Gustakh Dil 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 5th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo’s aunt coming to their house and meeting her mum. She asks about Lajjo and Nikhil and for how many days did they come. Lajjo’s mum says I don’t know. They have a discussion saying I will ask Nikhil to leave Lajjo here for a month. He says Nikhil loves and respects Lajjo a lot. Lajjo comes and meets her Bua. Lajjo says I have to go now. Her mum says you are always on a ride. Her aunt says its not good to make Lajjo stay here for many days, I met Kajri when I was coming here, see her fate now. Lajjo is very lucky. Lajjo hears this and cries.

Kunal comes to Ishaana and asks whats wrong with you, why were you not replying. Ishaana says I was busy. He says everyone are asking about the party, are we doing it or not. Ishaana says no, my mood is off. He

asks why. She says Nikhil is not answering my calls. Kunal says why should he, he is married now and went to his in laws house with his wife. Ishaana says he loves me. Kunal says no, he can’t come back in your life. Ishaana gets angry and argues with Kunal. She is happy to get Nikhil’s call and he talks to her asking how are you. She says I m fine, you tell me.

He says I m in village, and I m coming to the city tomorrow and that too alone. Ishaana is happy. He says I love you. Ishaana says I love you too and tells Kunal, see he called me to tell that he is coming tomorrow, and the best part is he is coming alone. I will make him forget Lajjo. She says Lajjo is not simple, she trapped Nikhil, she and her family are smart, I won’t let her win.

Ishaana says I won’t give up so easily. Lajjo’s mum is waiting for her husband. Nikhil comes and asks for whom are you waiting. She says I don’t know where is he. Nikhil says he will come soon. She says Lajjo went to her friend’s house and she asked me to send her dad to pick her, but he did not come till now. She says Lajjo is afraid of the peepal tree and scared of the ghosts. Nikhil laughs. She says we believe in this. Nikhil says I will go and bring her. Gunjan talks to Samrat about her. Rishi comes and Samrat asks how was your test. Rishi says fine.

Samrat tells Rishi that Aparna came to see me as she came to know about my heart attack. Rishi is upset and leaves. Gunjan says you should have not told him about her. Samrat says why should I lie, you are not kids anymore, you have grown up and should know the truth. Gunjan hugs him. Inder comes and asks Samrat what happened to Rishi. Gunjan leaves. Samrat and Inder talk about the kids and Aparna. Samrat says now the time has come that I understand him like he needs to understand me.

Nikhil comes to take Lajjo and she says I asked mum to send my dad. He says what problem is there if I come, you don’t want me to know that you are afraid of the peepal tree. Lajjo says no, I m not afraid. She says everyone say that there are some ghosts on that tree. Ishaana’s mum comes with a surprise for her. She says you kept your promise and did not meet Nikhil, so I m happy with you. She brings a cat for her and Ishaana smiles seeing the cat.

Nikhil and Lajjo are near the peepal tree and Nikhil scares Lajjo. Something falls and Nikhil goes to check. He catches Kajri and comes to know that she is waiting for her husband. Lajjo talks to her. Kajri’s family come to take Kajri with them. They apologize to Nikhil. Lajjo asks Kajri to go home and she will bring her husband when he comes. Kajri says are you sure. Lajjo says yes and she leaves. Lajjo tells everything to Nikhil and says her husband went to the city leaving her behind and sent a letter saying he won’t come back.

Lajjo imagines herself in Kajri’s place in the dream and wakes up. Nikhil asks what happened, did you see a bad dream. He gives her water. Lajjo looks at him and goes to sleep. Lajjo thinks about Kajri and feels bad for her. Lajjo sleeps on the ground and Nikhil on the bed.

Ishaana tells Barkha that Nikhil is coming back alone. Nani asks Ishaana to win Nikhil as it’s a golden chance for her. Ishaana smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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