Madhubala 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 4th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan asks where her love was when she swore to hurt RK n take revenge? Madhu says..she had sworn to hurt him .. to break his trust.. at last moment.. to make him realise how much a broken heart hurts how much humiliated one feels…

RK is shocked n fumes…

Madhu says.. in past few days..she realised the importance of her n her RKs life n his importance in her life..!

Madhu says..his heart beats… Madhu Madhu .. n that RK is not wrong..!! Sultan fumes! RK is hurt..!

Sultan reminds Madhu that she swore not to fall weak n Madhu says..her love got a new strength n life..!

Madhu says..her love is bigger that this revenge..! Madhu says..she wanted to take revenge ..coz ..she loved him. .n still does!

Madhu tells Sultan that.. its Rishbala ka Ishq.. kuch aisa hi hai.. Dard se Bhara.. Zakhmi .. its touf.. but they have chosen this.. n this is their destination ..

Sultan lowers his gaze..! She says.. Rishbala are nothing without their love..!

She says she doesnt wanna hurt RK … n wants to see him n herself happy..!!

Madhu thanks Sultan..for caring n worrying for her.. n supporting her..!! Madhu says.. from here on..she has to talk to RK… ! RK is zapped…

Madhu asks Sultan to leave..holding her hand.. n says..if he comes.. things will be ruined.. n as they turn.. they see RK standing..!

Madhu comes to RK n RK stops her.. with his hand.. takes off the sehra .. n throws it on the floor… turns n leaves…! Madhu follows..!!

RK closes the door Madhu bangs at the door… Dips wonders the matter..! Sultan comes down…! All turn n see Sultan .. Madhu asks him to leave..screams on him.. ! Sultan turns n leaves…!

Radha asks the matter. .but Madhu keeps screaming.. RK is in tears. .remembering ..Madhus confession …

RK breaks things in the room .. recollects his proposal in chawl.. all the ceremonies… breaks all the things inside..!

Madhu keeps asking RK to talk to her..! RK slides down the door .. BG- Kyun nahi chahte ye puri hai..! Madhu slides down the door on the other side too..!

Madhu asks if he is here. n listening? RK cries..! Madhu asks for another chance.! He keeps recollecting her words to Sultan..! RK opens the door and glares .. drags her with him…! All watch shocked.. n Dips smirks..!

Part 2

Radha asks..what is going on?? How come Sultan in Madhus room??

Do anyone know anything?? Dips says. .know all n warned before. .but no one trusted told that Sulbala were fooling the family . .n now truth is in front of all..!

Dips asks what was Madhus partner doing in her room before wedding n when no one was around..

Radha says.. faith is stronger than facts at times..! Dips says. .heights..! Bittu taunts Dips for casting evil eye on all the happiness in the family ..

He tells Dips that..she is involved in all this.. n asks to keep off..!

Part 3

RK is driving. .n Madhu tells him that ..she loves him n asks him to give her a chance..! She sees his hand bleeding. but he stops her..! Madhu asks to drive slow..but he drives past ..n suddenly breaks. but before Madhus face hits the deck..he puts his hand!

He brings her to their dream home .. to the SR nite bed..!

Madhu looks around n has tears in her eyes..!

No PRECAP ..!…

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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