Junoon 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 29th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Prithvi is holding an axe & is furiously standing on the entrance & gets fb of Meera telling him to wear the thread so that whenever he sees it he remembers to control over his anger.

Prithvi is thinking that on one side he has Meera’s promise he has to fulfil & on the other side Akaash’s disgusting deeds which is forcing him to get furious & do something out of his anger & he’s confused as to which way to go.

Scene 2

Akaash takes out Meera’s wedding dress which he has bought so that Meera wears it when she gets married to him & talks to himself that “Meera this your wedding dress & how beautiful you’ll look when you’ll wear it just like a pretty doll & its just a matter of you saying yes i do & i will take no time in making you mine, once Meera you say yes so I’ll marry you & take you far away from this house, very far so that even Prithvi’s shadow won’t touch you”.

Prithvi is coming with an axe towards Akaash’s room & suddenly the breezes start banging the open windows which Akaash tries closing & Prithvi is standing behind him watching as though he’ll kill Akaash that very moment.

Akaash is shocked seeing Prithvi standing & Prithvi notice Akaash able to stand without walking crutches & Akaash suddenly realise & get hold of his crutches & asks Prithvi that “oh Prithvi its you, I got scared seeing as though it was my shadow” & laughs fakingly but is bit nervous as though got busted.

Prithvi replies “its not shadow but i am standing for real infront of you” & he comes closer to Akaash with the axe & says “i had seen the dirt in you many times earlier but i did not even dream that you would have committed such a demeaning thing”. Akaash smiles nervously & asks “Prithvi what are you saying you must have misunderstood me?”.

Prithvi replies “Akaash not me but you misunderstood that you will committ such a sin & no one will ever know about it & you’ll escape & your lie will never come out in open”.

Akaash says “so it means you have come to know about my real self & you have come to kill me so what are you waiting for go ahead & kill me”.

Scene 3

Akaash tells Prithvi that “Prithvi you must have heard bedtime stories of a dolls (gudda & gudia) in your childhood but now I’ll tell you a story” & he goes to get three dolls which is kept in his cupboard & tells a story “once upon a time there lived a city boy & a city girl they loved one another & suddenly a village boy came in between both just like an uninvited guest & before the city boy could do something the village boy snatched the city girl & then the city boy became nuts & so what could do now coz in one go he lost everything so he didn’t have any other way, whatever i did was right yes, i created problem to separate you from Meera & for that i gained trust from you Prithvi just to stay close to Meera, coz to see her beautiful eyes & hair & she stays close to me coz only i have rights over Meera & only me & that day i had planned to wipe off all obstacles to get Meera & i killed Sudha & you must be thinking that how evil man i am, so you are right i am coz i did all this to get my Meera back coz she was always my Meera”.

Scene 4

Prithvi is absolutely disgusted but he leaves his axe & Akaash looks at Prithvi cluelessly & Prithvi picks up that bat with which Akaash hit him on his head & asks him “Akaash this is the same bat you had attacked me right?”.

Prithvi strikes to hit Akaash but suddenly stops & Akaash is totally shocked & Prithvi says “if i want right now i can crack open your head but i won’t coz first i want to make you realise what you mistook about Meera, you call yourself a city boy & is educated but you are utter foolishness & tricks has made me & Meera’s relationship even more stronger & i pity you coz you have read books of love but you could not understand that we don’t make relationships but it happens through destiny coz when Meera could not break this relationship then when my hatred could not stop his love to grow & when God has made this relationship strong then what does he think of himself as he is just a human being & he thinks he can break this relationship, i feel like burying in the ground here itself but not so easily but I’ll hurt you on that spot which you can’t bare the pain & I’ll make you suffer so deeply that you’ll start to like death & hate to live life & asks him to count days till then”. & Prithvi leaves.

Akaash looks Prithvi leaving.

Scene 5

Meera looks at a present & a written note ‘Meera this is a gift for you!
Prithvi’ & Meera smiles reading the note & Prithvi comes to the room & sees Meera crying & both look at each other & Meera is thinking in mind “i can’t say anything to you coz i know you’ll understand me even if i don’t say it but for gods sake never do anything impulsive out of your anger” & Prithvi is thinking in his mind that “Meera even before you ask me to i have already chosen your love over my anger”.

Meera is crying & Prithvi keep his hands to catch Meera’s tears & says “Meera your tears are sending message of your pain to me even though you don’t say but still i understand your eyes language & everything will be alright”. & Prithvi hugs Meera.

Prithvi & Meera are comforting each other Meera is resting her head on Prithvi’s shoulder & Prithvi tells Meera that she should eat something.

Dadi comes in the room without knocking & they are about to stand but dadi asks them to sit & asks Meera to eat but Meera refuses to eat saying ‘i am not feeling like to eat anything”.

dadi says “Meera i understand that there’s no bigger pain than loosing a mother but its how this universe runs a human being is born he/she has to die & we can’t change gods decision & for my sake Meera eat one or two morsels & other hand my son Rajeev has also not eaten coz he’s feeling guilty of Sudha’s demise”.

Prithvi tells dadi that some where even he’s guilty thinking he might help Sudha & dadi says if Sudha is watching over them she’d wish her children live happily together & now i have to go now to make Akaash eat coz he also has not eaten.

Prithvi asks dadi to stay with Meera as he’ll nicely feed Akaash personally, so Meera feels tension in Prithvi’s voice.

Prithvi leave.

Scene 6

Akaash thinking in his mind that now Prithvi knows the truth he’ll not sit quietly & do something but what will he do & suddenly Prithvi comes in his room with a dinner plate.

Akaash stares at Prithvi.

Scene 7

Prithvi tells Akaash that “you are not well so i thought to personally take care of you, so i have make you feel better & take revenge(badla) i meant in return(badle mein) i should give you back something as you took care of me”.

Prithvi make Akaash eat a morsel & when Akaash doesn’t eat Prithvi forcefully stuffs the food & hand feeds him”

Akaash is really disgusted & Prithvi asks Akaash if the food is really spicy & i think you can’t bare spice but now you eat your food & i am leaving as my wife is waiting just like a new bride waits for her groom” & Prithvi stares at Akaash with anger in his eyes.

Precap:-Prithvi & Meera’s bedroom is decorated like its their first night & Prithvi tells Meera that for her happiness he’ll do anything possible & he’ll always protect her & they hug.
Akaash sees them & talks to himself that he has to plan something big to separate Prithvi & Meera.

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