The Buddy Project 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 31st December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 31st December 2013 Written Update

A plane lands at the airport and we see someone, walking with a kind of swagger and pulling bag with him.

Cut to Panchi sleeping soundly when her phone rings. Half asleep, she picks her phone and smiles seeing the number flashing. Accepting the call, she wishes Ranveer a happy new year. Ranveer is shown, still in sleepy state as he wishes Panchi a “happy first day of the rest of our lives together” (and I just died there). He suggests that they do something which will make their first new year as a couple truly memorable for them. Panchi chirps that they get up, get dressed, go to college and meet with JJ! RV is shocked at her such pathetic idea and she giggles and reminds him that JJ had asked them to meet them in college. RV is disappointed.

A big,

silver car stops in the ground of ICC. A guy gets out of it, all dressed up suavely. He takes off his shades and we see who is. He is a ditto copy of Samar (to those who don’t know him, Samar was a part of the Buddy Gang in season 1 and a very dear friend of all the Buddies) He has a look of contempt on his face as he mumbles just where the hell is he stuck?

Piddi comes there and admires the car and wonders who does it belong to. He sees the DS’s (Doppelganger Samar until his name is officially released) back and jokingly calls out to him. DS doesn’t look back so Piddi approaches him but when he sees him, he is shocked. There’s this flashback of some of his memories with Samar (including the NYP kiss! ) Happy to see an old friend back, Piddi hugs DS but DS only pushes him away. Piddi is surprised at his reaction. Adding insult to the surprise, DS calls him the college’s “coolie” and hands him his bag. Piddi tells him to cut out the jokes and tries hugging him again but DS pushes him and Piddi falls on the ground. He is majorly stunned at such reception by an old friend. DS looks down at him and comments that he made his bag fall down and that it’s so expensive, Piddi can’t compare to its cost even if he sells off all his limbs. Piddi is insulted and he gets saying jokes and all are fine but now he is crossing the limits. DS only sneers and tells him to stay away from him and pick up his bag and dust it. He is so rude and commanding that Piddi bends down to pick the bag. DS just takes the bag from him and walks away (my constant reaction during the scene – HEOL!! )

Some guys comment seeing DS that he must be another Dhakkan and that he seems like he is superior to Avi in dhakkaness (I wouldn’t debate it )

DS checks his phone and says “Dean’s Office. Imperial College.” He looks around and sees the sorry state of the pillar and sarcastically says, “Imperial?” It’s obvious he is looking down upon everything around him.

A few students are playing basketball and the ball bounces over to DS who catches him. He taunts the sorry game that they all were playing. The boys just ask him to hand over the ball and DS informs them that in basketball, ball is taken from the opponents. It isn’t handed over. If they dare, they can try taking the ball from him. The guys are enraged and it’s a match. DS lets open his hair (swagger hai dude!) and steps on the court. He easily scores the basket against the group and smirks seeing them. He looks at the board of the college and comments, “Imperial College? Bullshit.”

Panchi comes behind him and corrects him, “Imperial College of Communication. Not ‘Bullshit’.”

(video is a little cut here so I am gonna make assumptions)

Panchi steps forward, possibly retorting to his snide remarks and is shocked seeing him. She calls out, “Samar!” DS just huffs and asks who the hell is Samar?! Panchi is surprised. DS continues saying this Samar guy must’ve impressed the college a lot. Without a hint of familiarity, he just asks Panchi to continue what she was saying. Panchi STTC that Samar must be playing a prank of them and decides to play along. She challenges him for a match. DS smirks that he doesn’t play with girls, he hasn’t seen such bad days yet. He starts to move away and Panchi taunts him that he is just scared of losing to a girl. DS turns around and starts the match saying, “Don’t say I didn’t gave you a chance to walk away.”

The students cheer for Panchi as the game starts. DS takes the ball from Panchi and while he is dribbling and Panchi is looking for a chance to take the ball back, he throws the ball behind him and it goes in the basket. Panchi is stunned at the feat and he walks away, taunting Panchi (not the fantasy I quite imagined )

Panchi STTC that he looks like Samar but he isn’t. Because Samar could never beat her in basketball. Only one person can answer this question and that’s JJ.

KiSha enter the college, hand in hand. Two guys, all beaten up, wish Kiya a Happy New Year and try to start a fight by bringing up the Bash’s “bashing”. KD gets mad but Kiya stops him from retaliating.

Some students come to KD and ask for his help in Hindi/Urdu diction for the Republic Day play. KD says that they have to meet JJ but the guys insist saying it will only take a few minutes. KD agrees. Kiya says she would meet up with him in the office, she just needs a quick boost of coffee.

DS is in the canteen and taunting the sorry state of it to the waiter. Kiya is seeing all this behind and is impressed by the way he so easily hands up a big sum of money as a “tip”. When he turns around, she is surprised and calls out, “Samar?!” to which DS only rolls his eyes (which was hilarious ) He mimicks everyone going Samar, Samar seeing him and says it isn’t even a good name. He approaches Kiya and so seductively says that for her, he will gladly be Samar, Samrat, Sameera…no, not Sameera. Kiya is confused seeing his behavior and asks him why is he talking like that? DS changes his tone and then starts talking in Nawabi style, praising Kiya’s beauty and claiming he can change the Universe for her. When she again calls him Samar, he says that winters are going on but it seems like she likes heat a lot. He is super close to her as he says this. Kiya starts getting nervous. DS asks her if she would show him around as that way he might find something good in this boring place but not now. He has a small meeting to attend so, see you in 30 minutes. Kiya doesn’t say anything and he flirtingly pushes aside the strand of her hair behind her her ear and comments she looks better that way.

DS rock. Kiya shock.

Still dazzled, she walks out of the canteen and bumps into Piddi. They both exclaim that they saw Samar and are shocked hearing the other say it. Panchi comes running there and says the same thing there is shock and surprise all around!

KD is supervising the rehearsals and rectifies the diction and pronunciation of the famous “Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna” poetry of the students. DS comes there (but he is in the shadows) and comments how more pathetic can this place get? Students can’t even pronounce their mother tongue correctly. KD hotly retorts if it’s so easy, why doesn’t he try saying it?

Then there aweseomness all around as DS starts reciting the COMPLETE poetry (and I find it harder to breathe calmly) as he approaches KD. As he says the last couplet, he comes out of the shadows and faces KD, smirking. KD is surprised.

Precap – Piddi is hotly complaining to KD about “Samar’s” behavior while KD calms him down saying he himself doesn’t know what’s wrong with him? Piddi comments that the dude only looks like Samar but isn’t him at all. He is sensing a major double role angle here and that they should dig deeper.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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