The Buddy Project 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 9th August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 9th August 2013 Written Update

JJ inquires Pidd as to why was he in college at this late hour? Piddi makes up an excuse that he had to take a book from his locker. JJ doesn’t inquire much and Piddi is saved.

In hostel, KD is repeatedly disturbed while studying first by some guy wanting his help then by electricity. He gets frustrated and goes out. In the ground, some senior guys are dancing around a bonfire and one of them is spraying something in the fire, making the flames go higher. This results in a guy being caught on fire. KD rushes to save this guy. Other guys also come and the burnt guy is taken inside. KD gets in fight with those guys which Omi stops and reprimands the senior guys for disturbing the juniors by creating such dangerous ruckus. He tells them all to scoot and KD wonders how would

he study in such a disturbing environment.

Solution? All great scholars studied under lamp posts so why can’t he? KD sits down to study and he has just begun when those senior guys come to him.

Next day. The hostel is full of boys doing last minute study with all their might. Omi is impressed seeing all this but get worried with KD’s absence. He goes to college in search of him but he’s nowhere to be found. He goes to Piddi in the canteen who is busy chanting Hanuman Chalisa instead of studying which disturbs the other students. Omi stops a possible fight and asks Piddi about KD’s wheareabouts but Piddi doesn’t know. He says RV might know.

RV is in the library, consoling a stressed Ruku that she’d do great in exams. Omi and Piddi come there and inquire about KD but RV doesn’t know. Omi says KD got in a fight with some seniors last night, what if they harmed him in some way? RV gets worried. Kiya overhears all this and gets worried as well but just then the bell rings. Exam time. Omi tells them all to go sit in the exam, he’ll look for KD.

Omi goes to hostel and asks those seniors about KD? The guy gets scared and says they don’t know. They just went to him last night but it was only to apologize for their mistake. After that they haven’t seen. Omi gets worried about KD.

Buddies reach the exam hall and take their seats but all are evidently worried about KD. Piddi a bit more cuz he seems to have something “heavy” in his pockets. Exam starts and Kiya can’t seem to concentrate and she keeps looking at the door.

There, KD is still under the lamp post. He had fallen asleep. He gets up and gets shocked seeing the time.

Exam going on and KD reaches the class. He asks for permission to get it which gets granted and Kiya breathes a sigh of relief. KD apologizes for his delay and takes his question paper and answer sheet. Kiya is clearly overjoyed seeing KD but KD just gives her a cold stare. Kiya bends down happily to finish her paper and KD takes his seat and begins writing away without delay.

Piddi is acting suspicious because he keeps fidgeting and looking below the desk, something which the invigilator catches. He asks Piddi to stand up and take out whatever is in his pocket. Piddi gets nervous.

Precap – Piddi, Panchi, RV and Ruku in the canteen. While Piddi is all happy, RV scolds Piddi for not helping KD in his time of need. Piddi just chuckles and cooks up a “pagal” plan which will bring KiSha back. Piddi is excited for his plan while the Buddies just look at him with a bored expression.

Update Credit to: Spicysugar

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