Saraswatichandra 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 31st December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Badimaa coming to Saras and waking him up. She asks where is Kumud. He says she was sleeping here. Badimaa says she is not here, where did she go. Saras tries to find her in the house and asks Danny did you see Kumud anywhere. Danny says no. Saras says she is not in the room and asks Badimaa to check in Kusum’s room. Badimaa asks Kusum. Kusum says she is not with me, and thinks about her bitter fight with Kumud. Kusum say did she go because of me. Badimaa and everyone are looking out for Kumud. Saras asks Badimaa is Kumud taking the phone. Danny says her phone is here. Badimaa says where is she. Saras says she went leaving the house. Saras thinks about Kumud’s words.

Badimaa asks did you have an argument with her, tell me the truth. Saras says no, but something happened which made her go. Saras sees Kusum nervous. Saras says don’t worry, I will find her no matter why she left, I won’t let anything happen to her, I will bring he home and inform Guniyal and Vidyachatur else they will bring Dada ji here. Kusum panics. Badimaa calls Guniyal and tells her that Kumud went somewhere. Kalika smiles hearing this. Guniyal says she did not come here, where did she go. Badimaa says we don’t know anything and cries.

Saras talks to Guniyal and says don’t worry, I will bring Kumud home but don’t let Dada ji know this. Kalika says I knew this, the fire was between the sisters. Dada ji comes and asks what happened, is Kumud fine. Vidyachatur says yes. Dada ji says take me to her. Kalika says no, Kumud is fine, I went to her to give her breakfast. Dada ji is adamant. Guniyal says they are coming here in some time. Dada ji says fine, I will not worry seeing her, call me whenever she comes. He leaves.

Kalika says I will go and ask in neighborhood. Yash’s mum stops her and says everyone knows Kumud ran away from Pramad’s house, what will you say, she ran away from here too. Vidyachatur says I don’t care about anyone. Yash’s mum taunts him. Vidyachatur says I have to bring Kumud. Guniyal is upset and says how can you go Kumud. Saras asks everyone to go home and tell Dada ji that I took Kumud to the doctor for her dressing. Kusum comes to Dada ji and he says Kusum, come. Kusum comes to him. Dada ji asks were you also hurt, now I m relieved seeing you, where is Kumud, did she not come with you. Kusum says Saras took her to doctor for her dressing. Dada ji says you have done a good thing by giving a chance to Danny and Kumud might be very happy with you.

Kalika comes bringing tea for Dada ji. Kalika says Saras will find Kumud, don’t worry Kusum, but its strange that Kumud did not leave any letter for Saras. Kalika asks Kusum was there any letter, did you check her room. Kusum gives the tea to Dada ji. Kalika thinks of ruling over Kusum and smiles. Saras is looking out for Kumud everywhere in the village. Even Vidyachatur, Yash and Danny are trying to find out Kumud by showing her photo to people.

Kusum comes to Danny’s house and goes to the room where Kumud stayed at night. Kusum tries to find whether Kumud really left a letter for Saras. She does not anything in the room. Vidyachatur is tired and sits somewhere to rest. Yash joins Saras in his car. Kusum says did Didi write any letter or not, I should get it first if she really wrote. Kusum writes a fake latter herself to fool the family. Dada ji is looking at his watch waiting for Kumud. He gets up from his bed and Guniyal comes to him and asks where is Kusum. Dada ji says she had a headache and left for her house. Guniyal tries to stop him from going to see Kumud.

Kusum comes back to Desai house and says I will show everyone this letter, I hope Dada ji is not present. She slips and the letter falls and goes to Dada ji. Kusum picks the letter. Kalika smiles and says great Kusum, you brought the letter which Kumud did not write.
Saras and everyone come home. Saras tells Kaka, don’t tell this to Dada ji and tell him that Kumud went to school for urgent work. Dada ji asks Kusum whats this. She says its electricity bill. Dada ji says it looks a letter. Kusum says I got this at home. Dada ji gets the letter and reads it. The letter says Kumud is leaving home forever. Dada ji says did Kumud write this. Everyone are shocked. Dada ji asks everyone did Kumud really left house and did she write this letter. Vidyachatur says don’t worry, we are trying to find her, we will get her soon. Dada ji you all knew this but did not tell me. Saras says calm down, it can affect your health. Dada ji is angry and says Saras tell me the truth, can you believe that Kumud can lose to life, never she can’t.

Dada ji says Kusum you lied to me that Kumud went to doctor. Kusum says what could I do, everyone worries about your health. Badimaa asks Kusum how did you go home without telling me. Kusum says I went home to see whether Kumud left anything and there I got this letter. Saras says give me the letter, I know Kumud’s hand writing. He sees the letter and says Kusum, read this letter and tell us is this Kumud’s handwriting or not. Kusum is tensed and takes the letter from him. Saras looks at her.

Kusum says yes, its Didi’s handwriting. Saras says fine, I will give this to police. Kusum is shocked and says police. He says yes, I have to complaint that Kumud is missing. Dada ji says do whatvere you want bu bring her back safely. Saras says nothing will happen to her. Kusum says she is not missing, she wrote in the letter that she left by her wish. Saras says no way, I m sure she left with a burden on her heart. He says who made her do this, I have to find out about it. Saras looks at Kusum. He says Badimaa I will go to police station. Kusum says what will I do if the police comes to know its my handwriting.

Kusum says please stop Saras by making the complaint. Kalika smiles. Saras tells Kusum that he complaint and the police will come to take everyone’s statement.

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