2612 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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2612 29th April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 29th April 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Mr Sameer Merchant’s finding …… that Shahana has shattered every thing breakable in the house where she had been held imprisoned …. and is sitting and fuming ….

Shahana manages to talk her way out of her confinement … And even acquires her gun !!…

Rasdeep show Jadda the pic of Shahana.,… Jadda takes a long look at it .. And declares the pic to be a fake one and could be of a hamshakal of Sha ….

Randeeep then tells him that he had one more solid proof to show that Shahana was alive and very much part of 2613 mission …. But for that he had to drop Rashmi home first and. Proceed thereafter ….

Randeep takes Jadda to a secluded unknown location … Delivers a mighty blow on to Jadda’s head with an iron rod …. He loses consciousness….

Rashmi returns home .. And is worried to find her family members missing .. she starts to think of the worst scenerio… that Shshahan had kidnapped them again …..but is relieved when Malti bhaabhi returns from her friends place …

Rashmi convinces Malti bhabhi that they are no longer safe in this city and that they had to find a place to hide … Malti bhabhi wants to know the reason behind her thinking such … Rashmi is forced to share the news of Shahana being alive ….

They are packing up their things when the door bell rings … all are mortally scared …. Rashmi picks up her gun and points it at the person at he door …. only to find Randeep standing there looking surprised at the gun being pointed at him …

Rashmi is mighty relived to see him there … She rushes forwards to hold him into a tight hug …

Jadda regains consciousness to find himself bound to a pole and is unable to stir … he screams his lungs out furiously at Randeep …. and all the dire consequences of Ran’s actions …

Shahana drives down to Rashmi’s appartment burning with rage and hatred … She fires at the lock and forces the door open to find it unoccupied .. As all the residents have vacated the place along with their belongings …

Precap ..Shahana says that Rashmi can run how much she wanted but she would soon came face to face with her end that is Shahana ….

Update Credit to: sumana

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