Anamika 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 5th June 2013 Written Update

Pratap tries to make Jeet understand the importance of a life partner. Jeet is driving while thinking about all this. Chhavi also tries to tell him that we should create a balance between professional and personal lives and keep them separate (why don’t you apply this rule to yourself girl, always dropping at Saluja’s house on some or the other pretext.)

Jeet and Chhavi are discussing some business thing and Jeet says that they will finalize after discussing with Anamika. He calls her up and a frantic Anamika tells him that someone is harassing by calling her again and again.

Meanwhile Bebe is busy match-fixing Jeet with Chhavi and says to Ritu that will Chhavi agree and if she agrees, then Jeet will agree easily. (uff Bebe, stop it, at least baar to Jeet ko apni life ka decision khud lene do.)

Ritu goes to her house and asks Chhavi if she knows where Jeet is, but she lies (why madam, what was the problem in telling the truth, Anamika was in problem and Jeet had gone to help her, so why could you not tell this to the family )

Jeet rushes to Anamika’s house and finds her crying alone in a corner. as she sees him, she rushes to him and hugs him in relief (well that scene looked fake to me CVs, pls work on the expressions )

She then tells him how someone is calling her for a long time but does not say anything instead she just hears someone crying in a weird scary voice.

Just then the phone rings again and Anamika gets scared but Jeet assures her and asks her to pick the phone. she goes towards the phone timidly and picks up the phone and then screams out and drops the phone in fear. Jeet picks up the phone and says hello but there was no one on the line. But Anamika insists that she heard someone crying. Jeet thinks that the caller will call again and they wait there in the hall. Anamika falls asleep on Jeet’s shoulder . They are disturbed by a door bell and Anamika is scared who must be there at this time of the night. But Jeet holds her hand and moves towards the door. Anamika is scared and asks him not to open the door, but Jeet assures her and opens the door.

Precap: There is someone in the shadows.

Update Credit to: dishu

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