The Buddy Project 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 4th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 4th June 2013 Written Update

KD coolly taps his forehead and tells Kiya that the song is stored here, how will she delete it? Kiya sweetly retorts it’s no big deal as his hard drive is of very cheap quality, it can stop working anything. She moves to leave but stops and adds that it’s okay to sing in the college but he shouldn’t sing it outside or else the police will arrest him on the charges of murdering the song as he sings very badly (yaay! You go girl! ) Kiya leaves and KD only chuckles at this. He turns around and notices Tika using his PC. He excuses himself and closes off his account with Kiya’s webpage and all and leaves. Tika is grinning at this and says to herself that Romeo doesn’t know that she is good at computer as well. She opens up the page and compliments it.

A hot girl is scolding a geeky guy for even thinking that she’d go to coffee with him! Omi with his Cs laugh as the girl rejects GG. GG is disheartened and Omi calls him. C2 asks Omi to teach GG how to woo a girl. Omi obliges. His first tip is, girls are impressed by guys not bears and tells GG to keep his beard in shape. GG says that he has heard if you shave everyday in teenage years, your skin will go all bad (aise bada khayal hai apni skin ka ) There’s this promotion of a shaving machine. TD tells Omi about one Indian cricketer teaching another Indian cricketer batting. Chillars laugh at this and Omi says how can one person, who doesn’t know ABC of something, teach other person the same thing and asks TD how does this cricket thing fit here? TD replies he got the same feeling seeing Omi give GG dating tips as Omi is has always been single (beizzati! ) Omi doesn’t find it funny and other Cs can’t laugh at this cuz of it. After few moments, Omi starts laughing like a maniac and Cs follow suit. But he sobers up in a few seconds though TD finds it hard to stop his laughter. Omi grabs him and starts beating him and the rest is history.

KD is makhan maraofying Piddi so he can know about the MV idea but Piddi refuses to tell. Then KD tries some emotional blackmailing as well and Piddi gives in. Piddi drops his voice to a whisper and builds up all the suspense saying the idea is so unique no one has ever done before and it’s so special and a secret. KD is getting impatient. Piddi says they’ll have 3-4 girls in the video and they’ll be doing that. KD gets mad at this and tries hard to keep his temper in check and asks what’s “that?” Piddi starts dancing a bit and says, “Gangnam Style.” KD angrily STTC that he’d murder Piddi! What’s new in GS?! Nowadays, cricketers do GS. When beggars get 50 rupee note, they do GS! If kids eat green vegetables then mothers go GS and there are new vegetables in the house then kids do GS! But Piddi thinks it’s a new style they’ll show to the world that too on a romantic song! Piddi is still dancing and requests KD not to tell this to anyone else everyone will start doing it. KD sarcastically says he won’t tell anyone as it’s such a new idea and everyone will copy from Piddi if he tells anyone. KD asks for his permission to give a suggestion and suggests that they should have some romantic scenes in the MV. Piddi thinks about this and says it’s a good idea, they’ll make 3-4 guys dance with Kiya, hogaya romance! (how is he even alive? ) KD gets annoyed STTC that Piddi is his best friend, the one who doesn’t ever miss an enemy in his life! Still, KD praises Piddi’s idea and suggests they do a shoot on beach where there’d be the girl, playing with water with the guy for whom she wrote the song. It’d be romantic if they go there on a bike. KD gets in the mood and says there’d be a scene where the girl will be blindfolded and she…and she…Piddi finishes the sentence, “She gets run over by a truck!” ( cute scene ka beda garak kar diya! ) KD says no! She’ll take a leap of faith and fall straight in hero’s arms! Piddi applauds KD for the idea and gets genuinely happy at this.

Tika emails JJ inviting him to a club and asking for his number when Avi comes there. She hides the phone and says she’s got a news for Avi which she’ll tell over a game. They set a table with glasses on opposite ends in a bowling pin style. Each has to throw the balls in opponent’s glasses full of a drink. If the ball lands in a ball, the opponent has to drink the drink in the glass at its side. The one whose glasses get empty first loses. Over the game, Tika tells Avi about KD’s webpage. Avi asks so what and Tika replies did he forget about his GSC? He can help KD by giving him an opportunity in web designing. Tika is winning the game and Avi smiles that he likes it when she thinks about him so affectionately. Tika dramatically tells him will he make her cry? Crowd is cheering for the siblings. Avi says he was serious and asks where is she lost? She doesn’t even spend time with him anymore and asks is there a BF issue? Tika says she had promised him he’d be the first to know about a BF. She then teases him that he’s the one who’s been busy nowadays with new friends. Sometimes on phone, sometimes on chat, sometimes in ice cream parlor. Avi replies but he never lets her miss him as he’s always there for her. He aims and the ball finally lands in one of Tika’s glasses. The game continues and Tika wins by a large margin.

JJ confirms the club outing and whoops but sobers up when hears a knock on the door. It’s Tika who says she heard shouting so she got curious. JJ cooks up a lie that it was just a cockroach who got scared seeing him. Now cockroach can’t shout so JJ shouted on its behalf. Tika looks around and says she can’t see any cockroach. JJ says he convinced it that the cabin’s permanent citizenship belongs to himself so the cockroach has to go. Likewise she should go as well as she has class. She says she was going for tea, does he like tea? JJ says no, tea is not his cup of tea. Tika then asks what about coffee? JJ says he likes coffee. Tika asks black or normal? JJ says Chintu knows about his preferences but for Tika, there’s something she would like to know, about the kind of students that he likes. Tika asks what kind and JJ becomes stern and says the kind who don’t waste time in random things and attend classes like she should do as it’s her script writing class, right? Tika excitedly asks how does he know about that and JJ sternly and angrily tells her to leave (OOOH! ME GUSTA! Finally liking this track!) Tika leaves and JJ is confused about whatever happened.

Kiya is lost in her thoughts. Piddi comes looking for her and tells her that he’s got super awesome ideas for the MV. Kiya says she was thinking about the same and tells almost the same ideas as KD with some more KiSha moments to add. Piddi STTC that she’s thinking the same. Kiya talks about the leap of faith scene and says the girl falls in KD’s arms. Piddi repeats KD’s name and she rectifies it by saying Hero! But KD is there and seen it. They have a LLHH moment and then I kinda lost my patience but I guess Piddi says how KiSha were having the same idea and that the MV will be awesome.

Precap – KD asks Kiya for his USB and asks did she delete the song? Kiya says no and they have a LLHH moment.

Update Credit to: Maisa

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