The Buddy Project 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 26th August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 26th August 2013 Written Update

-The epi begins with VeeNi sitting under the desk n RV calls the camera saying He’s proposed and Ruku’s not saying a work today he’d definitely have her Sandals. .Ruku Baby finally replies in a Rani of Jhansi mode what took him so long. . and says she likes him since a long time and also says a lot of other other stuff which RV listens in a shiocked expressions he finally recovers n hugs her
-PraSha ask RV for details of the proposal he says anything n everything except the actual proposal making PraSha shout How did he Propose????
ViChi meet in canteen n Panchhi Informs Avi of VeeNi proposal Avi offers Panchhi Burger as a way of celebration
Pancchi is all excited to know abt the Proposal
Like PraSha KiYan enquire Ruku baby regarding the proposal n she does the same thing as RV tells them everything except Proposal
n KIYan slam their heads in frustration
-Next scene KiSha sitting on the staircase Kiya expresses her happiness and KD says the day isnt over yet. .he had hatched a plan to celebrate Kiya’s Birthday before getting Drunk n wants to execute it now we invites Kiya to accompany him at 7pm sharp
-Avi invites Panchhi to his dad’s premiere party which she accepts gleefully
-KD is waiting for Kiya in the rikshaw and its 7:30 already she finally comes and he blindfolds her
-Panchhi reaches the Party avenue and feels suffocated inside so asks Avi to accompany her outside. .
– when they come outside Avi catches up with some friends while Panchhi just looks around ..
– CSI gal Shanaya makes an entry n when Avi introduces Panchhi as his GF he gives her weird looks and passes a comment that doesnt go well with Panchhi. .
-Avi asks her not to mind n enjoy the party instead They have some nyc moments dancing together when a Girl comes and informs Avi that his dad’s looking for him. .
he excuses himself and Leaves
Panchhi keeps waiting finally accepts the starters offered to her when CSI gal comes and again taunts her
-KD with the help of Omi brings Kiya to boyz hostel. .
-Kiya is a bit worried and hopes nothing goes wrong KD assures her

KiSha are cutting Kiya’s Bday cake when. ..
The warden knocks on KD’s door And demands him to open it!!
On behalf of Farah

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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