The Buddy Project 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 29th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 29th April 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with RV putting the dishes on the table and Panchi taking a seat, she asks RV what did Ramu kaka make for dinner, RV tells her that she was missing these days and he missed her so much so he thought of doing something special, he then says he made the food today
Panchi gets up shocked saying ‘WHAT’ and when did he learn to make food, RV tells her not to be so surprised as it isn’t so difficult, he tells her to sit back down, he then presents the dish he made which is ‘Noodles’, Panchi makes a face but smiles for RV who keeps smiling
Panchi then notices the noodles stuck on RV’s shirt, she then exclaims that he has even fed some noodles to her gifted shirt, RV gives looks embarrassed, Panchi then asks why is he roaming as a tapori when she notices the cloth tied on RV’s hand, RV says what does she think making food is easy, he then says while making noodles some water fell and his hand got burnt
Panchi hits him and says this is what is expected from him, and asks if he put any ointment or medicine, RV thinks and says no, Panchi makes him sit and he says its ok but Panchi tells him to shut up as she goes to get the first aid box while RV mumbles ‘mard ko dard nahi hota’ (OMG what an Epic dialogue)and Panchi tells him to shut up again, but when she’s out of sight he winces in pain
Panchi comes back saying you will never change, she then tries to open the cloth as RV winces in pain, Panchi slowly takes it off and looks at his hand and asks where did it burn, RV goes ‘ehhh’ and checks his hand, he then says it must have burnt somewhere and since she bought the medicine she should put it(hahaha this scene was so adorable)
Panchi starts applying and RV acts as if he’s in pain, Panchi murmurs it didn’t burn and he’s doing so much of nautanki, she then goes to the kitchen and RV asks where is she going, Panchi says to wash her hand, he sighs ‘Girls’, Panchi laughs seeing the condition of his kitchen and RV tells her to come out and sit here
Panchi says he worked quite hard and sits to eat, RV apologizes and says he created such a huge mess to make this much noodles, Panchi pulls his cheeks and says he did so much of efforts for her and that means quite a lot, she says he made noodles for her, RV nods, Panchi then says just if they mix scrambled eggs and ketchup it would be mindblowing
RV goes ‘ehh’, Panchi looks at him and says please don’t say there are no eggs, RV all hyper says there were 2 eggs, but both turned out to be dumb, one broke outside the frying pan and the other which broke inside went away, Panchi sarcastically says eggs are so dumb, just like him, RV looks up at her, Panchi says he cant even do one work properly
Panchi then says ok even if they have the noodles just like that it will be mindblowing for sure, RV smiles at her, Panchi says she knows its not a five course meal nor a dinner prepared by a chef but still this is special for her because its made by her best friend and hugs RV
They then Attack on their noodles and race to finish eating first
After dinner RV asks Panchi to tell where was she these many days, Panchi says she will but first asks him to say what is the whole matter with Radio and where did Rukmini come from, RV thinks and says he was just tired of all these fights and negativity so he wanted to do something good and since he did Radio before so why not now
Panchi sweetly says if he was so fed up of all the fights then he should have made noodles for KD also(OMO that would have been soo adorable), why need the radio, RV explains to her because Radio is exciting and since they are in college there are so many interesting things to talk about, Panchi thinks and RV says even JJ also liked the idea so that’s why he went ahead with it, Panchi thinks and then asks where did Rukmini come from
RV asks her why is she jealous, Panchi fumbles and says no she means she has constitutional right as he is her best friend, RV smiles and nods, Panchi then says she just went for two days from his life and he already has a girl in his life who has become an on-air partner also, Panchi then says she is cute
RV asks her surprised she met her, Panchi says yeah JJ introduced her, RV says thought so and goes back to his ice-cream when Panchi says no and pulls his ears and asks to say what is the true story, RV screams in pain and asks her to leave his ears, he then says there is no story as he doesn’t even know her
RV then tells her how he was in dean’s office and Omi said even they want a member oftheir group to be on the Radio so JJ took Rukmini’s name, Panchi asks if she’s from his group, RV says no he doesn’t know but all he knows is that she is from a small-town, Panchi says so she’s total opposite of him, RV tells her things need to be balanced out right, Panchi looks at him and asks him is he sure that its just this much, RV says ofcourse he doesn’t even know her at all
Panchi says she is happy that he is starting Radio again, now he will be a bit more positive, RV nods and asks her does she have anything else to ask, Panchi says no, RV asks if she is sure, Panchi nods and RV asks her where was she these many days, Panchi says she went to a farmhouse, RV is shocked and asks what was she doing in a farmhouse
Scene shifts to Avi and Avantika, Avi is looking at the paper Avantika gave regarding KD, Avantika asks him to say something like a thankyou speech just like how their dad did in the 2005 awards, and acts out thanking everyone and says ‘mai bohot bhari hoon’, Avi says ‘bhari nahi abhari hoon’ whatever that means(hahaha damn ek Piddi kafi nahi tha ab ye Avantika humein laughter attacks se maregi)
Avi asks pointing at the paper she brought, what does it mean, Avantika says its simple, KD wants to launch himself as a singer or he wants to make a band, and that’s why he was looking for people who could help him but it didn’t work out so now he’s thinking what platform should he look for
Avi goes to Avantika and asks surprised, KD sings?? Avantika says yeah he has a band too, Avi says he never thought KD was musically inclined, Avantika says inclined or decline she will find out, but the point is that he needs a platform and if he gives KD the platform then he would become his good Samaritan, Avi thinks about it and Avantika leaves
Panchi takes the dishes to the sink and RV says the maid will wash it tomorrow, Panchi says that even Ramu kaka could have made the food but still RV did and so they will wash them together, RV then asks her about the farmhouse
Panchi then talk about this woman who owns the farmhouse praises about what she did and all to RV, she then says her height is just like Panchi’s and weight is 95kg, RV says so why does that matter, Panchi becomes a little sad and says nothing but that’s why JJ sent her there to understand everything
RV looks at her, Panchi says she doesn’t have confident issues, she knows she can sing and act but she never saw herself with the pov that she can sing and act, she always thinks a fat girl is singing and acting, she further says before others would push her to second position she herself would go there, she never even compared herself to Bobby and Kiya, she used to think that they are thinner than her and that’s why they are better
RV exclaims ‘WOW that’s something’, Panchi says exactly even Sonia (the farmhouse lady) told her the same thing that at her age even she used to feel the same but now she has achieved so much in life, she goes on that Sonia has a handsome husband now and such cute kids, RV says yes and tells her to stop thinking that she wont get a handsome husband coz she will
Panchi says but she used to think this only and gives and example saying when he made the noodles even he thought the same that its ordinary noodles but when they tasted it they couldn’t stop having enough and if they put this dish in a five-star hotel it would be so special because it has that potential, she tells him she thought of herself as a side dish always
RV says but now she wont, now she knows the truth and he knows that one day she will become a star, Panchi says ‘hopefully especially when…’ and stops, RV asks ‘especially what’ Panchi doesn’t say anything
Panchi tells RV she didn’t say one part of this story, because this part JJ wants to explain them properly himself, RV says no problem as even he has a secret that he cant tell so its ok, Panchi says JJ might announce it all tomorrow, and further says that it’s a real test for her now, either she becomes a ‘self-pity’ person or she comes over these silly weight issues and becomes a better person
RV says she is a better person already, and whatever she does he will always support her and cheer for her, Panchi sees the spoon he has been wiping with a cloth form so long and says he has been cleaning that spoon for so long if he’s done they can keep it back, RV looks at the kitchen and asks all the utensils are washed, Panchi hits him and says long back, he is impressed by her superspeed of washing everything and then thanks her for coming and says he missed her a lot, Panchi says same here and they both hug each other
Next day in college KD and Piddi enter and KD sees Panchi and becomes happy and calls out to her, RV goes to Kiya in the corridor while KD asks Panchi where was she these many days as he was looking for her, Panchi says she had some urgent work so she had to go and asks him why was he looking for her, KD doesn’t answer and looks towards Kiya who looks away from him and talks to RV
KD says nothing just he didn’t see her these many days so he was wondering where she was, KD was asking how she is when a person clashed with KD while running and said JJ is calling for some important announcement, the buddies look at each other tensed
All the students are gathered and Dean comes and tells them all to keep silence and tells JJ to tell them, JJ starts ‘Jokers’, Dean becomes stunned and says ‘Jokers’, JJ tells the Dean he calls them Jokers pyaar se
JJ asks them how are they today and says they seem to look tensed, nervous, anxious, he then says to relax and there will no bomb exploding today, he is just going to announce a small little cute news, everyone still looks worried
JJ announces that the college will be opening their own Radio-station from next week, everyone cheers, he further says that ICC will be one rare college to have its own Radio-station and congratulates to all students and everyone starts cheering
JJ tells them that it will have all news, music, discussions and Dean says dedications, JJ says right and there will be lots more and wishes them all the best, JJ then says since its radio-station then they will have RJ’s too and announces the two RJ’s, Ranveer and Rukmini, Omi and Avi give each other the tashan looks
JJ says this was the good news and now another news, he then laughs and says not to worry its not bad news, he says that Victoria College’s Vista Fest has started and they decided this time that no team will participate representing ICC, everyone looks disturbed with the news, Dean announces there is a reason for it and grabs everyone’s attention
JJ says that they are already involved in their intra fest the good Samaritan challenge, so he doesn’t want them to loose their focus on that, but it doesn’t mean ICC will not participate, he tells them there is an important contest of Vista Fest that is Miss Vista Contest and ICC’s one student will participate in that contest
JJ is about to announce when he asks for guesses, Omi and Avi attack with names from their groups and JJ says nice try and announces Panchi’s name, everyone looks at her surprised as Panchi looks at all smiling uneasily

Precap: Piddi and Kiya sitting in the office, JJ with his back to them and Sophia in front of them, Piddi says it’s a big mistake by him and asks forgiveness and apologizes, Sophia tells them that actually forgot in this competition that in entertainment batch only one of them can remain, Piddi Kiya look at each other tensed, Avi tells Omi in front of KD that the gang name Styleman he is a phenomenon and a superstar, how, just because of one hit on the internet, and says this is the internet power, he doesn’t need any music company or any agency, the whole world knows him except him(Omi), KD listens to it all and thinks..

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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