Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Murli asking Dhara to go back and marry jai. Vimal asks Dhara to come fast. Dipika is in her room and says Parul you did not do this right, I will never forgive you. Dipika is shocked to see Parul. Parul says I know I have broken your heart by my decision and the Lord will not forgive me for this, he will forgive me only if you forgive me, I know its hard for you, but once think about my heart, I m a mum, maybe you can understand me and forgive me. She says I can’t rish your life by letting you marry jai. Dipika thinks Parul is very clever and made jai away from her. Dipika picks up a scissor and controls her anger.

Parul asks what are you thinking. Dipika says I did not feel bad. Lily comes and talks to Parul and says Ansubaa

is calling you. Parul says you go, I will come. Parul tells Dipika that you have made me burden free now. be happy always. Parul leaves. Dipika gets angry. Dipika says how can I be happy when you are alive. jiten comes to Dipika and asks what happened. Dipika says I would have taught a lesson to Parul today. jiten sees the scissor in her hand and is worried.

Its morning, Parul calls out Dhara. She asks Ketki where is Dhara. Ketki says I don’t know. Parul makes Nanku ready. Nanku says did you see Dhara. Parul says no. Nanku says she is not in the room. Parul gets tensed and thinks where did Dhara go. Nanku asks what happened. Parul says nothing, maybe she went to the market. jai is trying to call Vimal. He is worried about Dhara. Dipika comes to him and asks what happened. jai says nothing. Dipika says any tension. jai says no. Dipika says come down, the breakfast is ready. jai says yes, you go, I will come. Everyone are having the breakfast. Parul says Dhara is not at home and ask Dipika did you see Dhara.

Ansubaa says the pandit might be coming, what will we say him. Parul says how can Dhara go like this without telling me. Ketki says Dhara did not come till now. jai asks for laddus. He is shocked to see Dhara serving him laddus. Everyone are happy seeing Dhara. jai says Dhara, you, what are you doing here. Ketki asks Dhara where she was. Dhara says I…… Ketki scolds her. Parul says enough and asks Dhara where did she go. Dhara says I went to the mandir and forgot to inform you. Ansubaa takes the prasad from Dhara. Parul says Dhara, this house’s happiness is on your reply, will you marry jai, are you ready to marry him. Dhara looks on.
Ansubaa says even if Dhara says no, we won’t feel bad. Parul saus yes but reply after asking your heart, will you marry jai. Dharathinks about Murli’s words and says yes. jai is shocked. Dipika gets angry. jai looks at Dhara. Everyone smile. jai gets up and goes to Dhara and says what did you say. Dhara says that I m ready to marry you. jai gets angry and leaves. jiten sees Dipika getting angry. Parul thanks Dhara for saying yes. Dhara says I have two conditions for marrying jai. Everyone look at her. Parul says what. Dhara says I will be keeping this marriage only for seven months. Everyone are shocked. Dhara says I will free jai after seven months, I will go away from his life. Ansubaa says enough Dhara, marriage is not a joke.

Parul says marriage is about seven births. Dhara says yes, because its good for everyone, I preach him, I want to save his life. I don’t want to force myself on him and I m not his type. Ansubaa says its not like that. Dhara says for me, jai’s decision is more important to me that the Lord, I know he is not happy, he is marrying me only because he promised Parul. Dhara says think, how can he be happy with maid, I can’t ruin his life. Dhara says jai and Dipika deserve each other. Dhara says once jai gets free from the life risk, I will go away from this house and his life. Dipika and Ketki are happy.

jai is in his room thinking how can Dhara do this. He says how is she ruining her life for my family. She sees Parul and his photo and says mum, why did you tied me in your promise, I have to talk to Dhara, I can’t marry Dhara. Parul says what do you want to say. Dhara says that the relation made by making the person helpless does not stay for longer. Parul says are we forcing you. Dhara says no, you are forcing jai, not me. Parul says what after the seven months. Dhara says the Lord will decide. Dhara explains them that she wants to save jai.

Ansubaa says no Dhara, this is not our values, what will we tell the society, and we can’t ruin your life. Hasmukh says Dhara is right, the fate is playing a game with us. Ansubaa says Dhara is not right. Hasmukh says if Guru ji did not tell this, would we agree to make Dhara our bahu. He says we would have not. Parul says yes, but now the situation is that we have making Dhara marry jai, but we are accepting her by our heart. Hasmukh says we should not force Dhara. He says jai needs safety only for seven months, we can’t tie their lives forever.

Hasmukh asks Dipika does she have any objection. Dipika says I agree with this. jiten says I don’t accept this. He says Hasmukh how can you support Dhara in this. He says what do you want, Dipika sees jai getting married to Dhara. Dipika says so what, I don’t have any problem, I m ready to wait for seven months. Ketki smiles.

jai scolds Dhara for coming back and says why do you want to ruin your life by marrying me. Dhara says for money. jai is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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