Dil Dosti Dance 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 5th June 2013 Written Update

The gang is in the rehearsal hall doing their performance in the team.Sharon is bit tensed.Rey calls her and asks her can they start.The team ask how can they practise without Swayam.Sharon gets up and says Swayam is a strong dancer.He will just be seeing them rehearse and will perform on Stage.The boys are shocked seeing Sharon supporting Swayam.Rey says he has decided that Swayam will save his energy and perform directly on the day of event.Sharon keeps thinking when Rey asks her why did she get so hyper.She says Swayam is not taking proper care of his health.He is doing what ever the doctor says without questioning.She does not even know if he is having his medicines on time.Rey suddenly shouts at Sharon saying you did not even do this work that i told how can you be so careless.Sharon is confused and Rey winks at her.He says how did you send the video of yesterday’s rehearsal to Swayam.If you dont send how will he see and rehearse.He then says you can go to his house give the video and see that he rehearses.Vicky asks why should she go They can mail.Rey shouts No and says understand the gravity of the situation and asks Sharon to move.

Swayam is in his room where he is doing his physio sessions when door bell rings.Taani moves to sees .Sharon is at door asking for Swayam.Taani says he is inside.Sharon calls her physio who comes and Sharon says he is her family physio and the best.They move and see Swayam doing sessions.Swayam asks Taani to help him wear his shirt and Sharon says when she does not have problem he need not feel so shy.The new physio sees and says he has shoulder injury.Pld one says all know.Both physio fight over who will treat Swayam.Sharon asks the physio she brought to continue when Taani asks the college physio.Hearing the chaos Rishi comes in and says whats happening.He sees two physios and says to Swayam that he knows he is weak but not this much.Two two physios over an injury and being attended by two two girls.Swayam asks all to leave.Sharon says but but he says he will manage.Swayam asks everyone to leave and he wants to stay alone.The all move.

The five of them come out and Sharon says the physios to leave.Rishi says for once I thought this is not my house at all.Sharon says its your own house and inside is your own son.She adds you should think about his health but not make opinion about his health.He says its fault and simple an girls overreact.Sharon asks him do you think his shoulder injury is simple.He says yes its normal.Sharon says there is a phrase Little knowledge is dangerous.She also translates it to him.Taani asks Sharon not to speak so with her Tauji.Sharon says Rishi did not understand her language and she explained to him in his language.Rishi stops Taani and says that in their house the guest are to be honoured.He also adds like what can be expected from a dancer.Sharon says you can expect passion that is in your case missing regarding your son.She moves out.Rishi asks why are this generation so.Taani she is more popular in college and is the DIVA and her brought up is also different.Rishi thinks that how is DIva with Swayam.

The team is dancing and Swayam watches it.The team is rehearsing all over…They keep rehearsing all the way in every possible way.The rehearsals go on in full swing.Swayam is also doing all his efforts.Swayam is practicing in the rehearsal hall when he gets pain more.VP asks Taani that its ridiculous that you did not tell me about Swayam.Taani says that its not so serious.Vp asks Swayam is dancing thats the risk and he is not practising.He says you are saying so cause he is your brother.Taani says no sir I’m thinking on behalf of the GS.Swayam is an integral part of the team and is needed. She adds I have confidence on the dance team and each member of the tem.Vp says hope she is right.Taani forst time I kept my emotions away and decided it.The performance is due tomorrow.

Precap: NDC performance and team is worried.Swayam performances with team .Taani prays before the performance and shows the same to Swayam.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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