Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th December 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with tripti calls meera and says her to come with her . Gopi and ahem looks on at her. Tripti takes meera and show the cupboard and tells a ghost live there and if she says anything the ghost will eat her. Meanwhile umang is also there and hears someone’s footsteps. Gopi is coming to pick meera up . Umang hides behind the door and gopi asks tripti why meera is crying . She says she was trying to play with her and don’t know what happened to her. Gopi looks stunned and says its time for meera to sleep and bids bye. Urmila calls radha thinking as tripti . Radha shouts at her saying she wont get anything by even calling tripti as she has the keys of the treasure box and she’s the one handling all the money now. Urmila hangs the call and says

she’ll have to do something in order to be in good books of radha.

Umang comes to radha’s room . She tells him that now that the family has accepted their relationship they should stay in one room . Umang agrees and gets close to her and closes the door from back. Tripti sees this and gets angry . Umang is leaning towards a kiss when tripti opens the door . They both move and she tells that she’s afraid to sleep in the room . They have discussions and at the end umang says he’ll sleep on floor and both of them can sleep on bed. Tripti smiles. Dhawal tells kinjal that why she don’t wear the pinky nighty . She tells him that elders are there and urmila keeps sneeking in the room every now and then . He tells her that he likes her in it. Urmila overhears this and thinks of gifting it to radha.

Kinjal is drinking water in kitchen when urmila goes to their room.She takes the pink nighty and hears footsteps of kinjal . She hides behind the cupboard. Kinjal enters and closes the door. Urmila secretly leaves from the room. Next morning, umang is caressing her hair and tripti sees him. She sees that radha is sleeping and hugs him from back wishing him good morning sweetheart. Kokila enters to kitchen and asks why tripti has not come down until yet. Gopi says she’ll see. Umang says are you mad and what if radha saw? . Tripti says she’s his wife and can’t see him with radha, Umang says nothing would happen the way they want if she does like that . Tripti says she don’t know anything and tries to hug him .

Gopi knocks the door . Tripti hides and radha opens the door saying she was asleep and hence couldn’t open it earlier. He wishes gopi good morning . Gopi asks about tripti and umang says may have gone for a walk in the garden. Gopi says to come down for breakfast. Radha closes the door and tripti says before anyone sees she’ll go to her own room. Gopi sees tripti going and wonders how she’s coming from umang’s room . Kokila calls gopi. Kokila tells ahem and jigar have left for an important meeting . They all are having breakfast . Hetal comes with meera. Meera looks on at tripti-umang and calls aunty uncle. Hetal says her to have breakfast and she says no . Rashi says she’ll feed meera.Urmila comes to modi mansion . Kokila says only she was missing and she knows who she remembers the most. She calls rashi. But urmila hugs radha surprising everyone . She says she came to meet her.

Precap- Kokila asks where umang is and radha says as tripti got pain in her feet he went with her to modi mansion.Kokila and gopi are shocked..

Update Credit to: Muskii

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