrow “were you guys gossiping about me?” Prachi breathes a sigh of relief and before anyone else could say anything they hear a loud scream, possibly. They all hurry towards the sound of the scream.


Riya, Prachi and Ranbir reach the living room, from where the scream was coming from. “Shahana, what happened?” Prachi and Riya say at the same time, genuinely concerned. “I just got the best news ever!” Shahana exclaims. Prachi rolls her eyes and is about scold Shahana when a curious Riya asks, “what?” “Karan Luthra is coming to our collage tomorrow,” Shahana exclaims. “Really, Karan Luthra who was a super famous cricketer is coming to our collage tomorrow?!” Riya shouts, happily. “Yep and his son is super cute,” Shahana says. Aryan heard that and for some reason felt a surge of rage rise through him and he had no idea why he was feeling angry at Shahana for thinking that Karan Luthra’s son was cute.

Prachi, however had surprisingly remained quiet, lost in her own thoughts. Abhi asks, “Fuggie, isn’t Karan husband of Preeta,” “Yes,” reply both Shahana and Riya, while Pragya for some reason remains quiet. “Which means, that Prachi’s and Riya’s uncle is coming to your collage tomorrow,” Abhi says, shocking everyone but Prachi present there. “Prachi, you don’t seem surprised,” Abhi says. “She  wouldn’t be as she already knew that Karan is her uncle and I forbid her to tell anyone, ” says Pragya. “Why?” Shahana, Riya, Aryan, Ranbir and Abhi ask at the same time. “That is a reason that not even Prachi knows yet, ” replies Pragya. Abhi thinks to talk to Pragya about Preeta and Karan later in private and suggests, “well, today was quite eventful which is exactly the reason, why I think we should all go and sleep now after all tomorrow we will have to decide when we’re keeping Ranbir and Prachi’s reception.” Everyone agrees and the Kholi’s leave for their respective rooms, whereas, the Mehra’s leave for their rooms and Shahana and Sarita ji leave for the guest rooms.


Pranbir’s Room

Prachi thinks, should ask I Maa about Mausu ji or not? No, no I should just think about it later. Prachi takes a deep breath to relax and stop thinking about all the possible reasons why her mother would want her to keep it a secret that her Mausu ji is Karan Luthra and Maasi is Preeta Luthra. Ranbir thinks, Prachi will not be comfortable sleeping with me on the bed so, I guess I’ll just sleep on the couch and let her sleep on the bed.

“Prachi, I’ll sleep on the couch and you can sleep on the bed,” Ranbir says. “Are you okay Ranbir?” Prachi asks , instantly after Ranbir made his statement of sleeping on the couch. “Of course I’m okay, why?” Ranbir replies, confused. “Are you sure that you’re okay?” Prachi asks again, Ranbir nods and says, “why are you asking?”. “Well, because the Ranbir Kholi I know would never let anyone go on his bed and all of sudden your sleeping on the couch and telling me, of all people to sleep on your bed and I think there are only two explanations to that it’s either your not feeling well, or your not actually the Ranbir Kholi who, I know,” Prachi answers. “Well, your right you see, I would normally never let anyone come near my bed but then if I make you sleep on the couch then my parents and grandmother well scold me for making their Prachi sleep on the couch, ” Ranbir says, hoping that Prachi would believe his part lie and not get any clue of his true feelings for her, for then she would surely distance herself from him, even if he was now her husband. Prachi believes Ranbir and says, “okay, I’ll sleep on the bed to stop you from getting scolded.” Ranbir smiles and goes to the couch with a blanket while Prachi goes on the bed. Both of them are soon fast asleep.


Abhigya’s room 

Abhigya are laying on their bed. “Fuggie, I know you don’t want the kids to know why you didn’t tell them that Karan is Prachi’s uncle but you can at least tell me, you know you can tell me anything na,” Abhi says. “There’s someone, someone who wants to harm my family but not me, because they want revenge and that’s why I don’t want Preeta, Karan and their kids to get into any trouble, I would’ve told you to not reveal that Prachi is your daughter so that you and Riya remained out of danger but whoever this is knows that you are my husband,” Pragya says, with tears rolling down her cheeks. Abhi hugs Pragya and her rubs her back. Abhi thinks, who could possibly want revenge from Pragya, for I know that she hasn’t done anything to harm anyone, so who would want revenge from her. Abhi looks down Pragya, who was still in his arms and after a lot of sobbing and consoling has finally fallen asleep. Abhi smiles at Pragya and thinks to start looking for the person who wants revenge from Pragya first thing in the morning but for now thinks to sleep and he too drifts off into a peaceful sleep, like Pragya.


Riya’s Room

Riya is about to go and sleep when she hears a knock on the door and she goes to open it.

“Hi Buji,” Riya says happily. “Hello sweetheart, how are you?” Alia says, smiling. “I’m great Buji, in fact I’ve never been better,” Riya replies and hugs Alia, Alia too hugs Riya back. “Tell, me all about your day, I ant hear everything about it,” Alia says and thinks, Riya I will not let Pragya take control over this house, I just can’t believe that, that so-called Prachi is my niece and that you accepted the both of them so easily. “Well, nothing much happened, other than me finding out that Prachi is my sister and Prachi’s mom is my mother,” Riya says, gleefully. “What?! Why are so happy about this, don’t you hate Prachi?! And how could you forgive your mother after all she did with me?!” Alia shouts, angrily and pretending to be shocked. “Buji, I don’t hate Prachi and I know mom she’s not like you think she is, you must’ve had some misunderstanding, “Riya replies. Alia thinks, I need to plan my next move carefully otherwise Riya may start hating me instead of Pragya and says, “okay Riya, I’m sorry, you may be right, I must’ve misunderstood your mother, “Alia says, with a soft smile, acting to be sorry. “Buji, I’m feeling very tired can I sleep now?” Riya asks. “Of course sweetheart, I’ll come talk to you some time tomorrow, ” Alia replies and leaves.


Aryan’s Room

Aryan’s laying on his bed and thinks, why did I feel so angry when, Shahana thought that Karan Luthra’s son was cute? Why did I feel angry at Karan Luthra’s son when I don’t even know him? Sure, I was angry at Shahana as well, but I’m always angry at her or annoyed with her, but was this feeling of anger different? Maybe, I could ask someone, possibly Ranbir as he finds Prachi annoying, but then he loves Prachi as that’s what Abhi mamo and Vikram Uncle told us and I definitely don’t love Shahana or do I? Wait, what of course I don’t she is so irritating. You know what I just going to sleep and not think about Shahana anymore. Aryan closes his eyes and soon his fast asleep.


(1643 words)

Who could possibly be the person seeking revenge from Pragya???

Will Alia ever stop trying to separate her brother’s family???

Did  you like this part??? 

Until Next Time!

~Riya Sharma

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