Dil Dosti Dance 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 4th June 2013 Written Update

The girls dance in their enjoyment.Vicky says they will go in but Aashi stops saying let him be alone.Simmi asks where is Sharon in such a busy team.Sharon gets down and tells the driver to take the vehicle.She imagines Swayam coming near her and stands near the college gate.Swayam asks her Sharon you in this dress.Sharon says you remember,Swayam replies ofcourse I remember.Sharon says Wow Ithis is the most happisest day of my life and asks will you be my girlfriend.Sharon comes out of dream and walks her.Sharon walks forward towards him and thinks let him just see and tell what she wants once.Swayam stands and thinks about the abandon corridor breakdown totally.He asks sharon that you are late.Sharon says hmm just today I got a bit late.She also asks where you waiting.He says yes I mean

team is waiting for you.Sharon asks why.Swayam says he has quit the NDC dance team.Sharon asks him why is he leaving.Swayam says the team will let her know and he needs sometime alone and moves.The team is at attrium and Sharon comes there.They tell her that for moring so many events happenedd around.They tell her Swayam quit the team and so on.Nilesh asks Sharon that she is looking different.Sharon tells him that she is same.She asks them to tell in detail what happened.Rey comes then and asks you guys are hear.Rinni tells Promise we never wanted to comes.Rey says he needs to speak with Swayam and moves.The team tells that making Swaama agree for dance is in your hand.Rey moves Sharon calls him but he says i’ll come.Sharon turns and asks the team to explain in depth what happened nd Aashi tells she will expalin and tels it.

Swayam is sitting at the basket ball court and thinking something when Rey comes there.He throws the ball slightly over Swayam and Swayam sees Rey.Rey asks Swayam will he come for a match and they can decide who will lead the team.Swayam says he has injury.Rey sits beside him and thinks what has to be done.He asks Swayam to tell why is he leaving Dance as Injury cannot be a reason.Rey says Dance ki kasam and Swayam says its not injury but lately he has affected few.Rey keeps thinking when Swayam asks hat when Rey says what will you do when you were at my position.swayam says he will convience rey but stops and says he will do whats is good for the team.Rey asks him to not change and makes him agree for Dance.

Rey rehearses in the hall and the team comes in.They see and asks is this the new routine.When Rey says I decided it and all say they like it.They asks is it without Swayam.Swayam comes in just then.Rey asks them what would they feel when they had an injury and where removed from team.All stay silent.Rey says he decided this routine with swayam only.He just cant do few steps but they will mix and match.Sharon too says mix and match of positions will work.Neha asks wont some get less dance.Rey says its not about dance but about concept too..They all agree and Simmi says Swayam is hear.

Sharon has tears in her eyes when Simmi gives her a tissue to wipe them back.Swayam says he has decided something for team.He says till his injury is cured Rey will be the captain and will take decisions.All shout and cheer up.Taani sees this and says Rey you may be a hero but I’ll never forgive you for what you have done and prove that people can work without you.

Precap:Swayam has two physios in his home.Rishi comes and says two for a small injury.Sharon says you need to be with your son now and you are saying his injury is small.Sharon defends Swayam in all ways.Taani stops Sharon and Sharon glares back.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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