Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 29th April 2013 Written Update

At Himvan’s place everything is decked up.. on asking Menavati says that she has a feeling that Parvati would arrive.
Mena seems to be very optimistic abt Parvati devi… she then feels that she miight be mistaken and asks one of the workers to stop the preparations..
At that moment Mahadev utters “Its not an illusion of hers”
Shiva says that indeed a mother has telepathicly got the news of her daughter’s arrival.. Parvati along with Ganesh and Kartikeya will soon arrive. When Mena asks abt Parvati evi’s memory loss status, SHiva says that a few memories she has gotten acquainted with but she isn’t able to put them together and comprehend their meaning.

Mena appreciates Mahadev’s hard work and pain to face all this… HImvan then tells that he has seen many families break in such situations, but he (Mahadev) has never let anyone’s moral down. Himvan tells that its he who has bind every together ans its their great fortune to get him as their son-in-law.

Himvan and Menavati are filled with joy, then she orders one of the workers to see to it that the work continues and also asks him to arrange more modaks, they can’t afford to fall short of them.

Back here Devi Parvati, Kartikeya and Gannu bhyya walk towards the palace..with Ganesha having wide grins on his face.. on asked by his mom dearest… he says that he is gonna have modak at the palace.

Gannu bhayya says that he loves Modak and his mother would make him delicious modak.

Then they move on and at a point of time Parvati devi feels tired and wishes to rest for a while.. to which Kartikeya reminds her that her guru has said them to reach the palace at ones.

Then Parvati devi looks at a tree near by and as she asks them if she could rest under it, Ganesh instantly tells her to rest under the tree till then they’d bring some water for her.

Parvati devi rests on a near by rock and to her horror she finds a bull running towards her at great speed and rage.

She yells for help… Kartikeya and Ganesh (K & G) run towards her and asks her to move to a safe distance till they control the bull.
As she goes the (animated) bail moves smoothly towards K & G.
On asked by Ganesh how and why he has come there in that form.. Nandi takes back his original form.
Nandi replies that he could no longer stay at Kailash without them.
He hoped that Mata Parvati would at one glance recognize him but she didn’t.. Nandi feels sad abt it.

Kartikay then pacifies him saying that Parvati ma has a feeling that she already knows him and Ganesh.
Nandi feels relieved hearing that and Kartikeya tells him that they need to hasten to his Grandad’s palace!

At Swarg lok
One of the devtas is indirectly unknowingly installing fear in Indr of Jal.. that that dude has no fear of the devtas. Agni dev suggests him to stay off the battle field if he had to face sucha fierce warrior. Again Indr starts his boosting business saying he is more dutiful than Narayan and Mahadev.

An arrogant Indr says that h doesn’t need any of them as he’d win the war with budhi (mind)… on hearing this dev guru says “buddhi, eh?” (which he doesn’t have) he makes a valid point that a ” how can a humble army of devtas stand against the huge army of asuras?”

Dev guru questions Indr on not sending the remaining army on the battle field.. Indr has this smart and snooty grin.

On dev guru’s word of Jal being v powerful.. Indr seconds by the view that Jal is indeed powerful, and now he is made the king of asuras, but he too do know these rookies.. at first they act all good and caring of their army… Brhaspati gets the hint what Indr wanted to say.. it is that when Jal cannot be harmed, his army should be targeted.

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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