Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th August 2013 Written Update

Suraj starts searching & sandy offers help. Suraj tells that he kept 22 gifts. Sandy asks why ? Suraj tells that he bought those for her b day. Suraj searches on the cup board while under the bed sandy opens the gifts… Suraj looks at her & both under the bed starts their romance. Suraj tells all these are for her. Sandy asks why so many gifts.. Suraj replies that each for thos b day’s which he missed.. He gives one kerchief saying that it is for her first day of school when she would have cried. He gives another thing saying that she lost her bangles once while fighting & tells that she gets wounded often. (oh DABH song on BG after long time). He gives bangles saying that this is for first day college. Both look too cute. Suraj adds that he is fulfilling those

which he missed & hopes that she likes those. Sandy with cracky voice says that she never expected this & how he love her so much Suraj hols her hand & both have eyelock… Chotu comes & both hit their head on the bed. Both inquire about each other. Slowly come out.. Chotu was about to leave & notices them coming out & asks about the same & suraj manages saying that coin was dropped & chotu tells that he would help them too. Chotu wishes sandy by shaking hands… Suraj sa jealous

Suraj wishes sandy… Sandy cups his cheek on one side & thanks him hugging… Sandy leaves blushing. Suraj blushes & tells that this language is good.

Emily tells that she is all ready. Mohit as usual taunts her saying that she is not fit. One usual scene… Emily is all confused

Here in aangan

Chaturi gets one jhumkaas for sandy. Meena thinks that no one gifts her like sandy… Babasa asks sandy whether she would make kheer a it is sandy’s b day. Meena tells that it is better to celebrate in the morning & no one knows what will happen in the evening & blabbers about the matka… Bhabo stares at her. While SurYa come down. Meena gets shocked seeing them…

Meena tells sandy that she was just ssaying as she was scared & she mean that the competition is tough & everyone knows about emily but ashutosh is very brilliant. Babasa woners when will this girl shut her mouth. Sandy is tensed but suraj holds her hand.
Chaturi tells that Ashutosh may be brilliant but sandy’s dream depends on this. Adds that Sandy has Suraj’s support too… & chotu seconds her saying that sandy has done many jobs which no one could do. Bhabo listens to all those with some lol BG music (suspense killer lol). Both chaturi & chotu tell that sandy will defo win the challenge. Meena tells that emily will win & chaturi shouldn’t discourage emily like this. Chauti apologises to emily & tells that she has done so much har dwork & entered finals with that & everyone is proud of that fact..

Sandy gets the blessings from babasa who wishes her saying that let her all dreams come true. Bhabo is shocked. Sandy gets the blessings of bhabo. Bhabo wishes her saying that “be happy & let you perform all the work of first DIL & keep the family in tact. May god bless You”. Meena Mohit Emily wish her. Chaturi gives her the gift. Sandy s surprised & thanks her. Bhabo says to sandy that as it is her b day she must take the blessings from God.
Babasa feels something fishy

Meena tells that bhabo is partial as she never took her like this. Suraj tells that he thought of doing the same & adds that now he will be peaceful & can go to the shop as bhabo takes her. Bhabo tells that she also wishes to see him peaceful. Meena thinks it to be an indirect taunt. Suraj leaves for the shop & BhaSan to the temple.


BhaSan pray with their eyes closed (for one minute) Bhabo calls sandy to come with her to make “An Dhaan” (Food Charity). Sandy tells Bhabo that she wants to tell something important. She adds that there will no evil if she wins the competition & if she becomes IPS & asks her to tension free. Bhabo stares at her.

Precap: Competition. Abhi gives intro to SRK. SRK makes his entry


Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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