Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 29th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer asking for a lassi in the flight. The air hostess tells him that they don’t have lassi, but they have lemonade or orange juice. He says yes for orange juice. Simran sees the threads on Rajveer’s hands. She says she is counting the threads, as she has seen someone with so many threads for the first time. He asks they have their family values. Rajveer recollects Tau ji’s words. Rajveer misses his family and shares hies family values with Simran, but she turns and does not listen to him.

Scene shifts to Rajveer’s house:

Tau ji misses Rajveer. Daddu says he know why Tau ji is not getting sleep. Tau ji is sad. Daddu says Tau ji that I know you Rajveer like your son. Tau i says yes, because the guy is worth loving. Everyone in the family misses Rajveer and are awake. Tau ji leaves Daddu’s room.

Scene shifts to airport:

Simran calls Rajveer an idoit. He asks what did she say. She says not to speak haryaanvi here. she asks him why he is taking so much luggage. He says its his family love.

Simran tells her dad that she is coming out, and she is glad to see him at the airport. Rajveer leaves.
Simran’s dad says he missed the sweets a lot. They leave for home.

Scene shifts to Simran’s house:

Simran says that Rajveer came here too, sitting beside her in the plane. Her dad says its good. He says Indian are different. Simran says Rajveer is an idoit and he will be like that his whole life. He asks her his name, She says idoit, dumb, stupid, and the list goes on…

The next morning, Simran reaches her office. She meets her colleagues. She says whom she met in India, suddenly the fire alarms rings. They say that there is fire or smoke in Simran’s cabin. They rush to her cabin and see Rajveer there. Simran asks you, here. Rajveer also reacts to her. She asks him what he is doing in her cabin, he too asks her the same. Rajveer is going to share the cabin with her. Simran talks to her boss. The boss says Rajveer is a noble guy, and talks about his traits.
Simran comes to her cabin and says Rajveer that she is not going to share the cabin with him.

She is irritated and unable to tolerate Rajveer. Simran does not have any option rather than sharing the cabin.

Scene shifts to Rajveer:

He is searching for the desi food. He comes to Simran’s dad’s restaurant. Rajveer argues with the waiter on a dish’s name, and asks the waiter to call the boss. Simran comes to her dad and says she met the same guy in her office.

Rajveer meets Simran’s dad. He says he is happy to meet Indian customers. Rajveer jokes. Her dad speaks well to Rajveer and says today’s food will be free. He starts preparing Rajveer’s order. Simran gets irritated as her dad got busy and does not listen to her, so she leaves from there.

Simran is giving a presentation, but Rajveer interrupts.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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