The Buddy Project 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 5th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 5th December 2013 Written Update

Panchi is sitting in the canteen looking upset , while Ranveer watches her from the door. He STTC that Piddi is a idiot. He told him that Panchi is fine and happy but she looks upset to me.Kiya comes there just then and takes him where Panchi is sitting. She asks Panchi if she told Ranveer however they just look awkwardly at each other. Ranveer excuses from there and is about to leave when Rukmini comes there. She sees Panchi in the canteen and looks at Ranveer doubtfully. Ranveer however says to her that its not what she is thinking. He saw Panchi in the canteen and so is immediately leaving. Rukmini asks, “Really?” He replies yes adding that if he has promised her , he has to follow it. He leaves from there and so does Rukmini. Kiya sees them and asks if something is wrong.

Panchi replies that there might be something wrong between RV and Rukmini , she doesn’t know anything.

KD and Piddi come there and Panchi excitedly tells Piddi about Kiya’s admission in the California music school. Piddi gives a thanda reaction to this asking when did this happen. Panchi scolds him and adds that he should atleast congratulate Kiya. He does so and Kiya sarcastically sasy that there are some people however who are not at all happy with this. Panchi says that they are all ver happy for her achievement, she is the inspiration of their college. Kiay gets a call and excuses herself from there. KD STTC that it will be fun now. Piddi notices that he is happy and asks him what happened. KD tells him that he gave a sang of Kiya to one the biggest even organizers of India and they are now going to arrange a huge even for her. In this way, Kiya wont have to go to the US. Piddi glances backward at Kiya and replies to KD his plan isn’t going too well, Kiya looks angry. KD glances at Kiya who shouts at the person saying that she isn’t interested in any such event and hangs up. She looks at KD and angrily leaves from there.

Ramveer is playing subway surfers on his phone when he gets a video call from Rukmini. She asks him to meet her at lunch after the class.Ranveer agrees and leaves from there.He runs into Panchi in the corridor and they look at each other. Rukmini comes there and sees them. RV hurriedly tells her that Panchi was just leaving to go home from the class. Rukmini however says that she didn’t even ask him anything , why is he giving explanations already.Is there something you both are hiding from me? Panchi however leaves from there.Rukmini tells RV that she needs to talk to him and asks him to come to canteen. RV nods and she leaves.

Kiya is about to leave from the class but KD stops her. She is annoyed and blasts him off saying what does he think of himself? Is he her godfather, mentor or what? Does he really think that organising such shows will set her career and she will be indebted to him forever, thats what he wants. KD replies that he was just trying to help her. Kiya says that she doesn’t need his help and clarifies that she is definitely going to the US , no matter what happens. KD asks her that if she is doing all this to prove him wrong then stop it. Kiay retorts saying that she is doing this for herself and its the biggest moment of her life. She adds that if he loves her so much, why is he scared for long distance relationship. Doesn’t he trust himself? She leaves angrily leaving KD shocked.

Scene changes to Rukmini and Ranveer standing in a dark room. Ranveer is thinking about the kiss and his desicion about choosing Rukmini and is silent.Rukmini asks him why he is so quiet, doesn’t he have anything to talk to her? RV reluctantly asks her how the class was. She asks him what kind of a question is this? He then changes the question to how her family is. She replies that they are all fine but since when did he get so boring, asking such questions.She tells him to give his phone and she begins checking it. (Lo! Bas ab yehi baaki tha ) Rukmini says that its necessary to check the phone of your boyfriend especially when he is someone like RV. RV replies that he didn’t know she was like this. She replies that she didn’t know about him either.RV says that everything between him and Panchi is over, he doesn’t even talk to her now. What else does she want ? Rukmini replies that he should think about it himself.

Kiya is crying in the girls washroom and Panchi sees her. She asks her what happened? Kiya says that she is fine but Panchi isn’t. Kiya asks her whats wrong. Panchi hugs her and Kiya pats her consolingly. Kiya suggests that they should talk while eating some thing to lift up their mood and Panchi agrees.

KD is sitting in the canteen looking upset and RV joins him. Piddi comes there and sits with ,looking upset too. He says that life is so weird, anything happens at any time, no guarantee about anything.Rv says that if he wants guarantee , buy a washing machine. Life is completely hopeless.KD adds that why are bad mouthing life when actually its their luck that is retired. Piddi STTC that he was talking about last nights’s hit and run case but seems that KD and RV have some other trouble in their lives.He tries asking them whats wrong but they go on about Life how it is life chewing gum, sweet but tasteless after a while. How life shows them big dreams and later crushes them all. They add that Piddi wont understand this. KD says that Piddi is lucky to not have any girlfriend and RV agrees and tells him to look at their condition.RV and KD get up to leave when Panchi and Kiya come there. Piddi says that its good they as he wasn’t understanding a word RV and KD were saying, something about life. Kiya says that life is very unfair. The one they expect the most from ditches them the most. She glances at KD while RV and Panchi are looking at each other. Piddi STTC he doesn’t understand all these big talks about life but one thing is sure that there’s some major problem between the buddies. He doubts if they are going to get separated.

KD looking for some info on Kiya’s college of US and comes across some good points about it on the internet. He gets happy and STTC that it really seems one of the best colleges of US. He hopes that Kiay will achieve her dreams there. He then sees something else, a pic saying that the college is fake , with no promises fulfilled etc. He gets worried and STTC that he hopes its all false.

Rv is sitting alone in an empty class. He remembers Rukmini’s words to him about him and Panchi. He STTC that Rukmini might be thinking that he wants to be with Panchi and not her?He wonders to himself if its true?He remembers about the incident at the camp, Panchi saving him and their kiss. He smiles and STTC that he knows whatever happened was a mistake but he can never forget that moment.He thinks about the kiss again and adds that at that particular moment nothing else mattered and it seemed the most right thing.He then remembers that he promised Rukmini . He STTC that now that he promised her, he has to follow it. He must clarify all the MUs with Rukmini.

Precap:Panchi is in the Dean’s office and says that she can give her reasons but she wants him to let her leave the college. Dean asks her if there’ a problem, he might be of help if so. Panchi however denies and says that if he really wants to help, he should let her go. Piddi overhears their convo and wonders why Panchi is leaving. He goes off to RV and tells him that Panchi is leaving the college forever! RV is shocked hearing this. Rukmini is behind them and sees all this.

Update Credit to: Crazy_life

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