Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Kanhiaya has a balloon near Julie’s ear. Julie is sleeping. The balloon says ‘Happy Birthday Julie’. Sona pops the balloon and Julie wakes up surprised. The whole family is in her room. They start singing happy birthday. Kanhaiya wishes her a happy birthday and hugs her. Julie says thank you. Sona does the same and she says thank you. Sona says I pray that you come first in your exams. Julie says I kept wondering since last night that why did no one wish me. Then I thought like always you all must have forgotten my birthday. Kanhiaya says how can your chachu forget your birthday? There is no chance. Everyone usually wishes a happy birthday when the clock strikes 12. So we thought why not do something different this time. How did you like our surprise? Julie says I loved it. Kanhaiya says now tell us what do you want as a gift? Whatever you say, your chachu will bring for you. Julie says I’ll tell you later. Chachu says okay. Julie goes over to the rest of the family and hugs them all. Bindiya says happy birthday. Julie says thank you mamma. Her dad wishes her. Julie says thank you papa. Kanhiaya says so let’s let Julie get ready and we’ll all wait outside. Everyone leaves. Julie says I have to meet Mr. Unknown. He’s taken over all my thoughts.

Kanhaiya is on the phone. You’ve said it once so I’ll reach there. No matter what I’ll reach there. I’ll reach there with Sona ji okay? Suniaya over hears this. He says okay hang up. He hangs up. Kanhiaya calls out Sona’s name. She appears. Kanhiaya says come quickly. Sona says what happened? Kanhiaya says nothing…it’ll happen today. Tonight there is this officer wife’s club party. You have to come there. You should remember. So be ready. Sona says I will be ready. Sunhiaya says what’s so secret going on in this house? Everyone is doing what they want to. You didn’t even tell me that you guys are going out.

Part 2:

Kanhiaya says sorry. I forgot to inform you. I’m sorry. Bindiya and Renu appear. Sunahiaya says you’re started your drama again. Kanhiaya says its no drama. You know the officer’s wife club? Every year there’s a big party dedicated the wives. Since we are both married we want to be a part of it this year. We usually don’t go anywhere. Sona ji, mummy confusion is gone now. Now change your saree and apply sindoor and get ready. No matter what we’ll leave at 5. We won’t be late. Sona nods. Kanhiaya says go quickly. Okay. Be ready. Sona nods. Sona and Kanhaiya leave. Bindiya and Renu go up to Sunainya. Bindiya says mummy ji. Don’t you feel bad? Before when Kanhiya had to go to a party or whatever, no matter if he told anyone else or not he would always tell you a week in advance. But now…Renu says yes mummy ji. Everything has changed. Bindiya says look now because of their mistake you’re just finding out that Kanhaiya is going out with his wife. Those days are gone. Renu says jiji I think Sona must have told Kanhiaya not to tell mummy jii. And mummy ji failed in stopping them. Sunhaiya thinks to herself: if Sona bahu wants to play this game with me like this, then fine. I”ll also see to it how she goes with Kanhiaya.

Julie is getting ready. Chiku says what’s up Julie didi. Today you look extra happy. Julie says yes, after all it is my birthday today. Chiku says but Julie didi, this happiness is not because of your birthday. Its for something else. Julie says yes its not my birthday happiness, its for something else. Julie thinks to herself I’m so excited to meet that stranger.

Part 3:

Sona is in the kitchen doing work. The clock says 3. Sona says to herself its only 3. I still have a lot of time to get ready. She is drying plates. Sunahiaya walks in. Suhaina sees something and says arey Neelam bahu didn’t finish this work? The food is just siting out there? Sona says what happened Mummy ji? Sunahia says this haldi and mirchi …it was necessary to crush them. Now you’ll have to do it. I know you’re doing with Kanhaiya, but Neelam bahu isn’t here so who will do it? So just do it quickly. And I don’t like it mixed in this mixer stuff. I want it done by hand. Sona says okay mummy ji. Sunahiaya says and Sona bahu, the quicker you do it the better for you. Because you have to go with Kanhaiya to the party. SUnhaiya leaves with a big smile on her face. Sona says to herself so much haldi and mirchi. Its impossible to get it all done before 5. What should I do now? Bindiya enters the kitchen and says Sona? You’re still in the kitchen? Don’t you have to get ready? Sona says I have to go bhabhi, but mummy ji has told me to do this first. Bindiya says Sona, that’s going to take a long time. It won’t be done even in 2 hours. How will you do it? I would of helped you, but today I have a lot of work. I’ll just pray that you can get your work finished very soon and go out with Kanhaiya. I hope he doesn’t have to go alone. Otherwise he’ll feel so bad. She leaves.

Bindiya bumps into Renu and says Renu mummy ji is amazing. She has such a sharp brain. Usually in a race a couple are left behind, but mummy ji has left so many behind. Renu says very true jiji. Mummy ji is great. Bindiya says but I see Sona’s dreams shattering. Once more Kanhiaya is left at shame in front of his officers.

Sona says I won’t Kanhiaya be looked down upon in front of his officers. I will have to come up with some solution to this. But for that I have to do both the haldi and mirchi together. How will I do it? Suddenly and idea strikes. Sona says when Dadi used to be in a hurry she used to do this. First paper…She gets a paper. On top of the paper, a tablecloth. On top of that haldi knots. She spreads all the haldi. She does the same with the mirchi. After she’s done, she places them into containers. After she’s done she looks at the clock. It says 4:45. She smiles.

Julie is at a outdoor food eating place waiting for him to show up. Julie says to herself its been an hour since I’ve been here and still no word about this guy. The guy is nearby. She dials the number. The guy’s phone rings and he picks it up. He says hello? Julie says where are you? I’ve been waiting for you for about an hour. Usually guys wait for the girls, and here you are making me wait. You’re acting like a gentleman. Now where is the gentleman behavior? He says I’m so sorry Julie but I won’t be able to meet you today. Julie says what do you mean? Is this some sort of joke? You had promised me. The guy says I know I promised, but I won’t be able to come today. Just understand. I can’t come in front of you. Julie says what do you mean by you can’t come in front of me? You don’t get tired when you send romantic messages all night. You don’t even get scared making all of these promises. So now what happened? This is not a kids hide and seek game. If you think this way then don’t bother calling me again. Good by mister. She hangs up. He calls her again, but she disconnects. He tries again and she disconnects again. She gets up and leaves.

Sunahiaya looks at the clock that says 4:50. She smiles. Kanhiaya enters the house. Sunahiaya says arey Kanhaiaya beta. You came so early to pick up Sona bahu. I don’t think she’ll be able to come with you today. Kanhiaya says why mummy ji? What happened? Sunahiya says why so many questions at once? She can only go with you if she finishes her work. Sona says arey you are here? I’m ready. Mummy ji, all the work has been done just the way you said you wanted it to be done. I have kept the mirchi and haldi in a container. Shall we go? Kanhiaya says yes. They leave. Sunahiaya thinks to herself go Sona bahu go. This time you got your work done, so every time you will? I will never let you get closer to Kanhaiya again no matter what.

Sunahiaya seems to be in deep thought. She keeps thinking about Sona and Kanhiaya’s love moments. She thinks about the events that took place earlier in the day. Sunhaiyya sees Sona in the bed. Sona says you have lost. Sona gives out an evil laugh. You have tried so much to get your son back. But a wife is a wife and I’m sure you have understood that by now. You were not able to snatch away my husband from me. Sunahiaya says you are so shameful. You have started coming in my dreams to harass and bother me? Go away from here. Go away. Sona says from where? From your brain or from my husband’s heart? Remember one thing. You will not be able to get rid of me from either of those 2 places. Sona gives her evil laugh again. Sunhaiaya says Sona bahu no matter what, no matter what I have to do, but I won’t let you two become one. Sona laughs again. Sona disappears.

Precap: Neelam is on the phone and says Kanhiaya mummy ji’s health is very bad. Kanhiaya says what? Neelam says she got an allergy attack very suddenly. I don’t know how it happened. I didn’t want to disturb you, but seeing the state she was in I thought it was best to inform you. If she gets worse then we’ll have to admit her…Kanhiaya says bhabhi keep faith. No need to worry. Don’t be scared. We are just coming. Sona asks what happened? Kanhiaya says mummy ji isn’t feeling well.…

Update Credit to: Cutiepie Rani

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