Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 9th August 2013 Written Update

Jeevika is asking Viren as to what did Vidhi tell him, but he doesn’t say much. She thinks he’s hiding something from her, but he hugs her and accuses her of being jealous. She brushes it off and he tells her about Vidhi’s worries and his promise to her.

Virat calls Viren to tell him that he’s going on a world tour, and he’s not going to be able to go back to Chandigarh as he has a flight in the evening from Delhi. Jeevika takes the phone and congratulates him; he tells them about Maanvi forcing him to go and Jeevika praises Maanvi’s decision and wishes him luck. He also tells Jeevika that Maanvi will stay back in Hrishikesh and Jeevika agrees. Maanvi takes the phone and tells Jeevika to be proud of her since she’s finally listening

to her husband. Jeevika tells Maanvi to always be strong and support Virat, as every successful man has his wife standing behind him as a support.

Vidhi tells her mom about the phone call and how he said he’s going to go over and meet Vidhi and take her away. She tells her mother never to give her address to him, and she promises not do so. She also tells Vidhi never to tell Viren-Jeevika about the truth, when Jeevika overhears that part and is suspicious. Jeevika gives her milk and asks her to take her medicines on time, but is suspicious and wonders to herself as to what is the matter.

Virat is about to leave for his tour, he takes blessings from Beeji. Maanvi is upset but is trying to hide her feelings from Virat and asks him to go early and to take care of himself. She jokes that she is finally getting rid of him and she won’t be annoyed anymore, when Virat says that he’ll keep calling her to check on her and the baby. Seeing her slightly morose face, he says that if she doesn’t want him to go, he can keep making trips to meet her, and he can also cancel the trip. They hug, and Maanvi is about to cry but she holds it in. They separate and he leaves, and Maanvi bursts into tears. Beeji hugs and reassures her, to which Maanvi replies that she’s scared cause he’s never been away from her for 2 whole months. Beeji tells her not to worry as even if they’re apart for 20 years, he won’t even think of cheating on her.

Maanvi comes to the kitchen and asks her to pack Papa Chaudhary’s favorite food for Monty Uncle as she’s going over to meet him when she goes for her injections. Beeji asks her as to why does she want Papa Chaudhary’s favorite food, to which Maanvi replies that Monty Uncle is as old as her dad, so she asked for it. Beeji asks her to show a pic of his if she has, but she can’t find the pic that she’d taken with Virat and him. Beeji agrees to make food, and Maanvi goes off.

Viren is talking to a friend and invites him over to his office for lunch. Jeevika asks him as to what is the matter when he relays that his friend is coming to Chandigarh after years; Jeevika asks Viren to bring him over for dinner. Viren agrees, and as he leaves he asks Jeevika to take care of Vidhi and not let her do any work. He says bye to the baby and to Vidhi but doesn’t say bye to Jeevika, and she’s left stumped.

Beeji comes over and hands Maanvi a lunch box with pulav and parathas. Maanvi asks her if she’s added in kathal ka achaar, to which Beeji replies that just cause she likes it, doesn’t mean everyone else will like it too. Maanvi says that Monty and her like the same stuff, so he would like achaar. Beeji goes into flashback where she remembers how Mahesh would never eat parathas without kathal ka achaar. Maanvi breaks her out of her reverie and she says she’ll go off with the food. As Maanvi is about to leave, Beeji says that she’ll come along too as she wants to meet him. Beeji wants to take the lunch box from her, when they have a tug of war and she sprains her ankle. Dabba and Maanvi help Beeji to sit down and Maanvi wants to stay back, but Beeji insists that she should go get the injections and pass the food. Maanvi agrees and decides to bring back some medicines for her. As she leaves, Beeji hopes to herself that Monty uncle shouldn’t turn out to be Mahesh,

Jeevika is remembering all the incidents that transpired in the morning and isn’t paying attention to the amount of haldi that she’s adding to the food. Vanshikaa notices and stops her, and asks her if there’s an issue but Jeevika denies and says she’s fine. Vanshikaa believes her and asks her to go relax, while Sundar will finish the cooking. Jeevika goes off, and she thinks that she needs to tell someone about her issues. She decides to tell Maanvi regarding the same.

Maanvi and Dabba are in the hospital; Maanvi and Monty uncle have a bet regarding whose Beeji makes better food. When Monty uncle tastes the food that Maanvi got him, he declares that it tastes exactly like his Beeji’s food, so Maanvi proclaims a tie. Dabba then lands up telling him about how Beeji’s foot got sprained, to which Monty asks Maanvi as to why is she doing so much for him. Maanvi replies that she doesn’t know what he did, but she knows that in such a stage, his family needs to be there with him. She can’t see him alone, so she’s doing her bit in being there for him and taking care of him. She tells him about how her entire family, husband and her di were with her when she was ill; and at the same time Jeevika calls and the electricity goes down. Maanvi picks up the call and makes Jeevika talk to Monty uncle. The moment Jeevika hears Monty’s voice, she’s shocked. Episode ends on her shocked face.

Precap: Harshad (Viren’s friend) meets him in his office, and he brings him home for dinner. He spots Vidhi in the library and passes a weird look, and then tells Jeevika and Viren that he has taken a fancy to Vidhi and he wants to marry her…


Update Credit to: BalamPichkari

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