The Buddy Project 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 5th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 5th June 2013 Written Update

Piddi notices Kiya being all lost and sees that she and KD are sharing a LLHH moment. He calls the camera and just laughs. Piddi then goes to KD and drags him with him and tells him that Kiya thought the same idea as he did. KiSha are still stealing glances and Piddi says who’s going to write all these points for approval on paper? KD says Piddi will do it. Piddi jokes that he writes SMS in bad writing, how can he write the points on paper? They would be incomprehensible. KD asks Kiya to do it and praises her beautiful handwriting. Piddi asks where did KD read Kiya’s handwriting? KD says the day he was locked in Kiya’s cupboard…there he read it. While KiSha have another LLHH moment thinking about that day, Piddi screams out in agony as he remembers his waxing session (Piddi’s spoiling the moment wala antics are the only thing stopping me from skipping KiSha scenes nowadays ) His scream pulls them outta the moment and KD asks what happened? Piddi replies that he was just reminded of the agony of that day. KiSha laugh at this and Kiya jokes about Piddi’s smooth arms. Piddi gets offended by their laughter and goes away saying he’s not interested in MV and that they can do it on their own. Kiya stops him but he doesn’t listen and walks away. Kiya tells KD that she was just joking and KD consoles her that Piddi would come around soon.

Rukmini is in RS, lost in her thoughts and mindlessly playing with the controller. RV comes rushing in and powers off the machinery and asks her what was she doing, the speakers were on outside. Mini doesn’t reply and goes on sulking. RV asks her what’s she thinking about but she tries avoiding it. RV sits beside her and tells her to out with it and Mini tells she was just thinking about Panchi. RV says in a mock shocked voice that is she also the type of girl who thinks about other girls? Mini looks at him and asks should she remove her chappal and RV laughs. Mini explains that when she came to give RV his jacket, Panchi seemed to have minded it. RV tells her that she didn’t, Panchi is an awesome girl! Mini replies that she knows but still, it felt like she minded. RV says Panchi is his childhood friend, he knows her better than she knows herself (chal jhoota ) and she didn’t mind at all so Mini should relax. Mini comments that she saw how nice friendship RaHi shared. RV says every friendship has its share of fights, it’s a small problem and it’ll be sorted out soon. And if he’s not mistaken, they are here to learn Hindi and English. He tells her to be first. Mini asks why she and RV tells her to speak that in English. Mini gulps and says, “Why we and not you?” RV snickers at this and apologizes and rectifies her that in English she is to say “me” not “we”. Mini then says she knows her pronunciation isn’t the best and RV again bites back a laughter and corrects her pronunciation of the word pronunciation and comments that her English teacher should be given Bravery Award for teaching her. Mini gets offended and scolds him that she knows her English isn’t great and because of that she had been target of people’s jokes so he shouldn’t do the same. And before laughing on others, he demonstrate his skills. She hands him a book and tells him to read. RV starts struggling and reading and Mini silently laughs. When he’s done, she corrects all his mistakes. She returns his comment to him and his Hindi teacher should also be given the Bravery Award but after death because after listening to his Hindi, teacher must’ve eaten poison, right? (Eenth ka jawab pathar se dena! ) RV apologizes and says that’s what they are here for, to learn. Mini says she learned enough for today and tells him to read something else. She reads first and RV is so scared of it that he disappears from there and Mini confusedly looks for him

Panchi sees her MVC invitation card and STTC that till now she’s been shuffling between JeeMi and has wasted a lot of time. Now she’ll rehearse and practice on her own, that’s the way! She gets up to leave and Omi notices her. She runs away from him and goes to canteen where Avi is sitting! She hides her face to sneak away but when Omi calls for her, Avi looks up. Panchi runs away and STTC where to go now? Where to hide?! She’s extra tensed and goes to hide in the bathroom. But after a second, she opens the door and STTC that classroom, library, ground; nothing is safe for her. If she has to hide from them, she has to use girls’ washroom as they can’t enter there! And she will calmly practice on her own. She runs away when she sees Omi approaching.

Omi is standing outside the bathroom and is reluctant to go in. He tries to knock but stops and calls out her name in whisper. The door opens and random girls get out of there and Omi tries to keep his cool but doesn’t budge from there. When the girls are gone, Omi mumbles to himself that he didn’t know he had to stand in front of girls’ washroom cuz of that GSC. He stands there waiting when Avi comes with his Ds and notices him outside girl’s washroom. Avi comments is Omi so frustrated that he’s standing outside GW? Omi asks Avi to leave and Avi retorts he won’t. Omi’s Cs come to aid him and there’s this takda moment. Omi says right now he’s standing in front of GW, tomorrow he’ll be standing in front of ICU! Avi asks is someone close to him admitted there and Omi retorts yes, his closest enemy aka YOU! He shoves Avi away and Cs and Ds start fighting among themselves. Panchi steps out and sees them fighting and sneaks away from there silently. While fighting, JeeMi end up on the GW floor. They are surprised finding themselves there while the girls present there take full advantage of the situation. What happens inside, we dunno but outside Cs&Ds forget their fighting and wonder why are there kissing sounds coming from the washroom? Finally, JeeMi step out all out of breathe and they shake each other hands saying they are safe now. When they realize what they are doing, they let go and walk away in opposite direction with their team, disgusted.

KD is in canteen when Avi enters with Ds. Seeing KD, Avi loudly starts saying about his designer friend who wants someone to design his website. KD hears this and is immediately interested. Avi asks Kush (his most prominent D guy…can’t call him D1 or D2 as I know his name and Kush is a nice name ) does anyone strike his mind and Kush replies that he doesn’t. Avi suggests to put up notices on FB and college notice board asking anyone who can design a website to contact a number. KD is hearing all this. Kush says it’s a nice idea and Avi tells him to note down the number. Looking at KD, Avi says out the number loud and tells Kush to put all detail on NB with the number. He asks Kush to repeat the number which KD memorizes.

Piddi is still mad and Kiya apologizes to him but Piddi goes away without saying anything. KD comes there and Kiya tells him that Piddi refuses to listen she was just joking. KD says Piddi is like a boomerang, he’ll come back just the way he went and Kiya asks who’ll make him understand that? KD says there’s one guy who can do that. Kiya asks who and KD replies, “Me”. KD asks Kiya for his pendrive. She hands it to him and he asks did she delete the song? Kiya tells him she didn’t and walks away after they share a LLHH.

Mini hunts down RV who is with a few guys. Seeing him, he runs away with her chasing him but she stops and cries out in pain. RV gets concerned and rushes to her asking if she’s alright. She laughs and says she was just making up an excuse. RV asks seriously what’s wrong with her and she hands him the book and tells him to read it by tomorrow. It’s quite a thick book and RV doesn’t even bother to read the title correctly. He asks her which chapter should he read and she replies he has to read the whole book. RV disappears again hearing this and Mini chuckles that the real fun will happen tomorrow.

JJ reaches Club Gatsby. He seems a bit nervous and STTC that after many days, he’s doing something which someone else wants him to do. It’s a bit weird and strange but it feels nice. And after many days he’s feeling actually excited to meet someone. Tika comes out from there but bumps into someone so JJ doesn’t see her and goes in. Tika calls JJ and asks him to come outside to a central table. JJ obliges. He goes outside and sees a girl sitting alone. JJ goes to her and gets shocked when he sees her.

Precap – KD takes money from someone who tells him that the website should be awesome. KD says soon he’ll give RV his money back and then he’ll finally move on. Kiya comes from behind and asks then what about us? KD turns around and repeats, “us?” Kiya says doesn’t he know and she starts laughing which KD joins.

Update Credit to: Mais

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